✏ Sketch Off Contest - Edition 2: The Club of Antiheroes

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After summoning fabled canine creatures in the first Sketch Off, this time we shall draw a our own hands with a twist, so to speak. Skill will triumph over chance in this gamble. Ain't that a full house. Welcome to The Club of Antiheroes!

Since I can not send you out into the woods blindly I have prepared some samples in my creative kitchen. Remember I used the suit of Hearts, but you will be using the suit of Clubs so remember to go for more blacks.

What I am looking for in your contest entry is something like this:


Such a shame that Donald spilled all of his Grandmother's special raspberry jam all over these cards. What a mess!

Drawn by yours truly. As you can see we've got a fairly diverse Cast of Characters going on here with Super Duck, Harley Quinn, Vol'Jin and Optimus Prime. Feel free to branch out into whatever fictional universe you see fit. The style and colors of your design should fit together with the black Suit of Clubs! While I imagine the cards that I have drawn to be more in the "chaotic good" realm, yours should probably be "chaotic evil", but since we are playing with #Antiheroes you can interpret it a bit more loosely and have fun. Don't be afraid to be more creative than I! You don't need to draw four cards. It can be just one. Just to be sure, this is the suit: ♧ ♧ ♧ ♧

It also helps your chances if you include at least one process picture like this excellent example from the previous #YearoftheDog Sketch Off by @labeilleneigeux :)


And it certainly doesn't hurt your odds if you include an animated gif or video of your process (I realise this is easier for digital work) like this one:


Time to get the ball rolling!

Here's how you can participate and our "Quest" guidelines:

Theme: #Antiheroes

Mutators: #FanArt + Suit of Clubs ♧

Format: cards.png

Rules and Stipulations:

  • Hand-In Format: Playing Card format only.

  • Medium: Analog or Digital, your choice.

  • Posting: Your post entry has to include the name of the contest in its title (e.g. Antiheroes) and your second tag needs to be #antiheroes. You should also comment the link to your post (along with a thumbnail of your work) under this post!

  • Originality: You may only use your own content.

  • Process: Include at least one image of your creative process.
  • Deadline: One week after this post is made.


Position:Prize:Bonus Pool:
1st Place10 SBD + 25 BTS+10 SP Delegation
2nd Place4 SBD+4 SP Delegation
3rd Place2.5 SBD+2.5 SP Delegation
4th-10th Places0.5 SBD+1 SP Delegation

Note: You never know if there's a bonus coming. I'll also delegate SP for at least two weeks after the contest has ended.

  • If you wish to sponsor this or future contests further, lemme know. :)

Before I let you go I still wanted to give a shoutout to @marinaart for winning the last contest with her awrsome Dorhinog charcoal drawing, @mammasitta for sponsoring extra prizes, @shinyforest for helping to organise and all other artists and patrons that participated.

I'd also like to point you to the Steem Artist community on Discord if you are interested in more creative endeavours by some very talented people.

Alright, we clear?

ready, steady, draw!

Good Luck and Have Fun,



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Draw another card:


Yet again, a great contest! <3 <3 <3
Though ideas are already running in my head, I'm gonna have an extremely busy week, so I probably won't be able to make them on time for the contest :P
But good luck to everyone, I can't wait to see all of the wonderful creations!!

Who knows...you might change your mind again :)
That'd be great ^^

Really sleep deprived, but it was worth it :D
Of course I couldn't sit back on that one, no matter how much I tried to convince myself :P

Hell yeah @shlomit!
This rocks. Will leave ya a longer review on your post.
Thanks for participating :)

Thank you!

:D let's see if I will be able to make it, as I am traveling with work a bit as of tomorrow.. :P
Can't promise anything!
But thank you for pushing me :D

Oh man! This is sound gooood! I hope I wil unstuck myself from the loop of the crazy life and get myself in the art loop again :0) Thanks of organizing this fun contest!

Woah... I'm no artist, but I recognise awesomeness when I see it.

I'm following this thing!

you rock :)

This is cool! I actually made my own set of playing cards when I was 11 or so. Looking forward to seeing the entries!

oh that's sick! Do you still have it?
What about magic cards, got any of those still?
Cheers ^^

If I ever remember the name of my old deviantart account I'll go look for them. I have a bunch at home in the old country but thery're mainly for decorative purposes.

yeah deviantart doesn't delete anything. It might be easier to search for the name of images though if that's easier to remember! :)

Hi! Here's my last minute entry:

Ace of Diamonds Loki finito.jpg

Hope you like it! Thank you for this lovely contest!
Best luck everyone ;)

A strong entry and a departure from your usual style!
Thanks :)

A terrific entry!
Left you a longer review on your post :)

My entry


Would love to submit the whole suit but I would need more time to finish them. Lol.

Thanks for your entry @artgirl!
Time flies when you are having fun ;)

Glad I found this contest. Haha.

Me 2!
You did well :)

Nice contest! Im In :) Gonna do a timelapse such as this for progress submission

Very excellent!
You've got just under two days left. Good luck!

@zeroooc ich hab upvote pause und du machst so n hamma post :-/ der harlekin is sooo great.
you are a great artist!!!!!!

That's a very big compliment! I like to think I have a lot of practice but I thank you :)

A terrific entry @kennyvaldez!
A longer review awaits on your post.
kick ass stuff.

The Sketch-Off contest is now closed for entries!
The Club of #AntiHeroes has been assembled.
Thanks to the entrants:


You guys rock!
Gonna prepare a contest gallery for tomorrow :)

ps: any entries that reach me before I post the results will still count but can not compete for the top 3 spots.

Thanks for making this contest. My submission for the contest is.. Gambit!

Well I'll be damned it's Remy LeBeau!
Terrific choice of character. I'll leave a longer review on your post.
Thanks and good luck!

You still have time to enter too ;)

may I know what time this contest ends? if I can make it i'm gonna join ur contest.. I'm living in Malaysia btw.

You've got 14 hours :)

Ok thank u

Cool collection of cards, Nikki! Best luck with the contest, I'll try my best to participate. Good luck to all the contestants <3

Thank you dear! I hope you do since your work is always awesome ;)
Which card should I work on while you guys are doing these? Perhaps some Jokers? ^^

Hello @zeroooc ! I have a question, when you refer to analog or digital, does it include that I can design graphite as well?

You totally can! Go for it :)
This time the format is more important than the medium ^^

Thanx! i´ll do my best! ;)

Are any of your pieces available to be purchased online somewhere?

That's a big compliment! Currently remaking my website and store.
I do fulfill custom print requests though so let me know what you'd like and I'll see what I can do :)

Very interesting competition) It's time to uncover my tablet and try to paint in digital.

Very excellent.
Show me if you've got what it takes :)

Oh wow this sounds so fun! I wonder if you would be able to actually print them into real deck of cards!

I'll see what I can do ^^

I've been following the contest you made my friend. Please visit and see if it meets the requirements that you apply. thank you



yeah those are cool. Only they'd have to be on a playing card (like an Ace) and you should make fresh drawings for the contest :)

Oo... Thanks to informations :)
Im try again rigth now

Can it be analog then digitized?

Great! This might be just what I need to rev up my creativity again. This acually kept me awake last night doing some online research and such. Whew.


No rest for the wicked.
Good luck!

An interesting story. Good post

Thanks dude

Nice information....

Sneaky Ninja Attack! You have been defended with a 6.29% vote... I was summoned by @zeroooc! I have done their bidding and now I will vanish...Whoosh