Get Help Fast with Steem on and Discord! #5

Welcome to day five of Basic Training on Steem! Would you join us today in learning about how to use the chat channels on and Discord because these are extremely helpful for getting real-time help?

Get Help Fast on Steem with and Discord! #5

If we get started on Steem it's very likely that we will get really excited, and then we will go maybe find someone's post, like one of my posts, and you will comment on it and you will be all excited, and then you will notice, "I made all this and Jerry didn't even reply to it."

You might start posting on Steem, post a bunch of comments and not get any replies, and then get frustrated and want to know how to do something. Then, we are liable to start asking, "Well, where do I get some immediate help? If something goes wrong where do I get some help right away?"

The best place to do this is in and in Discord.'s interface looks like this. You can see in the lower left here " powered by Rocket Chat." Thank you to to @riverhead for keeping online!

Then, we have all these different messages on here. We have different channels. We can do direct messages. This is one of the fastest ways to get immediate help.

When I am fooling around with my witness server and I need help on something, and I don't know what to do with it, then I just stop straight in the "witness" chat channel, and then I can ask a question.

If I go back a few days, I got stuck with a specific technical error, so I posted the exact error. I very quickly got some help with it and that is happening way faster than if I just was trying to post comments on Steem.

Often it may be hours if not days before anyone checks comments on Steem. Sometimes I don't even see comments on my posts, but with we can get someone who's most available.

Often, for things like getting witness votes, being consistently available in the "witness" chat is a great way to get witness votes.

@drakos, for example, is almost always hanging out in the "witness" chat. He's consistently there to answer questions and that's helped him get a lot of witness votes as with many of the other witnesses here.

We see that they are hanging around and available commenting in the chat. This helps all of us to work together more effectively. is useful to just jump in and have everything in one interface, which is why I mentioned first. is the easiest thing to get started with. It's the first thing I signed up for because it has these "witness" channels. It's got the "general" channel where we can just jump in and talk to anyone. It's got lots of different channels.

You can search for more channels, there are all kinds of specific niche channels that are joinable based on exactly what each of us is looking for.

Then you can do direct messaging also on Steemit.

If I search for a specific user I can then have a message with that user directly. The problem with this is, for me in particular, I often get too many messages lots of times.

At the moment, I've got direct messages from 247 people, and then I've got 23 favorites and nine channels. It just gets overwhelming. is good in the sense that it is pretty easy to connect and get responses, but at the same time it can be pretty laggy and there are lots of people who aren't that active in who are active in Discord. also does not offer voice chat, it just offers text chat, as we can see here in these chat channels, which is great. If it's 6 AM and I'm trying to set up my witness and I've missed a couple of blocks or something, I need help right away, then is great for that.

What is great also, is Discord.

Discord is a chat app that allows for voice chats, it has a lot more depth and features than and it allows for communities to be grouped up and set in depth pretty well.

While on, there's just this one "witness" channel, then there's another "witness blocks" channel for everyone who's missed a block.

On the Discord channels, it's much easier to have depth in a community.

On the @ADsactly server over here, there are all these different chat channels. You can have this nice post on "what is ADsactly?" which is also on Steem at

You can go over here, and look at each of these channels, which have different functionality. For example, you can just have contests in this one channel and you have a vault on this one channel.

You've got four different voice chats. You can jump into each of these different voice chats and just hop straight in or you can then just disconnect here.

It's nice on these Discord channels, there's a lot more depth, which like ADsactly has got about 5,000 or so people in the Discord channel. It's nice to have that kind of depth.

I just started a new Discord channel "Jerry Banfield and Friends" and I don't need all those different rooms on mine because there's maybe a hundred people so far in the first week in my Discord channel. It'd be kind of ridiculous to have all those different channels, so I have three different text channels and two different voice channels in mine.

I have the Friends channel, which anyone can join and chat. I have the members channel, which is available to anyone voting me up $10 or more a month on Steem as well as for those paying $10 or more a month on Patreon.

Access to the Partners channel is for those voting up $50+ a month on Steem or signed up at The partners get essentially priority responses along with a bunch of other rewards.

