Powerful and Quick Answers to "What is Steem?" #6

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When we are asked about Steem, how do we make a quick response that clearly communicates what we do here? For both our own learning and for sharing, it might help us to have one or more of the following responses available!

What is Steem?

  1. Steem is a digital currency with free 3 second transactions maintained on a decentralized network of servers worldwide where any of us can anonymously create an account.
  2. The 530,000+ accounts holding 263,333,798 Steem traded for $2.98 each on Bittrex and Poloniex give Steem a market valuation of $733,114,745. While at a year and a half old Steem is mostly bought and sold through trading with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin on exchanges, we soon will have many USD/fiat to Steem direct exchange options.
  3. Built in blogging on the Steem blockchain allows for any blogger to sign up for free and start posting immediately on an established network providing huge Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) boosts combined with the ability to earn rewards on every post.
  4. Readers love following blogs on Steem because the user interface is free from ads on any device, every upvote helps authors to earn Steem, and every comment can be upvoted to earn Steem also!
  5. Investors are earning 60%+ APR delegating vested Steem to voting bots making staking Steem by "powering up" one of the top ways to make money by buying and holding a cryptocurrency.
  6. While most digital currency wallets are vulnerable to having the entire balance stolen in a few seconds, powered up Steem takes 13 weeks to withdraw. When combined with an account recovery option, Steem power one of the safest choices for long term holding.
  7. We are aiming for mass adoption on Steem and already are the number one cryptocurrency in terms of transactions. When Steem has more wallets than Bitcoin from millions of users signing up and trying to earn money blogging, there will be no reason to use Bitcoin or Ethereum or Litecoin or most any other digital currency. At our current viral growth rate, we are on pace to pass Bitcoin in wallets within 5 years and be the most valuable digital currency.
  8. Smart media tokens are being released in 2018 which will allow publishers currently depending on advertising revenue to upgrade to the power of the Steem blockchain which will unlock massive fundraising opportunities and eliminate competition.

Basic Training Video #6

For those of us that would like a more detailed explanation of the same points to empower us to address more specific questions, we can watch the video below!

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Suggestion for a new post:
Update about the state of the bot and the funding proposals.


Thank you I will make a post about that soon because we have major updates!

Hey @jerrybanfield. I have a few questions I am hoping you can answer for me.

A. How long should I wait before I vote for you as a witness? I am still fairly new on the platform but I know that I will have much more weight/influence within a couple of months since I have just started leasing SP and producing tons of content.

B. As an expert in Search Engine Optimization, Google Adwords, SMM, and internet marketing in general, is there anything that I can do to help you promote Steem? I know you are proficient in some (or all) of this as well, but I was hoping that there was something that I can do to help you help Steem grow!

C. Do you think that Steem Dollars will eventually go back down to the $1 USD mark, remain in the $5-8 range, or move even higher? I want to know your opinion because I will be using a good portion of the SBD that I earn to promote Steem, and I would like to be able to get the most "bang for my buck".

D. (Just for fun and out of curiosity) What are a few of your favorite cryptocurrencies other than Steem? Some of mine include EOS, Decentraland, Ethereum, Bitshares, Monero, and Enjin.

I would greatly appreciate a response and will be upvoting my own comment to get it to the top of this post because I believe your answers to these questions will be very helpful to some of your readers.

Thank you very much for your time and what you are doing to help Steem grow!

To the moon,



@bwells thank you for contributing so much on Steem with your posts and commenting here!

Witness votes are the most important we make on Steem because each vote lasts indefinitely and chooses which accounts are trusted to produce the blocks that build our blockchain along with deciding on hard forks and receiving up to 260 Steem power a day in rewards. I try to do the most good with each vote I make and update my witness votes each week. The ideal solution for most users is to set a proxy to handle all witness votes which can be removed at any time at https://steemit.com/~witnesses. A few hundred of us with collectively millions of dollars in Steem power have given me the responsibility of voting for witnesses. If we want to actively vote ourselves, we get up to 30 witness votes and making each one for witnesses we actually know, follow, and interact with helps a lot to make sure the witnesses are the top are truly interested in maintaining and building our community.

