Take Me to Church "Lilio Church" - Beautiful Sunday

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My Share for #BeautifulSunday initiated by @ace108

Last time I took you with me on a shopping spree for some flip flops and I am very pleased that you enjoyed going thru the shops with me. We are still in the town of Liliw Laguna, Philippine and something pulled me away from the shops as I sensed serenity close by. The sun was high in this afternoon but the air was cool. I noticed a familiar structure a couple of blocks away. A structure built from red bricks and the cross on the top is clearly visible. It was a Spanish colonial church and immediately my heart raced as churches are my favorite subject. My mind was going wild imagining the things that I would see in this ancient church. Join me today as I take you for a walk along the altar and see the beauty of this architecture.

Lilio Church

As I took a break from taking photos of the shop. I went to the other side of the street and this is when I saw the red church at the end of this street. As some of you may know church architecture is my favorite subject as it allows me to connect with the past during the Spanish era. This is the 9th church that I have visited and hoping visit more as we travel along.

As I came closer you could already notice how old the church is with baroque style architecture which is prevalent during the Spanish occupation. A lot of these churches has survived fire, earthquakes and has undergone multiple restorations throughout the years. Let's find out more about the history of this church.


At the entrance you will be greeted with statues of Saints. The one below is a depiction of Saint Sebastian who was martyred tied to a tree and killed with arrows.

I am not an expert when it comes to Saints and could not recognize a lot of the statues. Here I just found out about San Isidro the Saint of the farmers.

Today there is a wedding being prepared as chairs and tables are set up on the grounds. Also on the grounds is a gazebo where you could notice two lovers probably making promises of forever.

As I walked closer I decided to check the side of the church first. Here these is a statue of Mother Mary with locals praying to her and looking at the back draft of the bright blue sky.

In all of the churches I have visited the 14 stations of the cross is present. Some are wood carved, painted on glass and here it is made of stone that goes around the place.

It is also known as Saint John the Baptist Parish Church, Liliw church but locals refer to it as Lilio Church. It is constructed from red bricks and adobe. The color makes it a center of attraction in the town of Liliw. From a distance the color is very noticeable and instill interest to anyone who glances at the structure.

The construction was started in 1643 and was completed in the year 1646. Spanish colonial churches have very similar catastrophes throughout the country. The church was damaged by an earthquake in 1880. Here I did not notice any buttress on the sides of the church. The buttress is an additional support constructed on the sides of the church to be able to sustain earthquakes. Fire is also a very common disaster when it comes to churches. Lilio church suffered a fire that damaged a part of the church in 1898.


From the outside light holder and the painted glass perfectly matches the red bricks. It feels like taking a step thru the past as you gaze at this beautiful structure.




Thru the years people have passed thru these doors. Brides dressed in white, people looking for repentance, in search of peace, all have their own reasons to visit the church. As for me I am in search of passion for the identity of this architecture. Let's go inside now.

The main doors were locked and I entered thru the side entrance.

Here you could see different sorts of souvenirs being sold. From bracelets to statues of saints, you can buy them as a memento of your visit.

Old chandeliers adorn the side entrance. It looks old but I am not sure if it is from the 1800s.

Let's go inside and see what beauty resides in this place.

It is always best to visit churches in the afternoon. Most often there are just a handful of people unless there is a wedding, baptism or dinner.

The afternoon light glows giving the interior a solemn ambiance. A nostalgic touch that matches the ancient structure.

The retablo is another highlight when it comes to churches. It houses the Saints and can always be seen at the front of the church. There are those carved in wood and others are even plated with gold. The three altars here was mentioned to be finished with gold leafs.

I didn't get a chance to inspect the retablo closer as you must consider there are some people praying. Any form of disturbance is disrespectful, the main why I am always careful in my shoot.

I took a couple of shots from the front to share with you some different angles.

As always my favorite is the painted glass windows. I took two shots of the windows. First photo looks great from the inside but you can't really see the beauty of the painted windows.

Second shot I dropped the ISO to highlight the colors of the windows. Here the colors comes alive.

This is the second set of the painted glass windows.

I just love how the light shines thru the painted glass. Like a miracle from the heavens that reminds us that there is always hope. It is something that I would never ever get tired of.

Moving on I had to explore the other places in the church. Exploration leads to discovery as I always tell my kids. May it be a small room, a small path or an unexpected turn.

Statues plays a major role in churches. I did a content a couple of months ago about a place where statues are crafted by hand to be used in a church.

I could never fully explain the depiction of the dead body of Christ. I guess a lot of you might not know that I am not a Catholic. My passion for it's art, architecture and history grows each time I visit new churches.

