Respond to Comments on Steem to Convert Readers to Followers! #3

Would you read through this post today on Steem if you are new because we will see that the critical thing to do is to respond to comments on Steem starting with those on our first post?

Respond to Comments on Steem to Convert Readers to Followers! #3

Responding to comments on Steem means that when anyone makes a reply on our posts, we then respond with our own comment.

Here's my profile on Steemit.

I have responded to over 3,000 comments on Steem, which is why it shows that I have 3,312 posts today.

Even though I've actually made about three hundred posts on my blog, it counts comments and posts together, which is why I have over 3,000 comment replies plus 300 posts today.

Now, personally, I started out responding to as many comments as I could on Steem. I tried to respond to every single comment if possible. Sometimes I got behind and missed a lot. Other times I'd go through and respond to as many as I could.

Now, if you think bigger is always better here's an example, it's not. It is ideal to respond to every single comment. As we are building followers, it's critical to build a relationship with every single comment we get, because each comment we get on our posts that are not from some bot or spam, that's a chance we make of building a deeper relationship with a reader who will stick with us potentially for years.

I know as a reader, I love it when authors respond to my comments. Now, there is a big problem though. The more followers we get as an author, the harder it is to respond to individual comments.

I will go through and show you some of my posts down here now. You will see that my posts on average have 50 to 100 comments on every single post.

If you scroll down my profile at, you will see that I have posts with 50, 90 or even more than 100 comments. I personally don't practice this anymore because there are too many comments for me to respond to.

As you can see, my wife did a great job with this on her first post that got 254 comments. Now, close to half of those comments are from her, and especially building an introduction post, you are likely to get lots of comments on that.

What happens in the bottom of the post, you have a chance to click "Reply" and as soon as we click "Reply" on a post, this is how we respond to a post. You can type comments in here, "Comment here," and then you click "Post" to make the post show up as a comment.

Comments are replies after you click the "Reply" button on a post on Steem and you can also reply to individual comments.

You can see @laurabanfield consistently responding to the comments on this post, not every single comment, but she put about 50 or so replies to the comments.

If you look at her profile, you can see how many comments she did in total. She has 90 posts, therefore, she made one post on her blog, and then responded to 89 comments on her first post.

That is the ideal recipe because this intro post is often a limited opportunity. Once you've done the intro post, this is often one of the easiest posts to get recognized on and to actually get people to respond to and make comments.

It's amazing the opportunity to make an intro post and to make posts on an ongoing basis that is missed when we fail to respond to comments.

Now, unfortunately, if you get about 50 comments on a post that, in terms of time, is about an hour to read through all the comments and make thoughtful responses. The problem with that is an hour of responding to comments often fuels up all these other ego-driven interests and can make things more interesting.

It's good that comments make things more interesting and interactive. Over time some of the negative looking comments will be some of the most helpful, and some of the comments that consistently come will be some of the most active readers.

Not just for people who are commenting, but most people, if you see on this post my wife did, 2,000 views and 200 comments, the ratio of comments to views is actually very small, but the number of people who are then reading through the comments is also significantly higher than the total number of people commenting.

I often look through comments on posts where I don't even actually interact or make a comment on the post. Lots of times you can have amazing things happen just by putting a comment reply up.

Now, to start, it just makes sense to comment on our own posts to begin and to just use that introductory posts to start. We make our intro post and reply. I suggest replying to every single comment on the "introduceyourself" post, even if it's a reply to a reply.

Make that deep relationship beginning through comments. Then, going forward, if you get too many followers and you can't respond to all the comments, which may require a change, but initially and for 99% of authors, I would say it's critical to respond to the comments.

Thank you very much for reading this post, which has been interesting for me to write given I'm sharing advice that goes different from what I'm actually doing today, which I hope is useful for you to see.

If you wonder how I got to having so many followers replying to comments, thousands of comment replies has helped a lot with building followers, helped so much that now there are too many comments.

Thank you very much.

For further reading, here is an awesome post by @ilyastarar sharing a lot more about the value of commenting and how to do a great job with it at

I love you! You're awesome.

I hope day three of Steem basic training was useful for you today.

Final words

Thank you for reading this blog post, which was originally filmed as the video below.