To help promote Steem, writing about it is ideal to help those searching on Google to keep finding us!

We have no idea what will happen with the SBD price because we do not know why it went up and therefore it could go up again at any time!

I like the budget proposal system in Dash which provides a huge reinvestment in projects designed to grow Dash and I have created a similar system on Steem at https://steemit.com/budget/@jerrybanfield/introducing-steem-budget-proposals

Thank you for asking these questions and helping me see your comment!

Jerry, thanks for promoting steem. It's not that I want steem to be promoted, it's just that I wouldn't have known about it without you.

Today steem represents my biggest investment and I am having loads of fun on this platform. it's lifechanging.


Thank you @marc99 we are in this together too because Steem is my biggest investment and has been life changing for me too!


I found Steemit by accident. Never heard of it before but when i came across it 2 days ago i sign up immediately. I read a few post and was eager to respond and what also attracted me is that people are friendly and ultimately you get paid for posting? it was a wonderful recipe for success. I'd already told a ton of people this Steemit thing will explode an unstoppable force bigger than Facebook in a few short years. I don't know how it function yet but i'm ready to learn and make a few buck while figuring it out in the process.

I love you content my friend. I have learned a lot from you. I'm an utopian sponsor because of you :)

Hi jerrybanfield,
Thanks for the great content

Enjoyed this post, explaining the opportunity well.
Hope Steem will do some built i n option for delegation, for now it
seems a bit complicated.

Hi Jerry. I looked at the wikipedia page for steemit today and it is a blatant smear. It would really put off a lot of new comers. Just thought I should bring it to your attention. I'll be editing the page tomorrow.


Matt the edits now make it look good! I got in there and edited it myself a while back as well :)


Very informative and educational post about Steemit.


Thank you @hms818!


i Jerry! I just finished your course on Stack Skills

Thanks for that great post.

This is a great intro to steem that I will be sharing to help introduce some of my friends to the currency and platform. A million thanks for what you do for us!

Quick and nice or nice and quick!!!

Nice post, beautifully presented and explained. detail oriented with nice pics. thank you for sharing this with us, Upvoted

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very good and detailed asnwer-thanks for this.

I mentioned you on my latest milestone post, feel free to see it. I wish you and your family a blessed holiday season.

Really great video sir...its really essential that Steemit users get conversant with the currencies used on the platform

Thanks jerry. Your post have really been helping a lot. I've gotten to know more about the community

Great article again jerry! Love the hat haha.

Do u really think steem is going to the moon because u keep saying that. But is it realistic?

"the user interface is free from ads on any device"
Yes, and let's hope it stays like this!

Thanks @jerrybanfield, very educational post.

This post is very useful, I will try my best to explain this to our youth here in the Philippines. And this post gives me hope on Steem and keep on posting. Thanks @jerrybanfield, because of you I am here in steemit...And now I am earning while learning. God bless you sir!

I sow a post by someone here on steemit before said that steem can reach $1700 soon. and I felt soo optimistic about that.
What do you think about this Mr Jerry?

really very useful, thank you @jerrybanfield

Hi Jerry! I just finished your course on Stack Skills and it single-handedly motivated me to join steemit! thank you so much for your information - it is SO helpful. this post especially!

you are doing great steps for new user of steemit good luck

Thanks Jerry. You have been a good inspiration to me in steemit. God bless you.

I love your content. I have also taken your "Earn Steem from Steemit" course. I am learning a lot from you.

Really informative to newbies, thanks for sharing!

Thank you for this great post. Many users will find this useful and get more knowledge about steem and steemit.

Extremely extraordinary video. it's extremely fundamental that Steemit clients get acquainted with the monetary forms utilized on the stage.

