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My Share for #BeautifulSunday initiated by @ace108

This Roman Catholic church is also know as the Imus Cathedral. Founded in 1795 by Augustinian priests and started as a chapel it was moved to Imus, Cavite Philippines in 1823 where the actual church was constructed with materials of bricks and stone in which it stands today. The patron saint of the province is Nuestra Señora del Pilar from thus the name of the church was given. The style of the church is referred to as Earthquake Baroque. Churches in the Philippines which were affected by earthquake in the time between 17th and 18th century led to this style of architecture. Spend time with me today and see our heritage as I take you to...........................

Our Lady of the Pillar Cathedral


Since I had been sick for the past days there was no chance for me to go out and take some shots. After days with the sickness I finally felt better which gave me a chance to take some photos. We decided to visit this Cathedral as one of my favorite subjects are churches.


I am not Roman Catholics but I have very high admiration for the art, architecture and respect for their beliefs. This is the first time we visited this church but not the first time to photograph a church in our area. Last one I did was St. Mary Magdalene Church please feel free to visit my old post if you have the same admiration for church architecture as I do and it would be worth your time.


The main door of the church was already closed at this time and I was a bit disappointed that I will not be able to take some shots. We spoke to the lady on the side of the church who sells candles and she told us that the side door is open. I was excited to get inside and see what architecture awaits.




Before we entered I noticed the artwork on one of the doors outside. Hand carved which represents religious scenarios crafted by local artist. Seeing this door made me excited to see the marvels that await inside.





The main door was closed and it was a bit dim inside. When we got inside the church I was mesmerized by the sight which behold me. Butterflies were in my stomach and I kept saying wow and I didn't know where to start. I maybe just stood there for a minute just looking at the surroundings before I could begin.



I am not sure what captivates me the most about churches. Maybe the Gothic feel of the place, the old stones and bricks, the old wood that surrounds the place. It all plays together like an ensemble which I could say music to my sight. I know I do not make sense and sometimes I cannot make out of it myself.


The confession box near the entrance of the side door holds secrets for a lot of people. Many deep secrets and confessions were told to give forgiveness and unload some burden for a lot of people.





My wife keeps telling me that I may have been a priest in my past life. From the fact that I know that she is just messing around with me. I keep telling her that I could have been a Templar knight back then that's why I have all these fascinations. Well I cannot really figure it out.



What I know for sure there is peace and serenity inside these walls and the lights which shine thru the windows amplifies the feeling even more.


I had to keep moving and take as many shots as I could. It seems that everywhere I look I see beauty around which is overwhelming. I see the statues and images as work of arts from the intricate design of the clothing to the casing which houses the saints.




In churches there are fourteen stations of the cross starting from the condemnation of Jesus to the cross until his burial. In most churches these stations are made of stained glass which decorates and lights the chuch . In this church the stations of the cross are made of wood and looks hand crafted as well. My regret was that I was not able to take shots of the fourteen.


No one was around and I approached closer to the altar to get more shots. It was beautiful and all of a sudden the care taker came out. I asked him if it was ok that I was taking pictures seems he didn't mind and just started cleaning instead.





So I continued with taking more photos and once again I was admiring the detailed work on the image of the Saints.



Stained windows are my favorite part in churches. I love the medieval feel of the artwork and once the sun shines thru it is magnificent. I sometimes imagine owning a home with stained glass decorations which represents something significant in our life.





This is the right wing of the church which holds and altar where I think the communion is held.




Also at the back part of the room there is a statue of Jesus lying. I could not get closer as there was someone praying inside and we would not want to disrespect. I just roamed somewhere else instead.


Upon roaming I found a door which led to a courtyard where all of the other old church stuff are placed.


On the courtyard I was surprised to see a cemetery where some of the previous priests from the church lay to rest.




Three old bells were also stored here which I believe are very old. This led me to wonder if I could have a look at the bell tower. I tried to look for the entrance but was locked and I would not want to bother the caretaker as it would be too much to ask.



Instead I just went outside and took out my zoom lens and try to at least get a closer look from the lens.



It was an amazing experience which I enjoyed very much. I am hopeful that I would be able to go around our area and visit more churches in our province. Once I have covered all maybe visit more locations outside our province to share the experience here.

Thanks for joining me and have a blessed #beautifulsunday.


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Also thanks to @bayanihan where the impossible becomes possible thru unity.

Taken with Lumix GX85 and 12-32 mm

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@watersnake101 Simply gorgeous photos and church. I love that you investigated all parts of it, snapping photos as you went, the inside, the windows and even the bells... I did expect to hear Hozier "Take me to church" as I read the post :). Happy Sunday!

Exactly the soundtrack my friend that is the song that inspired it all. From there my love for the subject grew.

Simply beautiful!! Glad you feel better now and got the opportunity to get inside the church! The door alone is already an artwork, amazing those woodcraft! Those stained windows are really beautyful! Thank you for posting this and I'm really looking forward to your journey to explore more churches. 😊

Thank you my friend. I'm going back to work again tomorrow at the office and I feel I am dragging myself. How I wish I could just take photos all day 😁

Wonder why the style has earthquake word associated with it.
Anyway, the old Catholic church also always an architecture wonder.

Thank you my friend. It is amazing how these churches survived such earthquakes.

You're welcome.

I would have been saying WOW right along with you. I love that when you give a tour, or tell us about something, you do it so completely. I feel like I was right there beside you, and saw it all, too!

Thank you Melinda I love taking walks and sharing what I see. I enjoy showing all the beauty which is around us we just always need to look a bit closer. I am very glad that you enjoyed it.