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Jerry Banfield with edits by @gmichelbkk on the transcript from @deniskj

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Hi @jerrybanfield! Thanks for the basic training. I think one of the biggest challenges for minnows isn't necessarily the willingness to engage with readers, but actually having your post get exposure, so people can see it and comment. I'd gladly take the time to reply back on 50 comments. It seems that there is just so much material out there now, competing for exposure, compared to even a few months back. I read other folks' posts and comment and have built some great friendships. But again, the wide exposure seems to be hard to achieve.


Yes i feel like it is a competition to get exposure sometimes but i think if you follow sincerely what you love and bring valuable information or content, it will get the exposure needed somehow. Got to keep it up and going! Other than that, i think it is pretty hard to get fast exposure but sometimes it works, sometimes it does not! What do you think? I am interested to hear what you think about it?


Hi @your.system! Yes, I agree with you that we should keep it up & keep going. It just seems like there is a lot to learn with Steemit. Between paying for upvotes, bots, alliances, who's on discord, etc, I still have a hard time understanding if there is any kind of recipe for success. In the meantime, I write what I enjoy writing, comment and upvote good content and just try to enjoy the Steemit experience without wracking my brain about it too much :)


Denise thank you for reading so many blog posts with me and continuing to comment! All of my posts go out automatically on Facebook and Twitter which helps a lot with additional views. I will have a day devoted to this in the basic training. Wide exposure also brings a wide variety of problems too from downvotes to more comments than responses to a feeling of pressure to produce every day.

If the goal is to help another person the most consistently in post after post, we each will get the exposure we need. The first several years I worked online it was a struggle to get anyone to read anything. Even starting something new like making music with millions of followers it is common to have just 5 or so people watching. More has benefits just like less does and more has downsides just like less does also!

Advertising even $5 or $10 a day is also very effective. Spending $5 or $10 to promote posts in Google ads is what I started with to get more exposure which helps a lot.


Thanks so much for the thoughtful personal reply @jerrybanfield! I know you are busy and I appreciate the tips and encouragement :) Just this week I started using discord to chat with some people, and I'm finding that to be a nice way to make more fulfilling true connections with people. I've also heard there is Steemit chat, which I have not used as yet. Steemit is a great community. I've never been a facebook or twitter superstar, so that is a good point I will keep in mind. I've "converted" a few friends to Steemit, but it's not like I had a ready-made following to bring over. Thanks again for the perspective and all you do to keep us all Steeming onward & upward! :) All the best!


I just wanted to thank you for this training article. I am a complete newbie to this, and I am sure that it all makes perfect sense as to how it all works once you get the hang of it.

I would like to thank you for pointing out the comment section and encouraging readers and Authors a like to make and respond with them. A bigger thank you, for you I think are one of the first other than myself I have seen, that mentioned the views verse the comments and the votes. It is nice to see someone taking an actual interest in the amount of views over the amount of votes one gets. Thank you, may more and more become interested in the view count and not just the vote count.


@bashadow thank you for mentioning the views because this is what I do focus on is getting the most post views with most not even coming from Steem!


People think that votes are what matter,that if they have a lot of votes that means they have great content, yet when votes outweigh views 400 to 1 is that really good content? (that 400-1 is extreme but used for emphasis)

Hey @jerrybanfield !!! You are the whole reason I joined Steemit!! I came across your youtube channel one day and all I heard was you yelling that I need to join steemit and follow you, haha! So here I am and I am following you. All kidding aside, I love your videos and how well you interact with your audience. You are awesome!!


Charlie thank you very much for joining from YouTube and continuing to read and follow here!


I joined because of Jerry too, except for some reason I cannot get my picture to load on here. I find this site harder to use than my Facebook, :-(

Thanks for the informative post. You are adding a lot of value to the steemit community. This is a much better platform than reddit.


Good one


Agreed @frostwind thank you for adding value to Steem with your comment!

Jerry, just wanted to tell you that you made a genius investment in steem. well done


Thank you @marc99! It looks like you did too!

This is a wonderful idea and a post that every newer person needs to look at. I wish it was here when I first started.

Steemit is a community, social media...meaning interaction. Somewhere along the way, too many missed that aspect. I guess the money is what takes people's attention.