I've got these three different channels.

Finally, I have a Friends voice chats, which is free, and then I have a Partners voice chat that only partners can go to for easier access to me.

I just started the Discord server and I've been able to keep up with every message in the free chat, and this is then instantly scalable. As soon as the Friends chat gets overwhelming, there's more motivation for a few people that want me to make sure each message is seen to upgrade into the members channel, and then as that gets more crowded, or it's desirable to just go into the partners channel to get all the benefits.

It's the same thing with the voice chat. I do a free voice chat every month where anyone can come to. Then, the more crowded that is, the more motivation to get in on the smaller exclusive partners one.

As we can see, each discord server can have significantly different rules with most having different "roles" assigned based on use contributions.

There's the "Minnow Booster" channel here and there's "ADsactly." I'm in the "Busy" one, there's "Peace, Abundance and Liberty" and "Steem Speak." Each Discord channel has its own set of channels and it has its own rules. It also has its own roles and levels, and each of these Discord channels presents outstanding opportunities to connect in the Steem community.

Some relationships that are strong on the Steem blockchain now, have been forged in Discord.

Now, the question is, "Okay. How do I find all of these channels?"

Fortunately, I've got a spreadsheet for that at

I've got all kinds of these guides and on one here, I've got a link I just found by googling "Steem Discord channels list" by @torico.

The post is "Torico's Magickal List of Steemit Discord Servers v.2" and it has a list of all the Discord servers on Steem.

You just click the invite, and then you're able to get into the Discord server.

There is the ADsactly server, the Alt-Lifestyles and BeAwesome servers, and many more.

You can see tons of opportunities to join all these different Discord channels here.

I don't recommend just freestyle joining every single one and trying to make something out of it, unless you're just really bored and want to connect with everyone, but it can be nice to just kind of start maybe on, take time to get to know some of the people, and then get recommendations as for which Discord channels to join.

Ask, "Hey, what Discord Channel do you hang out in?" and you might find that you get in a few Discord channels over time. I'm in six different Discord channels, and then I've got my own Discord channel as well.

This is extremely helpful if you want to get to know how to use Steem better. The Discord channels and communities make a huge difference. These communities are extremely helpful for making things happen and getting help in real time, collaborating and building deeper relationships off of the blockchain, that then can be reflected in the blockchain.

For anything like witness voting especially, getting more upvotes on posts, connecting with what you might call a whale, someone who's got a lot of Steem Power, or just getting quick help, I'd say and the Discord channels are essential.

Thank you very much for going through "Basic Training Day 5," witch is a part of my service as an author, as a witness, as an investor, as a curator, as a Steem Power holder on Steem.

I am grateful to be a part of the community today and I think good educational materials showing us how to make a strong start with Steem are helpful.

I hope you've learned something in here today that you didn't know before reading this.

Thank you.

I love you.

You're awesome and I hope to see you, if this has been useful, in day six of Steem Basic Training.

Final words

Thank you for reading this blog post, which was originally filmed as the video below.

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steem chat one of the best places to make connections and help each other grow.

Thanks so much for this training. God bless you @jerrybanfield

Great help


I agree , just joined last night but i learned a lot in discord

С русского по апвоту)

Keep it rockin' here on Steemit and have great holidays. Peace! @clumsysilverdad

i've become a bigger fan of Discord over over the last few months. it's cleaner and more efficient.

Respect for what you are doing! wish I had more time to spent on the different platforms.
Keep up the good work, and Thanks for the next lesson

Thank you @@@jerrybanfield for sharing this post

I came back on steemit after along time.
Happy to see your post . Great article you made like ever

I am always see your video. your all video informative

the problem of discord is that when you ask a question you have to wait for the answer for a long time, but if you miss you have to go back and find your message and then look for the answer, what if the person don't have time to stay there all the day waiting for the answer

Is this chat useful for acquiring new friends and followers or is it just for tech assistance?

Thanks for your help really appreciate it.

Jay'sus! What do you get for your $10.00 a month! other than the ability to 'chat'?

