Simple Makeup Tutorial For Eid

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My first real post here on Steemit! To recap: I am a YouTuber that makes beauty videos in English, Punjabi and now Hindi. If you are new here, please see my #IntroduceYourself post here:

Many of my viewers had requested I create a makeup look for Eid, a religious holiday celebrated by Muslims which marks then end of the holy month of Ramadan, which is tomorrow. While I personally do not observe this holiday, Eid Mubarak to those celebrating!

This makeup look is quite simple. It's all about achieving flawless base makeup with a bit of a cat eye like wing. I threw on some false lashes to make my eyes look dramatic. I paired with tradition Indian clothing, but kept the accessories simple. For this look, less is more. Since I wanted all the attention on my eyes, I also went with a muted nude lip shade.

This is also my first video in Hindi! I am born and raised in Canada so English is my first language. My ethnicity is Punjabi, and that was the language I spoke and home with my parents and elders. Hindi would be my third language, I understand it better than I speak it, but after the wonderful response I got on this video, I am motivated to start doing more videos in Hindi! I know that in time, it will get better, just need some more practice. This is a good way of getting it!

I hope you enjoy this makeup look, and please share this video with someone you think would enjoy it!

See you soon!


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Great post I gave you a follow !


Appreciate it, thanks!

My wife would like these. Asking her to check this out and also the others on Youtube.


That's awesome, thank you!