Incredible India : A Visit To The World Famous Akshardham Temple Part-1

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The Akshardham Temple


The Akshardham Temple is symbolism of ancient indian culture and architecture , it is one of the most visiting place in india , it is famous for its beauty and high level of art work . I have visited Akshardham Temple 7 times , it takes complete one day to see the all the work of Akshardham Temple. It is opened for public on 6th november 2005.

The Lord Swami Narayan


About Akshardham Temple

  • The Akshardham Temple has 234 carved pillars, nine domes.
  • 20,000 statue of monk , devotees, and deities.
  • It is constructed from Rajasthani pink sandstone and Italian marble
  • Covering an area of over 8,000 square meters
  • Approximately 11000 artisan worked together to finished this temple.
  • there are 148 elephant made by artisan and one elephant weight would be 3000 tons.



**Prayer At Akshardham Temple **


Akshardham Temple Exhibitions


Famous Culture Boat Ride

Famous Cultural Boat Ride is also called Sanskruti vihar , you can ride peacock shaped boat and enjoy the civilisation of india 10000 years ago , its very interesting to ride peacock shaped boat , that portrait the ancient indian civilisation.

Theatre At Akshardham

It is also called Neelkanth Yatra , people really enjoy the theatre , the size of the theatre is 65 foot width and 85 foot height , its huge screen size . one of the international film called Mystic India also plays here.



Architectural Design -1


Architectural Design -2


Architectural Design -3


Architectural Design -4


Architectural Design -5


Security At Akshardham temple

Security is the prime concern of Akshardham temple .Security personnel checks every visitors thoroughly , you will enjoy standing in the queue waiting for security check , you have to submit mobile phone , purse , belt , any kinds of metallic items, it takes approx 30 min minutes.

Recognitions:Guinness World Record


The Akshardham temple is recognized as the biggest hindu temple in the world , its architectural design is appreciated in the whole world. Michael Witty handed over certificates of world record to temple pramukh Swami Maharaj ji .

It is not possible to describe Akshardham temple in one article , so i will continue in the second article very soon , i hope my lovely steemit friends enjoyed my article .


Thanks to all my steemit friends


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Anyway this temple is a amazing but its so nw and looks so old, whats with that?
its funny because its like any other religious temple, its a temple to physical reality, elephants and cows really are amazing the biology on this planet is incredible, and ancient hindu Gods were just Extra Terrestrials with spaceships flying around creating jobs, lol space companies, Shiva galactic space mining co, they probably would have Spaceship busters recycling chromium out of old spaceships of hindu gods that would pile up, and I bet the hindu gods had to use india for Tech support too

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holy cow, literaly holy cows, those cow fountains are incredible, this looks roman! or greek! the columns! wow this is some ancient alien stuff here, very pyschedelic

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