Nevertheless, post, comment, is the key to steemit success. If all 450K accounts were doing just this, this place would be so big we would be at 2M or 3M people.....the attention would be too great.

Thank you again for all you do on here.


Exactly @taskmaster4450 thank you for tagging me in your posts and adding so much value to our community with your posts and comments!

Always upvote your own comments guys!

Good advice @jerrybanfield Thank You @!


You're welcome @valikos

Some people comment unnecessary or non related topic..But I reply these comments who comment about related topics

Hi Jerry,

I'm sorry for not being able to read this one earlier due to my commitments at home (mainly my sick grandma).

I am incredibly thankful to you for mentioning my post as a reference in this wonderful analysis on why commenting and replying is key to gain loyal readers and followers.

I too try to reply to each comment on my posts. In the beginning, I used to receive hundreds of comments too and it took hours to reply to each one of them. But I went through the exercise despite it becoming hectic at times. I think that's the reason I have a healthy following now and it keeps increasing.

To encourage more comnents from Steemians, I have a habit of upvoting comments as per the value they add to the discussion. It incentivizes commenting and encourages healthy engagement.

You must have gone through a lot of effort in order to reply to comments. But I am glad that you still take that road and care enough to communicate. I personally love commenting on authors who are more likely to reply.

Thank you for sharing insights with us. This post will definitely spread positive interaction trend on Steemit and that's why I feel it is necessary to resteem it.


And I forgot to ask something. I went to Laura's blog and saw that her reputation was down to 4 and she never posted again. While I left a comment there, what went wrong? I see a stupid troll account which flagged everything and made sure the reputation went below 25.

What a brainless thing to do. I wonder if that's the reason Laura isn't authoring anything on that blog anymore.


Looks like you figured it out lol you can see by the upvotes!


You're welcome @ilyastarar I appreciate you helping me to have a great further reading article to show much more depth about doing a great job commenting!

Shocking what a little communication can do right lol Always good tips Jerry and ones people should follow to continue to make steemit the best community to be a part of and get paid.


Yes Sean the biggest difference is in a little bit versus nothing!

I'm enjoying this series Jerry, thank you.

Will you be making posts on how to reach an audience? I'm finding it very disheartening at the moment putting effort into posts only to get completely ignored. Difficult to not to take it personally!


Thank you for suggesting this! I will be having several posts dedicated to building an audience. That said, nothing is more effective than responding to comments in terms of building a long term following. If all my comment replies from everywhere were totalled over the last six years online, it would be a ridiculous number and I am excited that Steem is showing 3,000 comment replies already in the last six months. At that rate it is probably 30,000+ comments I have responded to in six years online!

thankyou so much @jerrybanfield your post are always very informative and helps alot to newbie like me..thankyou so much for your contribution to the steemit community..doing great job..


Kartik thank you very much for being the first to respond with a comment on this post and helping motivate me to keep sharing on Steem each day!

I have garnered followers due to interactions with them kn the comments sections

Some of them have even gone through my blog to see what i blog about and they were not dissappointed


@bcrafts thank you for adding support to the post here with your comment!


No problem

Just preaching the gospel of Steemit

Do you respond to your readers' comments ? 😋


Haha, that was a test ;) Thanks for the advice.


what a great answers but why you just dont tell truth?:)

Hello @jerrybanfield, Can you kindly think or make a post how we can add STEEM to top cryptocurrency exchanges such as BitFinex, BitHumb or Binance etc. Though STEEM is fundamentally better than other top cryptocurrencies, demand is low since traders/investors are not aware and so, price is stagnant. Once it is traded on top exchanges, it gets attention from traders/investors and so demand rises. BTS has spiked more that 150% once it is added in Binance.


@riseofth I would love for Steem to get added to all these exchanges and I believe Steemit Inc feels the exact same way. After meeting most of the team at Steemfest 2 in Portugal, I trust they have made it a priority to get added to new exchanges. Getting added to many of the exchanges takes a lot of time, work, and sometimes money for Steem because everything is much different than with many other blockchains.


Thanks @jerreybanfield, that is a great information for the new investors and STEEM hodlers :)

First of all I would like to say thank you for this post. This is one such a piece of information I have missed while steeming through the last month. I was forwarding this post as it will help lot of people. Because so many of my followers need this information.


