The Art of Selfie #1- Turning steemian selfies into modern Art

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Twice a week we select four selfies from the topics 'selfiechallenge' and 'selfie' as model to turn them into real modern art.

Zweimal in der Woche selektieren wir Selfies aus den Rubriken #selfiechallenge und #selfie als Vorlage um sie in wahrhaft moderne Kunst zu verwandeln.

The Chosen Ones:

Here they are. The first steemians selected to be turned into modern artwork. The links to the original posts are right below.

Hier sind sie. Die ersten Steemian, die in moderne Kunst verwandelt werden. Ihr findet die Links zu den orignal Posts direkt darunter.


@xyzashu : This selfie comes in company of a great post about social media.


@dmcamera: Mentioned in @pappa-peppers Post.


@tojukaka: With his daily theme 'VEHICLE'.


@papa-pepper: Last but not least the host of the daily selfie challenge.

The Art of Selfie:


Who stands behind UniqueCosmos?

Click here for a detailed description about who we are and the artwork we do.

Wer steht hinter UniqueCosmos?

Klicke hier für eine detaillierte beschreibung darüber wer wir sind und was wir für Kunstwerke schaffen.

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Interesting look to those images.

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This is amazing, man! I never expected that it can be turned into such an awesome artwork. Loved your efforts. All of them are truly marvelous!
Thanks a lot for choosing my photo for this!

I'd request you to add the original photo too to gauge the before & after effects better.


Hey @xyzashu
We are glad that you like the artoworks!

Our latest post with an artwork collage might be interesting for you (we are looking for photographers).

The effect of before and after is surely strong and we thought about doing that. But we also want our viewers to have a look on the original posts since there's also work from you included here. They would not be curious about what the original might look like and view into your post if we'd show them right here.


Your work is really great, its one of the best that Ive seen here!!! Greetings and all the best!!!


Thanks pretty much, we send best greetings back to you @leveuf

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