Looking across the statue is a room for prayer.

A retablo that has a burning image in the center instead of a Saint. I had no one to ask about it during my visit.

There was also someone praying inside so I just left the room in a hurry..

Beautifully crafted and I will try to find out more about it. In case I would encounter it again. Maybe some of you may have an idea and please do share.

The candle room is another part of the church that can always be seen. Some even have its own structure just for the candle room.

Just past the candle room is a small chapel. This chapel was constructed in honor to the town patron San Buenaventura.

Another painted glass with St. Peter and St. Paul. Looking from inside it looks like that they are behind bars. It reminded me how the the Saints endure persecution which led to martyrdom.

As I exited the chapel, I glanced once more on the candles that are burning. Light a candle and say a prayer it is open for everyone.

The warm glow of the candles is a prayer by someone and we will never know what was whispered to the heavens.

That concludes out little tour in this red bricked church called Lilio. If you love churches and architecture please let me know what you think as I would love to hear from you.

Here are the links of the other churches that we have visited so far. Feel free to visit the history and find peace within these architecture.

Calamba Church
St. Peter of Alcantara Parish Church

Paete Church

Manila Cathedral

San Agustin Church

Immaculate Heart Convent

Our Lady of the Pillar Cathedral

St. Mary Magdalene Church


Lilio Church


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Lumix GX85 12-32 mm kit lens

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@watersnake101 the detail and effort you put in to this post is superb and well worth the high payout you're going to get.

The colours on this church from outside to in are magical! The red makes it attractive and a spectacular, eye catching site that leads you inside to a warm orange glow.

Well done and thanks for sharing - enjoy the rest of your trip!

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I could say that I am really passionate when it comes to covering churches. I get so excited every time I discover a church in a town that we visit. Every part of the church tells a story and I try my best to share that story with every shot. It came to me quite a surprise when I was checking steemit at work oopppsss hahaha.

It really does come across in the way you wrote it, your passion for churches. I'm not a church goer but there are plenty of spectacular ones around and I always feel this awe when walking in to one that has so much history, architecture and thought gone in to it.

Haha, checking steemit at work, naughty naughty (I had steemit open permanently on a tab when I was working so don't worry. Everyone does it 🤣)

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You always have the most amazing posts and the details are over the top awesome!

I didn't have time to comment hardly at all, but, I just wanted you to know that this totally rocks!

Upped and Steemed


Hello my friend. Looks like you have been quite busy these past days. I appreciate your support so much and thank you for letting me know that I rock lol you are too kind.

What a beautyful church, thanks for sharing.

Indeed it is beautiful and makes you think of the past.

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That church is gorgeous! And thanks to how many awesome shots you took, now I feel like I visited it too. Excellent idea for a series, and I caan't wait to see what other churches you visit in the future, @watersnake101. Oh, and I tweeted this post out, but since I couldn't find you on Twitter, I used the hash tag #watersnake101 - just in case you wanted to take a peek. 😊

Hey @traciyork I'm glad I was able to take you on that walk with me. I can still recall the first church that I covered which triggered my passion St. Mary Magdalene Church. So far the cover photo of that church I can't seem to surpass which is my favorite. I just wish I could just be on the road all the time to find more of these beautiful architecture. Hey thanks for the tweet, I don't do much twitter but tried to search for your tweet I can't seem find it.

I hear that! I was lucky enough to travel briefly to Germany & France in high school (so, a million years ago) and I have a bazillion low quality (thanks to the ravages of time) photos of Notre Dame, as well as other random churches and castles. I would love to return and wander around Europe with my digital Nikon!

You're very welcome, and here are the links to three tweets I've done - one last month, one yesterday, and one for the #PowerHouseCreatives member suggestion today. 😊




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Hi I really love your posts! Whenever I read it, it makes me feel like I'm at that place. The thing that your asking about is an adoration room and that's the monstrance where the Body of Christ is placed. Usually that place will never be left by a person praying unless it is reposted where they either remove it or cover it.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us and may you have a great week!

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Thank you very much for the information which is an added knowledge for me. Sometimes it is really hard to look for someone to talk to in churches that I visit. I really try my best to bring the readers with me in every step, I am very happy that you liked it.

Hmm... I now wondering if they have busy months for weddings there.

Here the most busy wedding month is December. Possible it maybe the same for this church. People love getting married in December. Thanks @ace108

You're welcome. I think December is also a busy month for wedding in Singapore.

