The Fluffiest Pancakes Ever

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There’s 2 types of people in the world: Normal, sane individuals that like SUPER FLUFFY pancakes, and the ones that like that thin stuff or crêpes or whatever. Just kidding, crêpes are also delicious, but not as delicious as a sweet cloud in your m o u t h. And since I am a normal, sane individual (well…yeah let’s not get into that) I’ve been trying to find -or accidentally make- a recipe that can give me the closest thing to a cake-in-a-pan, and mom you can be proud I’ve finally made it! 

I love this one is because there’s really no way to fail making this. Once you have all the ingredients you just have to put it all in a blender and ya done…with the mix of course, then you have to cook it. Please, don’t eat raw pancake batter.  

For this recipe you will need:

-1 cup of flour 
-2 tsp of baking POWDER 
-2 Tbsp of sugar 
-1/8 tsp of salt 
-3/4 of a cup of milk (or water but milk preferably) 
-1 egg 
-2 Tbsps of butter (or canola/ sunflower oil) 
-1 Tbsp of vanilla extract 
-1 tsp of ground cinnamon (opt)

This is the basics, you can add chocolate chips, fruits or whatever you like. I think that the cinnamon and vanilla is enough to make sweet and cake-like, but you do you honey

Now all you need is to get cooking! 

Use a nonstick pan if you have it and warm it up, once it’s warm put it in medium to low heat and pour about 2 or 3 tablespoons of your batter. Then cover the pan with a lid, this will help get the fluffiness going. Remember that the perfect time to flip it is when it looks like a moon (Beware trypophobics) 

And you’re done! I personally like to eat my pancakes with syrup or marmalade (pineapple and guava are my favorites), and a sunny side up egg on top. This sweet and salty combination is one of the beeeest for me ♥  

I hope you guys liked this recipe, I LOVE cooking and today I just felt like sharing this :) If you ever try it make sure to tell me how it turned out!

Read ya later. 


Btw this are all my pictures and gifs

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That looks delicious....which reminds me I should make pancakes, but I already have cake made from the other day :))) Yeah, I'm spending too much inside. Particularly the kitchen!

Oh god the evil patriarchy must be so happy! I've also been spending time in the kitchen trying to find the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe (yeah I obssess over this kind of stuff) anywaysssssss I've been following some people from here on insta and I was wondering if you had an account there(?) 😊

Actually, I don't :o Everyone's been telling me I should get one, buuut....I don't know :/ I'm afraid I just don't get it...
Well, I can live with the patriarchy as long as I get chocolate mwahahah

Don't worry I don't get it either, the reason why I opened one was because I thought it was going to help me focus and create. It sort of did...or not. I don't know, but I still have it 😂

Upvoted ☝ Have a great day!

Thank youuu, you too!

Why you do disssss to ma stomaaaach? 😭😭 This look absolutely, salivatingly delicious 😍

Testrayo ven para cocinarrrrrrteeeee ♥

Oh my God ... drooling ... Upvoted, saved - will try !!! :D

Yaaay! Glad to see you here mommy...ahh no, ew. And if I say meanmommy is just going to get worse...So, yeah thank you so much for stopping by. All jokes aside, I really hope you try out the's delicious! ♥

Better meanmommy than just mommy, for sure ahahahaha !!! And yes I WILL !!!!

Si sigues publicando estas cosas te voy a contratar para que me cocines.
Larga vida al patriarcado!

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I just love doing a fun kind of food blogging and love the way you've done your pancake post! Found you via my young friend @honeydue, very special lady :) BTW a little secret I learnt from my gran, if you use water in your pancake batter, they remain fluffy especially if you re-heat them...that's if there's any leftovers ;)

Awww thanks for stopping by ♥ ♥ honeydue sure has an amazing taste in friends, your recipes look DELICIOUS!
And thanks for that tip, if my sister ever gives me the opportunity of having leftovers I'll try it out xD

Thank you, @honeydue is such a talented young writer, your posts are great as well, enjoy steemit :)