There is No Spoon (Spoonman Bad Karaoke Entry)

in badkaraoke •  6 months ago

You Will See it is Only Yourself That Bends

Bad Karaoke Entry - Spoonman

I had to do something fun before hitting it hard today. Try and de-stress a little after this week's bullshit. Plus, @snook is always making me do things. So hopefully, you guys like this rendition of Spoonman by Soundgarden. Honestly am not a huge fan, they had a couple good songs but, when they came out, I was into a heavier brand. LOL

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@snook made this badass gif
@enginewitty #thealliance witness.png

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lol! Nice one! You sound pretty good there. I see a princess sticking her tongue out... is that your backup singer? ;)


Singers and dancers ya lol

OMG this is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


WooHoo! Like the tags? LOL

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snookmademespoonit!!!! 😂

Best ever!!!


LMAO! Thought it was good ;)

Aaaahhhhh but this is fantastic, you have backup singers this is turning into a pro setup up - and prop's even! Is it a spoon or a mic? Spoonmic is that a thing?

You definitely improved on the original, now they have made this weekly I need to get my finger out and do something.

#thealliance #witness


Ha ha ya its totally a spoonmic!

This is just AWSOME and nice played with the spoon 😉😂 lol Love that!
You always makes your "Bad" into Badass!
Made me smile and what a handsome dude and beautiful back ladies 🤗 thank you for sharing.
#needmorespoon 👍😂😂 don't we all!