ART EXPLOSION WEEK 21: Theme DESIRE/ 25 STEEM in prizes / all forms of art welcome!

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Here we are again folks, ART EXPLOSION, THIS IS WEEK 21! The theme this week is DESIRE! This is fairly open ended so interpret this as you please. All forms of art are acceptable, painting, illustration, photography, music, poetry, a story a comic or any other medium you choose, be creative and surprise me!
Once again we have a special sponsor and guest judge: @vachemorte who will be helping me judge! All prizes in the foreseeable future will be in steem due to the fluctuating rates :) The total prize pool this week is 25 steem!

The Rules

  • Upvote and Resteem this post
  • Make some art (max two entries per person and please new art inspired by this contest or at least not already posted on Steemit)
  • Make a post of your own for your entry (add artexplosion in the tags)
  • In your post describe your medium/process a bit
  • Link it here in the comments obviously so I can find it.
  • All entries must be submitted before Sunday December 24th at 3PM EST.

We'll be choosing the winners based on whatever tickles and touches us the most!

This is not a requirement but it would be a nice gesture to view the other entries and upvote them if you like so we can support each other and pass this on to any artists or friends you think may be interested :)

I can't wait to see what you create!

  • Since the contest ends on the 24th I will be delaying the winner post for a few days and the contest will resume as normal the following Monday Dec. 31st so we can all enjoy our holidays a bit :)

See the winners of the previous week HERE.

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My entry with respect to two contest I hope find worthy to share be well @juliakponsford thanks


Thank you I'll go take a look!


Eternal Desire is a handcut collage i ve made a while ago as sample for a series of artworks to accompany a fantasy novel written by my friend @Harrycane. Unfortunately because of my lack of free time we abandoned the plan, but i wanted a chance to present this artwork which i really liked. My main ispritation was Gustave Dore's engravings, taken from two different series "Inferno" and "Ariostos Orlando Furioso".I combined the black and white silhouettes with bold colours to give them a new narrative and a contemporary look.

I want to thank @juliakponsford for creating these amazing art competitions and good luck to every participant


Nice to see you back George! Thanks for the entry!


So nice to be back:) You are very welcome:)


I dig this. I've seen re-issues of classic books that have covers like this. Great work.


thank you very much, i like a lot mixing black and white motifs with colours. Always struggling to find the perfect balance:)

Hey there Julia :-)

I got two entries this time...check out my article ;-)



Awesome thanks Dennis!

This is my entry. I hope you will find delight my fellow steemians in reading my blog.



The pleasure is mine =)

a very nice spirited rally for us @juliakponsford

Excellent opportunity, I will encourage me to participate

Your challenge was added to Steemit Contest Compilation for current week.
Thank you @juliakponsford for giving Steemians (especially minnows) a chance to get free STEEM.


Thank you that a great idea!

Saya sangat menyukai posting anda

I am very happy to share.

Ooh. I'm gonna have to go through some of my work!

I did both a painting and a poem, with an audio embed so you can hear the poem. Thank you !


Thanks flo , off to check it out!

Nice @juliakponsford! I will definitely try and take part in it! Its a good theme to work on :)

Hello. Here my entry:


If you like it, please, vote and resteem.


Thanks Julien!

good post

This is my second entry to this wonderful contest, I hope you like it (;
Greetings and many hugs from Venezuela <3


Unicorn girl? Thanks!


Yeah hahaha <3

This would be interesting to try! :D

@juliakponsford This is my entry . I hope you like it.


Thanks strypes, hope you had a good rest?


Not yet. Maybe soon..
: )

Hey here is my submission. I wrote a short poem called Desire. Good Luck to all and happy holidays.


Awesome I'll go read it now :)

Thanks for another great contest theme @juliakponsford !
Here's my entry :
Happy Holidays!


Thanks for the entry!


Sweet awesome fun you are bringing to the table @juliaksponsford. I love how you engage this community. This is a marvelous idea--I love how open ended it is--leaves lots of room for creativity!


I try to keep writers, poets mind when making the themes as well , i don't get as many its mostly visual arts but I'm happy when I do!


It really is a special treat when other creators outside the visual arts add their little touches. There is so much to appreciate. We indeed are blessed!


Thank you creativesoul!