Do The Maths and Get Audited ! How much are you Guys Giving???

in audit •  5 months ago


A day ago @utopian-io have got back their Delegation from @misterdelegation. That brings their VP to Total of 3.6 Million Vest Voting Power.


utopian 4.PNG

Let's see this ^^^ Post , How much much have been given?
54.02% x 3,626,690 = 1,959,137.90 Million VP vote.
I will let you guys do the rest of this Calculations.

utopian 6.PNG




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Great power with great obligations.
They only give a small portion of their strength, but have a big influence on their fans and additional strength continues to flow every day.
That's what I like about Sp.

Wow... Luarbiasa nilai vote yang didapat... 😀

wow, that's too much I think for utupian,
But it is their sp anyway,
But lets hope they will try to market steemit outside as what other altscoin did so many investor will come


I am sure many would like to know How much one is getting?

  • Are they been evenly distributed?
  • Unless, Just given to theirs Buddies or close related accounts?

Next will be checking on Steemit-JP

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Well, the mere fact that their voting power is sitting at 99% is frankly a little disturbing... even with the additional delegation, they still had 1.5M SP sitting basically "idle." If they were truly using that influence, that number should be sitting between 80-95% ALL the time. All other things being equal.


@whitelightxpress our voting bot votes when it reaches 99.75%, checking every 5 minutes. It doesn't need to consume down to 80. Thanks for your interest



our voting bot votes when it reaches 99.75%, checking every 5 minutes. It doesn't need to consume down to 80. Thanks for your interest

Don't you guys do them Manually?


What Ta?


The score is assigned manually by a moderator, the vote is casted by the bot based on that score to avoid human mistakes.

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Its a good initiative to promote technology devlopment around the steem blockchain


You have NO .. F.... IDEA , What YOU are Implementing..!

Need I to say more????


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