Crack the paint

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C R A C K  T H E  P A I N T

If I paint every inch of myself black,

I'll be absolute.

Hence, no more darkness will possess me.

Then, no night will be darker than me

I'll start seeing light even in black holes.

Maybe then, that light will fill my insides and crack the paint.

Maybe then I'll be whole. Full. Fueled.

I'll burn with the brightest colors until only ashes are left.

But even those will be so white, so pure that they'll fly and fill like light the darkest holes.

and crack.

and be whole.

and fueled.

and burn.

Because is that beautiful cycle of the universe that teaches us that to be is to transform.


-Assortment of The Erotic Collection preview gifs by @sexdeathrebirth

-Portrait Photography by @gabyoraa

-"Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas " by Terry Gilliam - movie review by @godflesh

-Lessons from the Screenplay - a must for writers. by @honeydue


Wow, @purplevision/darkvision, amazing poem... and the drawing is mind blowing! :D It reminds me very much of one song that I make before 2 or 3 years ago, if it was image it will be like your drawing a wonderful way you recreate the hopeless emptiness. :D Here is the lyrics in English it is not so good in translation, but however...: :D


I saw my dream through the gap
the stars quietly fell
like cut heads
which in the lunar womb
found theirs shelter

In an cold embrace
secretly they search
theirs own way up
the sky was black
the living memory- long ago was mute

Hidden in my sleep
they are doomed
to rot in infertile lands

And here is the song it is really weird: :D

PS: And try your luck in some of the poetry contests here, you can win them :)

hahaha darkvision? Someone please bring out the thick black eyeliner ! 😂
Loveeee the lyrics and the song!! But I must admit that the one I like the most was Hopмaлнocт it reminds me of my black metal days 🤘

It's called "Normality" and it is about hypocrisy and comformity in society.... :D It is really strange that you associate it with your black metal period...... it is not so black and not so metal :D, And I'll share you the whole first album because you heard the song without torture from my side and because you want some personal things :D

PS: I have make the 30 songs challenge... but I delete it somehow and now I'm to lazy to do it again so you will never see it :D

PS2: And if you have more drawing s and poems like this please give it them :D

PS3: Interesting, you share a link about "Lessons from the Screenplay" have you some deep interest in that because I study this kind of things in my period as a student. And now my main goal is to write screenplay for a movie :D I have write some but they are still crap :D

Already subscribed! :) I'll make sure to listen to it ❤
Booooo you should do the 30 songs, some levity would do well on your site, plus I totally want the band recomendations!
Oh really? What did you study? I love all things related to films, my dream is to make and write films for living.

Okey I will try to do it again ;(

I was learning Dramaturgy and then a little Philosophical anthropology as a master's degree :D
Well.... I have the same dream like you :D but it is really hard because there is a serious conflict in this - if you want to make this for living you will have to take into account with the mass taste and you have to make a lot of compromise with what you really want to say :D And this is the reason I still write my weird nonsense without respecting others and because of that the only function of these screenplays is to accumulate dust :D

Stunning prose + collage to match. Happy to have found your poetry, it's wonderful. ☺️

You've been upvoted & resteemed by the #LadiesofSteemit curation initiative. Keep up the great work! 🎈

Glad to be found by you ladies since I'm a fan of this amazing iniciative! The ultimate senpai has noticed me ♥

honey said I should follow you and who am I to argue ? :)

One should not disrespect queen Honey. Welcome, welcome ❤

Thank you so much! ♥

You're Welcome!

I have just followed you and would appreciate a follow back... Perhaps we could support each other and work together. In this way I would naturally be exposed to your awesome work!

Respect for your pen :)

I like how this poem is short but it conveys a very deep message. I like this line in particular:

I'll burn with the brightest colors until only ashes are left.

Thank you so much for this beautifully written poem @purplevision! I look forward to more poems from you. :)

Thank youuu for taking the time to read it 💜

Wow, you are very very talented, I hope you know that. Did you do the drawing as well? (I'm assuming so, but I had to ask) It's amazing.
And the know, I'm quite picky when it comes to poetry, especially modern stuff, but this in just brilliant. I love the sense of darkness and the rhythm.
Lovely. Steemit needs more people like you, I believe.


Awww ❤
You know after being on Steemit for a while now (like 20 days 😂), after recieving all the versions of the "great stuff here's my link" comment. I'm so thankful that you're here!
(which is SO dramatic 😂😂) but honestly, to find someone that actually reads what's presented to them, wow I'm lucky!

Oh and yes! I did the drawing :) I sometimes like to paint but I'm not very good at it tbh.
And I totally get what you're saying about modern poetry, is either too obvious or too experimental (as in forcing the opposite of obvious)

Thank you, that's really sweet <3 you just have to bear through them. I wish I could say they get better with time, buuut....I got two 'you're great' comments on my latest post LOL.

You write poetry as well?!? Sheeeeeesh... look out Steemit, Barbara's here!
And it's no Roses-are-Red-Violets-are-Blue kinda stuff either.
I think I've fallen in love with your last phrase:

Because is that beautiful cycle of the universe that teaches us that to be is to transform.

Beautifully said 💓

Awww thanks for stopping by. Actually I write all the time in spanish but whenever I try in english I get very anxious, so I'm glad you like it! ❤❤

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Found you through @ladiesofsteemit and so glad that I did. Thought-provoking and beautiful!

Thanks coach ♥ that’s very kind of you

This is really beautiful, I love how you used the image with your words...and the html formatting to your advantage. So awesome. I run a multimedia art contest over on my blog that I think you should definitely submit to! <3 See you around. @lilyraabe

Omg yess I learnt that like 2 days ago from here and was totally amazed! Although you probably already know this stuff 😂 😂
Thank youu so so much for taking the time to read this, and for inviting me to your art contest I'll definitely check it out! (as in: I'm already doing it)

AWESOME. Love what you’re doing, can’t wait to see more!

great stuff!

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Omg! Thank you soooo much ♥ I was feeling a bit anxious about what to write, and this was a great motivation!

"that beautiful cycle of the universe that teaches us that to be is to transform."

Gorgeous, absolutely lovely. Bravo.