⭐️ i-TALENT | ROUND 10 - HAS BEGUN | All Talents Accepted | Submit until 11'th of September| Powered by: @gtg and @curie

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iTalent Judges:
@ivan.atman | @antminer | @megy.fine.arts | @bil.prag





1. Make a iTalent post with the "i-Talent Title"

2. Use #italent tag as the first tag

3. Place your iTalent post link in the comments below

4. Support with upvote and resteem

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1 (Icon).png FIRST PLACE - 22 SBD
2 (Icon).png SECOND PLACE - 12 SBD
3 (Icon).png THIRD PLACE - 8 SBD
4 (Icon).png FOURTH PLACE -    5 SBD
5 (Icon).png FIFTH PLACE -    3 SBD

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⚪️ Composer/Producer/Multi Instrumentalist ⚪️

I produce, play, sing and write my own songs and sometimes do it for other artist. My style varies and can be found across the wide range of genres. I am always ready to bring something new and interesting to the table, and love to improvise and experiment. You can hear below a song from one of my recent projects.


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⚪️ Artist/Illustrator/Designer ⚪️

Megy creates a phenomenal abstract fine art pieces, he uses geometry and turns it into a really vivid and original art pieces. From one theme to another his drawings always manage to spark interest. He is very active on steemit and creates time-lapses of his workflow where you can see him creating his artwork from scratch, he even does it live and streams on DLive frequently. You can check one of his time-lapses below.


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⚪️ Visual Artist/Photographer ⚪️

@bil.prag is a visual artists that concentrates mostly on photography but works with video as well. He creates diverse range of photos, beautiful portrait and landscape photography, has a great eye for the light and a nice tendency to experiment with different approaches, one of my favorites you can see below in the video where he and his team create an amazing session with models painted with UV colors, and are photographed in pitch black.


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⚪️ Musician/Producer ⚪️

@antminer is a producer and a musician that mainly creates electronic music such as house, dance, and trip-hop but he doesn't wraps himself in a box and he often creates music that come from various genres, he is also a creator of a ChordChallenge here on Steemit where other producers can win rewards by making new tracks with a given MIDI file that has a chord progression in it, you can hear one of his tracks below.




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This contest is ezgif.com-resize.gif powered by a Steem witnesses @gtg and @curie

This means that they contribute and make the rewards possible, if you want to support them by giving them your witness vote, you can follow the link below, when you open the link you will simply find them as a number 1 (GTG) and number 11 (CURIE) on the witness list, and then you can vote for them by clicking an upvote icon next to their name.

VOTE HERE: https://steemit.com/~witnesses
(You can see the number of each witness below)

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@gtg is currently found on the list as a number - 1 -

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If anybody else wants to add support to this contest in any way and by that improve its presence on Steemit, you can contact me on steemit chat as ivan.atman and on discord as Ivan Atman#2066

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I gave myself an upvote and I hope you don't mind. Please watch the video and have fun!

Invite For Former Entrants

Artitst's - Painters.pngDancers.pngMusicians - Singers.pngVideo - Film.png

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Ook dear ivan.atman ;)


Sure.. I'm doing it dear ivan :)


Thank you @ivan.atman .. I'm going to share my entry ;)

italent made it to double digits! Congratulations! Here’s my entry for round 10:



YO!!! There's no way that I am missing out on the best talent show on steemit!!! This is Sunny - Bobby Hebb
Cheers and good luck to everyone I can't wait to see all the arts!!


This be freaking amazing cover dude @edprivat


Thanks buddy you're too kind :) peace out !


Vraiment bon ce que tu fais! Il y a des mecs qui méritent d'être connu et t'en fait parti! Le son est top tu avais juste un micro posé devant toi?


Merci !!! Non c'est pre enregistre en prise separe, et ensuite je fais semblant de jouer live ( 3 fois pour les 3 differents angles de camera). Je tiens a ajouter que j'etais completement contre ce genre de pratique il y a quelques mois car je prefere le LIVE, mais apres avoir vu ce qui est populaire sur Youtube j'ai decide de me preter au jeu comme tout le monde :) et ca passe trankilou !

my first participation in this valuable initiative


My dear ivan.atman! Receive a cordial greeting from Venezuela. Next I leave you my participation for Round number 10. I did it together with @manuelmusic and we hope you like it. Greetings in the middle of the distance. By the way, I gave resteem to your post but when I tried to vote it I could not.



Great vocals @yetxuni no problem for the upvote it doesn't work cause the post is over 7 days


I get it! Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate! It's a pleasure to introduce you to my entry! I look forward to the results! Greetings from Venezuela.

Hello friends, this is my participation in the contest. A hug from Venezuela.


Hello to all the great artists present, here I leave my participation @ivan.atman. I hope you like it, good luck to everyone! Participation


hello :) here is my entry ,video tutorial of my drawing ,lips and steem candy


Hi there! This is my entry to i-Talent round 10 contest:

First graphics is participating in contest. Peace and many thanks to @gtg, @curie and @ivan.atman.

Greetings, here my entry for contest I-talent#10

  • work done:


Today I come very motivated by the initiative of the witnesses @gtg and @curie. I hope you like my participation in this contest.


Hi, guys. This is my entry for the contest. I hope to cover what was expected. Blessings


My favorite song !!! And I love the imagery you found!!


Always amazing to see you around here :) @jonmagnusson amazing music!


Thank you so much Ed!

Oh my good... I always arrive late here