@kcherukuri thank you for letting me know this was helpful for you!

If you wonder how I got to having so many followers replying to comments, thousands of comment replies has helped a lot with building followers, helped so much that now there are too many

Plus the fact that you have a lot of voting power! 😉


@maestroq definitely more voting power helps!

@jerrybanfield lolz I all ways writes commets but didn't get respond


Farhan keep trying and you will get a response at some point!


Ok Sir :)

Thank you for your post! I have recently tried to comment and engage with post that i feel connected with. I just started on my steemit journey and thank you for your informative post! All the best for the community :)


@your.system nice this is the second comment I have seen within the last hour of yours! Connecting in the comments adds so much value here for all of us and we appreciate you doing it!

Yup. Engagement is what it is all about! Comments is our opportunity to show other people who we are in a way that may bring them to our own blog. Responding to comments in your own blog shows that you are interested in engaging with the people who are following you. It's the great circle of steem!



Good to see you in the comments Mike!

Awesome information man! Im new to the steemit kingdom! Been learning and having a blast already !


@spacebird89 welcome and thank you for commenting here because your comment helps motivate me to finish the entire bootcamp and put together a complete guide for Steem!

Hay sir I can understand that it's not possible for you to replying to all these comments and I can understand as I am in initial phase so to build my genuine follow base I have to interact with people and replying to their comments.


Yes and making an effort is much better than nothing! Upvoting comments helps a lot too!


Thank sir for your suggestions....

You are great bro. Your every post is very informative. Its help me a lot to learn. Thank you so much for your contribution to the steemit community.


My policy is to respond to all meaningful comments made in the first few days after the post is published. But it depends on numbers for sure.


@vitkolesnik hitting older comments by reviewing all comments on the profile page helps a lot too because sometimes it takes six months for a post to get noticed!

@jerrybanfield Day like I have some catching up to do. This post is a gold mine and (well) you always provide great advice. I think is great to comment on others. I personally became a follower of many because I wanted to comment on a great post or really does work! Best wishes to you always. - @splendorhub
Have a great day.


Nora thank you for your kind feedback here and I hope you have a great day full of sunshine as well! With living in Florida we have a lot of sunshine here!

Recently I made a post about how important is to give a reply to as much comments as you can because the communication and helping each other is what a real community is about. Steem, SBD and SP are not everything. You should not be on Steemit only trying to earn some coins. You should be here to spread the Steemit philosophy.


Exactly! The interactions here in the comments are some of the best I have experienced online in years!

I started steemit only for you brother 😃. I saw your videos in YouTube.


Tom thank you for letting us know that is how you joined us here!

I really do appreciate all the help you have been giving out to the new people on this forum @jerrybanfield. I appreciate both the help as well as the understanding that you provide to everyone. You make it look easy, but also let us know that it takes work to get to where you are producing content like you. Please keep it up and I look forward to your next basic training installment.


Thank you @clivingston005! Here is what I do every day!


Sorry it took me so long to respond to this. I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for responding to my response as well as thank you for bringing such value to this platform. I now there are many ways to add value to the platform, but you bring the value of knowledge and guidance. Truly appreciate it.

That's a good tip to follow. Reading and responding to com mentors on your post is a sign of gratitude. It shows you care about others opinion regarding your post,you can also learn new stuff from the comments. Conversely,you can answer questions or offer further advice in the comments.


Eric I am grateful for this comment you made here and appreciate you following!


Thanks Jerry :)

I like how you give an alternative to read or to watch your posts.


@ntony I appreciate you mentioning this because it costs me about $20 to $100 per post to include all the edited text instead of just posting a video and I do it because I much prefer that as a reader myself!

totally agree with you ... comment but comment showing that you read the post is very important ... sometimes you read comments that show otherwise...I also usually reply to those who leave comments in my posts ... I like that my posts generate debate ... and in many of them it is something that I achieve.
by the way if you get to read this comment I would like you read my last suggestion to utopian-io...
I know you invest a lot to attract new members to steemit so I'd like to have your opinion...
I leave the link ... is still in review period


Yes a referral system would be nice especially for delegations!


thanks for reading it ... do you think it's well thought out?

