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Here is my entry for Crypto Art Challenge [Round 5: EOS Edition]. You can read the contest announcement post here. This is the first time I participate in this challenge and I have not been active in participating in any Steemit contests for awhile now. The main requirement for this challenge is to create an artwork (digital or traditional) inspired by a famous artist or any art style and interpret and incorporate EOS logo into it.

Pick a famous artist (Picasso, Van Gogh, David Hockney, Michelangelo) whoever you want - or style (cubism, pointilism, bauhaus, deconstructivism, impressionism, etc.) and interpret the EOS logo into that style. Other components of the image (background, details, other elements) are completely up to your imagination.

The artist

I chose Banksy's art style to accomplish this task. For those who have not heard of Banksy, he is an anonymous England-based graffiti artist. No one really know who Banksy is or what is his real name, I mean, as far as I know his identity is not made known anywhere on the internet. The theme of his graffiti is largely political or related to social issues. His works can be found on streets, walls or bridges around the world.

If you have been following me here on Steemit I am a huge fan of stencil art and most of my artwork are done in this style. I can say that Banksy is one of my favorite artists and have an influence in my personal style.

The painting

The participants are required to include EOS logo into our artworks. In this painting I decided to stick to black and white palette. When I look at the EOS logo it reminds me of a diamond. How do I interpret and incorporate it in my painting? Diamond is largely associated with women. I saw one participant submitted an entry of a lady (Marilyn Monroe?) wearing EOS logo as her earrings. I thought that is a superb idea. So, my subject matter has to be a woman but instead of wearing a diamond, she will eat it instead! So the logo is not an accessory but something edible like a cake!

Of course, this painting is in watercolor because that is my most favorite medium.

Here are the progress photos:







Thank you for checking out my post!

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Thank you!


My avatar was illustrated by @pinstory

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Nothing is impossible, the word itself says "I'm possible!"

Wow, that's amazing! Good luck in the contest! And I love your choice of artist;)


thank you.png

It is an awesome illustration and it is also full of lucrative is also sort of temptation expression to have such an experience to hold a diamond experience for the first time in a life time.



I love the way this was presented!


Thanks @joelai. I love it too, not self praising but though it's not the best entry I have to say it's the most creative LOL


Indeed it is very creative @coloringiship