Wow! The architecture is simply amazing. Unbelievable the way it has stood the test of time and mother nature. The stain glass windows are beautiful, such love and effort really shows. lovely post today @watersnake101 :)

So true fire, earthquakes, storm and war. A lot of churches endured the calamities and I am glad they still stand before us.

You really captured the beauty and elegance of this church @watersnake101. Thank you for sharing. 🙏

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Thank you very much for the kind words my friend.

Wow! Thank you for this journey. I love every detail of the photos and the adventure.

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I really love going out and explore places. Capturing life and history is really a passion for me. Thanks for joining the journey.


Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed the short walk with me.

It is cool they let you take photos.
great job!

Yes you could take photos here unless there is a mass. But I always shoot silently as not to disturb people praying. The silence also makes you focus more when talking photos.

All are very well preserved, can see it has quite some history already. Very well shared @watersnake101.

The red bricks I think is still original most have been reconstructed due to the earthquake.

Oh dear, that's a shame...

Church architecture is really neat. Thanks for taking us on a walk with you! It's fun to see the similarities between churches all over the world, although I don't think I've seen one in the US that sells souvenirs.


I am crazy about chuch architecture. I hope one day I could visit the churches in Spain and other parts of the world. Well dreams are free lol.

My favorite so far has been the Cologne Cathedral in Germany. It's exquisite!

I googled the Cologne cathedral. It is magnificent!

I hope you get to visit some day. I was able to go last summer - and I'm already ready to go back!

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That is such cool old architecture. And I just love those painted glass windows. They look nice from the outside, but they really look amazing from the inside with the light shining through them like that!

The painted glass has some sort of soothing effect. How I would like to have one at home if ever I get rich lol. Until then I'll continue to enjoy them in the churches that I will visit.

Beautiful post again @watersnake101. I love old buildings, churches anything that has history. I get glassy-eyed and just in awe of the amount of work and effort that was put in to places like this.

I appreciate your comment. Old structures does have its charms and yes to think how hard the construction back in the days. All done manually.

Loved your picture stories
It's almost like I was there too
Thank you for sharing :D

I hope you loved the afternoon lighting that gives the interior a warm glow. Quite beautiful isn't it so peaceful.

So many things ...
I was raised a Catholic so I could relate to a lot of what you captured
Stained glass, candles burning with dripping wax, pews...
But of course, my churches are not as old as this....
Gorgeous :D

I am not a Catholic but I have much respect for the religion and my adoration for the things that you mentioned runs deep. Something that I can't really explain but so much beauty can be found in churches.

That is true
I am not as religious as I used to be
But still there is a sort of calm when you sit in church especially during non-mass hours when there's hardly anyone around ...

What a beautiful church reminds me of the church of St Eulalia that I visited 20 years ago in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Alas I have no photographs, only my memories. Thank you for reminding me.

Oh you have been to Spain? Must have been an experience for you. So many beautiful gothic churches there and I can only dream of visiting one day. I dream of seeing the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona with my own eyes. I think I would be drawn into tears.

Yes. Only Mallorca. Would love to go back - to Mallorca. I didn't get to Barcelona. It's on the list.

I love ancient buildings. They transport you to the past as if you were there living all the things that happened, you just feel the energy that surrounds them. All the pictures are stunning, I'm glad you had quite the experience.

I could only imagine what took place behind these walls. So many stories that would remain untold. I am glad you enjoyed the photos.

Simply awesome ...may be that's why old is gold. Visiting such old building always excites a to uncover some old stories....thanks for sharing such a detailed content

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You got that spot on "old is gold". I am really glad that they still stand until today.

Indeed a great symbol of our past...

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Absolutely fabulous my friend.
To walk in a cloud of witnesses.
A fantastic post!

Thank you for your encouraging words. My heart overflows with appreciation. Thank you.

@watersnake101, thanks for share us a story of this church!
It is real beautiful masterpiece of architecture.
I like to make a photo of different churches too so I understand Your passion)))

Nice to find someone who also has the same passion. I'd love to see some of the church photos that you have.

OK, I'll make a post with my photo special for You))

What a fantastic post! Thank you so much for taking the time and energy to post all of these photos and words!

Oh when I comes to churches I just completely lose it. I always get drawn to it and lose track of time. I am very happy you enjoyed my content. I always try my best to take the readers with me as I explore. Thank you very much for having a look, much appreciated.

Structure of old buildings, stain glass windows and history surrounding the old buildings are always so interesting to learn more about.

What a lovely share of this architecture in photography, well done!

Stained glass windows are my favorite it has that mesmerizing effect. Old structures are so interesting as they have so much history. Thank you very much for enjoying the walk.

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