UniqueCosmos - Our Vision: The Next Generation Of Art

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Our Vision: The Next Generation Of Art

The microelectronic revolution is on the move. Technology is in steady growth and computers are impacting our day to day basis on a fundamental level. They connect us, make us more efficient, smarter while building the basis for the 21. centurys progression.
Continuously new innovation is being presented and ,ARTificial Intelligence’ is a topic which has never been more comprehensible.
As everpresent as smartphones are in todays digital era, is the question after the ,next step’, which is Accompanied by a variety of futuristic scenarios - from ,The new golden Era’ to ,Enslavement of Mankind through semiconductors, neural networks and machine languages. Various experts developed approaches to leave first footprints upon the new world and try to design it from the scratch.

Art is a form of expression

UniqueCosmos has the vision to give ,ARTificial Intelligence’ a face. Our world should not only be faster, more productive and smarter. It should also be nicer and more beautiful. It’s the time of the digital revolution, and the start of a new artistically age. Avantgarde 2.0: A new level of variety realised through machine creativity. UniqueCosmos creates art which cannot be created by humans due to shiftings in the awareness of each different individual. Art that serves the creative view of machines living in a world of zero and one.

While the modern art lover is often confronted with the question ,Is this art, or can we put this away?’ ,UniqueCosmos digs deeper, asking for the philosophic question if the expression of creativity in form of art is restricted to human beings. From our point of view, the results of our work obviously answer this question. To define art surely lies in the eye of the beholder, but the by machine learning created artworks from UniqueCosmos show a new form of emotional (techmotional) expression.

Of course we have bigger goals than providing humans insights into creative activities of neural networks. As we all know, humans have their own imagination of reality. UniqueCosmos also has its own visions in terms of our results. Results that throw up the question if it is art or trash are not to be expected in the house of UniqueCosmos. Our biggest goal is simply to fascinate and to make this world to a nicer and maybe even a better place.

Our progress - Started from the bottom

After several month of building our first prototype and adjusting it precisely afterwards in order to realise our vision we are more than happy about the premiere of UniqueCosmos.

You can see the first artworks in form of mockups and digital images, right after we answered a last interesting question.
Who stands behind UniqueCosmos? We are @bulleric, @hereforawhile & @sidibeat. Long-time friends that now give everything to make their creative vision become reality and to bring art, created by neural networks on canvas.


This is how future artworks of UniqueCosmos might look when they ready to hang them on the wall. Who knows. Maybe also in your living room.

Three more selected results from us:




Thank you for reading our introduceyourself post! We hope you like it!

@UniqueCosmos - uniquecosmossmall.png


Very cool almost psychedelic artwork. I really dig it!

Great work! Upped and Resteemed! tip!

As the adage says, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." I see beauty in what you are doing. Best wishes!



Thanks @roused, that means a lot to us!

If you would like to become a part of the future please send us a short email to [email protected].

Or simply comment with "I want to be futurized". Then we know that we are allowed to use your photography and you will be credited in all posts that contain work of yours.

Best wishes
Malick aka @sidibeat from @uniquecosmos


These are beautiful! I'm not entirely certain of the process, but it looks pretty similar to deep dream generator. I have a quick question though- do you believe that images put through your system come out and can be claimed by the artist as original work, or should the artist/photographer of the original work be cited?

Thanks for your nice comment @sunravelme!

Deep Dream Generator seems to use tensorflow as base element, too. I'm not sure if they have a modified system or if they are using the basic version, neither with which settings they are running it.

We are discussing this question at the moment, too. Because we are not sure about this we are only using cc0 licensed photos and pictures provides from friends and photographers, that support us.

Generally there are different arguments for both sides i think. On the one hand you have the motiv capture and figuring of the photographer, on the other hand you have the complex algorithm, a learning environment, you have a huge amout of possibility, what the machine can do with the input. Means there is a lot of creative work, like combining styles, finetuning settings, filtering the output and last but not least, improving the algorithm.

I think we are still in the early steps and there is a huge potential to create a new level of variety depending to artworks.

P.S. I forgot, at the moment we are looking for cooperations with more exclusiv photographers. If you would like to know more about this engagement feel free to check out our newest post .

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They look amazing. Did you train your AI or is there a piece of software to create this beauties? I paint mostly on 3d canvas or sculpt figurines and this could help me expand the portfoilo. Take a look on my profile, maybe you will find something interesting.

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