Thanks for sharing great content!
I took your Steem course, very helpfull !

Great intro posts

Hey @jerrybanfield,

I agree with you on this one.
Responding to comments is part of building relationships.

Day 3 done! ...

Thumbs Up Gif.gif


Shaun thank you for practicing day 3 here with me as I do it too!

How many upvotes can this comment get?


Three so far!

I agree with you.your post always good .i like you of luck.go ahead.resteemed you post

Hi Jerry, you have so much info, I need to train my brain to absorb all this shared information.
Thanks anyway !


I understand @livelifefullest!


This feels a little my brain is too small :-) Or I stored to much nonsense .... I will do a reset, and absorb more @jerrybanfield information.
Have a good weekend!

Hey Guys! I post stuff everyday on topics requested by a follower of mine. So if you'd like to learn about something crypto related, please give me a follow and comment on one of my posts telling me what you'd like to know more about! @bl0ckchained125

Now, if you think bigger is always better here's an example, it's not. It is ideal to respond to every single comment

Dude , you only reply to High Sp users , witnesses, Sometimes to the first comment , and sometimes you reply to those who just kiss ass.

Come on, lose the VIP attitude !

I would say for most users, the issue is to get followers to turn into readers. So many people are following people without reading their posts.

I think this is sad and might feel some users feel "betrayed", as they might have plenty of followers but only a few people who even see the post and read it through!


True and that is okay!

I Got 432 Followers with this method..


Awesome! I've been trying to grow my follower base, but also learn about new stuff in crypto at the same time. So this is the perfect method for me!

Followed you as well :)

@jerrybanfield thanks for all your support to the steem community. Happy new month !

@jerrybanfield your post are always very informative and helps alot to newbie... Thanks..

So now if I just post a comment, am I part of a payment or something? #Spamcomment

awesome information there i ve just signed up to steemit your article is very good

This is very helpful, its good to see the big fish helping out the little guys :)

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If you are the author and would prefer not to receive these comments, simply reply "Stop" to this comment.

very informative as usual. Great post

@jerrybanfield Very interesting post .. And I really like his ...

Responding to genuine comments is an etiquette which only a few practice especially once they become 'influencers'!

I like all your posts in the entity

I make a Thanksgiving post for you today. Thanks a lot Jerry

Good training.

Thank you Jerry for the hard work you put into educating we newbies such as myself. Thank you so much!

Outstanding and helpful post thanks!

That's what's up.

Congratulations @jerrybanfield!
Your post was mentioned in the hit parade in the following category:

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You are great.

Nice post,,,

Pliease vote my post brother..😢😢😢

This series is great. I've just read the first three. Definitely going to follow along. As a newbie it is great to have it broken down like this in language I can understand :)

Nice to be your friend here at Steemit.I already followed you to see all of your future blogs!The community needs cool people like you :-)
I wish you more followers and friends!Don't forget to follow, resteem and upvote me too @laique so that we can be friend forever :D

Firstly I need readers My dear friend , then absolutely I want to convert them to follower.

Hello M.jerry and all the members i'm new here any welcom l.o.l

thank u bro for information

Awesome article for newbie
This is steemit made easy...
Obviously, this is will be very pertinent for the growth of the steemit community

I've been commenting a lot more frequently lately after receiving advice from numerous successful Steemers to do so and you know what? It makes the experience on Steemit much more interesting and engaging. I'm motivated to read other people's blogs, I'm starting in conversation, and I'm (slowly but surely) gaining more followers.

Thanks for reinforcing this concept for me. I'm really starting to appreciate the process.

A basic training I'd like to request (and I'm curious to hear your perspective on this) is regarding minnow support... should new Steemit users join it? Is it recommended? Useful?

Any quick thoughts @jerrybanfield?

EDIT: just found your article that answers my question. Thank you!

Good explanation. Thanks for sharing. greetings

thats a great info.. :-)

I have been on Steemit for just over a year, but initially did not do much with it. Now I have some time to devote to the writing and posting but understand that I should have dove in to learn more about Steemit in general. I am now in catch-up mode. So thanks for this information. Helpful as usual.