Upvoted and resteemed...

nice post. You are the person who makes me join steem. thx jerry :)

Sir, I am very excited about your posts all the time. I subscribe your youtube channel.

hello jerrybanfield,
Thanks for the great content

Thank you very much for this tutorial! I enjoyed it immensely! I more than appreciate all of the help and advice I am receiving from the Steemit Community! Team Steem! Blessed 2018 my Friends! :)

your post always add new information about Steemit ..
thanks @ jerrybanfield

really nice and very helpful for all steemit beginners like me

wonderful and excellent post thanks for sharing it...@resteem

This is well detailed. As a newbie here on steemit, i have learnt alot from your training on steem. That is why i am always looking forward to seeing your post. I am your big fan from youtube, i actually heard about steemit for the first time from one of your youtube videos. That was what brought me here.

A succinct recap on the advantages of Steem/ Steemit. Especially the options of holdings in Steem Power, which not only provides another layer of security, but also provides an incentive to stay within the network and increase your wealth and the wealth of others by upvoting! Happy New Year!

Nice post Jerry, you are doing an awesome job supporting steemit by adding content for new users and providing info on steemit. Love to see the dedication!

Thank you jerry for everything you are doing for steem and us I joined this platform after watching your video on facebook

Thanks for this post 👍

Youre one of the reason i joined steemit! I cant thank you enough and this series!!! ☺ God bless

Nicely explained, i think one day Steemit Platform will become the number one blogging platform becuase of ease of use and great rewarding system. Thanks for highlighting these points.

Have a great day and stay blessed.

This is supremely helpful. Thank you for posting it.
Can I make one suggestion? Can you boil it down even simpler? For folks who have no trading or investing experience at all, phrases like "fiat" and "wallet" and the like are confusing. There needs to be a post or video explaining the crypto terminology like a "Crypto for Dummies" book.


Yes @joeparys may be doing a video like that soon and I may as well!

Great post ! Your Basic Training videos are awesome !

nice post

@jerrybanfield I sent you 1 SBD for https://steemit.com/dmania/@direwolf/steemit-whales-10-years-from-now-zg1hbmlh-yzulc and didn't get an upvote.

Could you check out what happened?

It worked the first time but not for this one.


Thank you @jerrybanfield, you always have great advice for us that are still new to the Steemit world. Your advice and basic training posts have helped my skills grow tremendously over the past couple weeks. Thank you again and God Bless.

Wow Jerry, You got me into Steemit initially. Loved the video.
Anyone ever noticed Jerry sounds like Yoda a little bit? hehe
Inspiring Jerry, thank you.

Thanks for this post. Really enlightening

this guy is the biggest promoter of self-voting..

is there even a single person who have received just one upvote from this selfish guy?

Thank you Jerry for the post. I am new here so this helped me to understand it better. O by the way, you are the reason why I joined :))

Awesome post, and truly helpful for anyone new to the site. Last night I was explaining Steemit to a close friend and helping her to understand how cryptocurrencies work. I think I will use some of your suggestions and show her your content as well. I am definitely promoting Steemit to many people that I think would benefit from using this platform. I appreciate all of the helpful advice and knowledge!


@nexusvortex777 awesome thank you for letting me know this will be used how I hoped it would!


No problem! I hope to read more helpful content from you in the near future!

That was an eye opener thanks man

Compliments! You have the gift of synthesis. I like how you divided the meaning of steemit into 8 points.

love your posts..they are very simple and you explain very well :) thanks alot for this support you are giving us

Very insightful. Steemit is really awesome.
Many things yet to learn. Many Thanks for your guide here @jerrybanfield

thanks for great post

Great post friend so helpful thanks for sharing

Great Post!

Soon we see what we have in 5 years :)


That's exactly what I was saying last night while explaining to a close friend the value of Steemit and how to invest in cryptocurrencies! Five years from now, who knows but I certainly am hoping for the best!


This will be big... how big I not know... but we must wait, as many do not understand, we only have here something 580 000 a windows ... and this is very small ... very..very small.

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thank you @jerrybanfield for sharing this helpful information for the new users.

That's great @jerrybanfield. Really steemit making life of many people and even many working as a job on steemit. Really it's a great platform of earnings. And can know many people from different countries and their culture , knowledge , in short to say steemit is infinite.

