Doodle Contest Week #3 | Foods & Drinks | SBD4 For The Winner!

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Hiya all! Now is the time to announce the theme for the Weekly Doodle Contest Week #3! If you missed the previous week (week #2) winner announcement post, you can read it here: Winner Announcement | Weekly Doodle Contest Week #2 WINNER.

So what is the theme for week #3 contest? Are you ready? Well, let's get to it!

The Theme

It took me a while to figure out the theme for this week contest. It is supposed to be a very simple thing to do but being a perfectionist is never easy! I wanted to find a theme that is fun but easy for the newbie doodlers. I know that "fun and easy" is a very subjective thing but I wanted a theme that is tangible enough and not too abstract until it's difficult to convey it as doodles. I finally decided on this theme: FOODS & DRINKS! So what do you think? It is easy right?

Here are some ideas from my sketchbook...

The sweet stuff!


The vegetables!


Ice-cream and drinks!


Like in the previous weeks, I leave it to you how you want to interpret this theme. It is quite straightforward and requires little imagination but you do need creativity! Doodle to the theme as you see fit. You can use whatever medium of your choice - pencils, pens, markers, colored pencils and so on.

If you are new to doodling, you can try this tutorial to get you started: Doodle Tutorial For Complete Beginners.

Rules for participation

Please follow the rules closely.

  1. Upvote and resteem this post to help spread the news
  2. One entry per person
  3. Original art only. Do not plagiarize. I do check each and every entry for duplication.
  4. Make a post for your entry and please include some description (your inspiration, technique, medium etc) and the process photos (very important)
  5. Use #steemitdoodlecontest as one of your tags
  6. Leave a link to your entry post in the comments below so I won't miss your entry.
  7. All entries must be submitted before Monday, 9 April at 10 PM GMT+8 (before this post pays out).

The prize

I will pick the winner based on the most yummies looking doodle and the most creative arrangement. SBD4 will be awarded to ONE WINNER. However, I will pick a couple (or more) of honorable mentions if I receive a lot of entries.

Before I end this post, let me stress this: this contest is not just for artists. Anyone can participate. No one should feel that they can't join this contest because they feel they are not artsy enough or no drawing skill. The winner is not pick based solely on his/her drawing capability/talent/skill.

So that's it for now. Please remember to submit your entry before the deadline!

Thank you for checking out my post!

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Thank you!


My avatar was illustrated by @pinstory


Upvoted and resteemed this post...Followed you also..:)
My entry to the contest...

Soda Doodle

Link to post:

Thank you!

Very creative!

At first I actually thought to copy your art and print it and colour it. haha.

But I think it isn't... so we got to draw from scratch and interpret our own presentation based on your theme, correct?

upvoted and resteemed

Yes you are absolutely right. Doodle/draw from scratch based on this week's theme. Btw, I have a free coloring page if you want to color. I shared it in a post a while back. Here's the download link:

Thanks @littlenewthings!

this is my contribution to this contest I hope you like it

wellcome to my steemit lover fnd

Hi @tips.bazaar. Do you even read my post? I noticed you are new to Steemit. Please take the time to read anyone's post and leave a relevant comment. Leaving a spammy comment like yours will invite the red flags.

Thank you so much for this fun challenge. This is the first time I am entering.

Here is my entry:

Hi @deemarshall. Thank you for participating!

Hello friend this is my entry to the contest sponsored by @ coloringiship I hope you like it.

hi there! i was wondering if digital art doodling is counted? haha

i thought of practicing some digital art :)

Yes you can use digital doodling. I had received several digital art entries in the past. Looking forward to your participation!

ah okay cool... will try to submit something then :)

:) thanks for acknowledging the post.

I will try.

Sure. I am looking forward to your entry.

whether there should be an eye on every food and drink ???

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@coloringship One question. Must I drawing Food and Drinks or I can do a selection? I mean, drawing only food, for example.

Yes you can do a selection @thaishps.

Hi @coloringiship :) I have been silently watching the entries for your contest. This is my first time trying to enter with a doodle. I don't doodle much, in fact it is the second time I draw on Steemit, but this topic of the week sounds doable for me, hehehehe.

Here's my entry:


Thanks Olivia for hosting this weekly! I had fun with my family doing this :)

Of course, a BigHug burger LOL!!!! Thank you for participating @happycrazycon :D

Ooo.. lalaa. Look tempting alrd. lol. :)

Come and participate again @esdee :)

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This is my drawing for this week doodle contest. I hope you like it.


I leave the link to my post HERE

Great. Thanks!

Sorry for my late submission. Ths is my first time to join :) Hope you'll like my doodle @coloringiship :)



Hello, this is my entry for this week doodle contest. I hope you like it.

Hello this is my doodle, it's a great food cloud especially juices and fruits for all tastes, adds a fruit not known as guama, because it was my mother's favorite fruit when I was a child.....
I hope you enjoy this big cloud


Hi @coloringiship!

I know I am late, this was supposed to be my entry for this week:

Just want to share it here, would love to get your feedback!

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