GBTC (Bitcoin Investment Trust) Tags a 54% Return! What's next? It's in this blog!

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I had recommended GBTC (Bitcoin Investment Trust) at $647 and hit just under $1,000 for a cool 54% return. The below chart pattern, an ascending right triangle was use to project a minimum run of $1,051.

I believe $1,051 will coincide with BTC $9,000 level or so after which a correction would happen. If so, now to $1,051 would be good time to gratefully and humbly take some profits!

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Well said 54% thanks

this is btc bitcoin...

Haejin sorry for insisting but could you analyze Ardor please?

What exchange can you buy this? Thanks!

tdameritrade. Not time to buy anymore.

Ok, thanks

For You evererething is concolidation, for me, it is drama :)
Dont wonna be bored, but, can You do ark TA...
RISE, my second alt coin, at this time is going very well just becouse of You I have some... lol, this not sound good... any way,I am new at this thing and all of literature on serbian language I will find about Elliott Wave ... some of that I had in my faculty, but that was 15 years ago... Please do a Ta of ark...
all the best,

sorry on my english

Got some at 400- should have loaded the boat- agree with plan to watch for now- when "corrects"- buy more

If you're new, buy the underlying asset bitcoin directly instead of relying on paper investments of Trust fund or ETF. You gain full control and financial emancipation.