I really appreciate your effort in this video @jerrybanfield!

You are really great man....
I am following Your 28 days Steemit traning..
And i have Started my own Blog....
You inspired me alot...
Have a look at my Blog

Looks great Jerry. Going to listen to all these videos. Thanks again!

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Hi jerrybanfield,
Thanks for the great content...
upvote me please

You are a wonderful educator. Keep the teaching coming. You explain it very well. You are gifted.

I guess for People with some basics or that are into crypto that answers can sound simple. But maybe for someone that have never heard about anything related it still might be a little too advanced and You need to break it down even more don't You think?

Best blogging platform in the world

           - jerry banfield

This is great info which I can used to share with friends and people which have yet to join Steemit. Also like to wish you a Happy New Year and may it be the year that Steemit will become mainstream.


Thank you Happy New Year Charles!

great content and also good explanation for new steemians

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Thank you Jerry. I'm new to steem. This will go a long way.

Good information

great ans bro

That is very helpful for us .now can ans any quirey regarding steem.thanks for that @ jerrybanfield

Jerry!! I started using Steemit because of you, when I'll do my introduction post I'll tag you for sure, until than I'm just uploading dope content

Thank you for this. As a new steemit member I'm still learning a lot about platform, and your training days are the best. I 'm so in love with platform and the community in general. Its so much more real and helpful. That is why I try to give back something to the community through my health posts. I don't know much about mass adaption but I hope that steemit will catch on, and I, as a doctor will contribute to that adoptation

I get confused when writers use a lot of technical lingo to explain something that I have little idea about. This is a great article, it must be to make sense to me! Cheers Jerry.

I really love your tutorials jerry. I'm already looking forward to the next one!

As always thank you for sharing! Im currently looking for answers on how to promote this on local and national tv networks as well as radio station.

Thank you for this. Very promotional.
I just shared this link to a friend of mine, that subscribed but he is not following any of my advices and seems like wanting to give up.
Sometimes this platform requires a lot of patience!

Wauhhh....great. I am a new stemians but trying my level best to advertise more about steemit in uganda. In uganda people are excited about more on steemit and they always ask me more questions about what is steemit, how does it work, why do people give steemit dollars and funny questions as how does the money generate itself. I also hard similar questions but I had to teach my self in a hard way .
However, I did read your post and I honestly appreciated the trainning. I have created a WhatsApp group of steemit last week but always hard to find real answers for some questions. OK, they do understand how steemit works and all the relevant example but the hardest question is on how to transfer steemit dollars to their respective bank accounts.

I know in developed countries they do understand well cryptocurrencies transactions compared to Africa, and I do believe that there is a way of doing so.

For example, is there any way of transferring steem dollars to mobile money accounts, an other example and other more hard questions.

I will wish to see you coming in Uganda for a conference as you help us to mobilise and interest the community about steemit. In case, you need we shall be there but we need you mostly.

Happy new year Sir

Jerry has a unique content. He’s so well-informed, has contagious enthusiasm and well promote steemit, why shouldn’t they pay him well.
So many people have very short thoughts when Jerry is all about building a great community. Well, this post helped me a lot, so I hope to see more of @jerrybanfield next year! good luck everybody! Happy new year!

Good explanation. Thanks for sharing. greetings

💙 Great post. Very good writing,i like this post 💙

       🎅 Thanks for Sharing  🎅

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Ah, I've seen a few of your YouTube videos and you talk about Steemit being your main focus, I've finally found you on here. Quite honestly, this looks like a huge, intimidating amount of info that needs to followed to the letter. However, if it's coming from you it must be heeded. Looking forward to absorbing this.

This gives enlightenment however I am in the process of familiarising on how to upvote reesteem and joining contest.

I definitely could use the training!

Thank you Jerry! I am new here on Steemit and this Basic Training series helps me a lot.

cant wait to properly get my head around this system, thanks for getting me closer to that goal ;)

Thanks for the informative post.