I have the Friends channel, which anyone can join and chat. I have the members channel, which is available to anyone voting me up $10 or more a month on Steem as well as for those paying $10 or more a month on Patreon.
I'm honestly gobsmacked. Ten dollars? A month! fair play to you.

On a side note, it's confusing having two services ( & Discord) I've seen lots of lost souls in #General trying to track down help of groups. A saner solution would be to have general chat and communities on Discord and keep all the help, support and complaints on but then that's the problem with FREEDOM every wants their own bat and ball. :-D

"It's my bat and ball and I'm going home!"

Steemit chat has been very useful to me. Does anyone know how I can uplaod vidoes to Dtube, It gets about 3/4 the way through and says adding source to IPFS and just stops, so frustrating as I cant upload anything, been trying for weeks now.

Yine muhteşemsin dostum.

I have these tips useful. Thanks alot

All I can say @jerrybanfield is God bless you and your Airtable spreadsheet! Super encouraged to have so much info in 1 place!

Haven't dabbled in any of these chats yet but hearing good things about Discord. Its great that people are there to help.

Thanks for your posts and videos, it always inspires me

Thank you, this is so helpful

Excelent post,
I like your way of thinking, interesting instructive. As you do to have so many followers I would like to be like you. You have my vote, always cini. Greetings beautiful

wow there's a wealth of info here! I'll check out discord, thanks Jerry!

Thank you very much for this training. God bless you @jerrybanfield
I'm upvote and Resteemed this post

God bless you @jerrybanfield i'm so lucky because i'm following you

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Great work Mr banfield.
Stee chat is definitely one of the best places to be to learn new things making new connection with people. i really admire your work. also my view on steem are

STEEM is definitely one of the most undervalued coin with the most amazing team. i guess 2018 will be the year for STEEM. looking at the 1day all time chart of STEEM also gives us a hint that 2018 is the year where we can see the price of STEEM in double digit followed by three digit in the upcoming years. With a market capital of $424,219,607 USD and not a rise in price i see thousands of people investing in STEEM and believing in the Platform which is first of its kind to fund projects on social media platform and with STEEMIT solving real life problems by funding with the help of just upvotes, this is definitely the best use of Blockchain technology.


Thanks Jerry.
I'm still learning the ropes around here (and oh boy, there is a lot that needs to be learned on SteemIt) and your tutorials have helped me a lot. Right now I'm trying to get the hang of Discord. I joined the Minnow Booster channel and I must say, it offers very quick support. Every question I had was answered right away.
Just now I joined your 'Friends' channel :-)
I think for now I will stay with these two for a while, because everything is overwhelming enough as it is. I find myself spending way to much time trying to learn how to use SteemIt.. lol
Thanks again for all the helpful posts, en please do go on :-)

Good post! Visit our blog and see the latest news and the best tops :D Greetings

I know I say this every time @jerrybanfield, but thank you so much for all your help and information. I can tell everyone else, as a new person to the forum, that his tips really do help. My following has grown significantly in the past week or so since his basic training posts have started. Not just commenting but having valuable comments have played a huge role in growing relationships with some of the more influential contributors to this platform. I have not used the steem chat yet, but look forward to engaging on that as well. Thank you again @jerrybanfield and God Bless!

Congratulations @jerrybanfield!
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Keep on going
Your posts are helpfull and easy to read


Lol i need heeeeeelp

Greetings to you
The tips are very salient and very important
I was the one who used Shan in Steam very much and it helped me a lot in improving my situation in Steam
Thank you so much for helping othersgreetings @walidsalah

i always your video watching..can i your blog resteemit please???

Sneaky Ninja Attack! You have been defended with a 8.45% vote... I was summoned by @jerrybanfield! I have done their bidding and now I will vanish...Whoosh

Didn't think you would need the upvotes from sneaky-ninja for 6 day old post. your 2 votes in last round lowered my purchase to the level when it was not profitable :( It is sad that you rich need to take even this crumbs from your table and eat them in front of minnows eyes :(