A Tribute Post | Happy Birthday @voltranrex!

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Happy Birthday @voltranrex!

Hi all, how is your day so far? Today is a special day for me and my family because it is my husband's @voltranrex's birthday! Yay! Happy birthday to you dear @voltranrex! I hope my readers will spare some time to wish him a blessed birthday by commenting on one of his most recent posts here: Luangkan Bermain Bersama Anak Anda. He writes in Malay or Bahasa Malaysia but in that post, he talks about spending some time playing with our kids last Saturday, while I was away attending the Founding Women Get Together Event.

@voltranrex is not very active here on Steemit mainly because he is busy with his day job. So what does he do for a living? Well, if you read his brief bio on top of his profile, he wrote this:

System Integrator in Broadcasting Field. Audio/Video System/ACAD/Digitalization System enthusiast.

Yeah, I am sure you are wondering what is that exactly? What does it mean to be a System Integrator? According to Wikipedia, a systems integrator is a person that specializes in bringing together component subsystems into a whole and ensuring that those subsystems function together. In @voltranrex's case, he works in the broadcasting field and his job is to match clients needs with existing broadcast (audio/video) products. He does much more than that but I don't quite know how to explain his job scope but basically, that's about it LOL. He also works on smaller scale projects to set up radio stations such as teafm and Uni Malaya Radio.

So as you can see his Steemit posts mainly talked about his technical knowledge. Initially, he was reluctant to join Steemit because he thought his posts will be too technical and no one wants to read them. Says who? Steemit is for everyone! Write and express what makes your heart sings! I am sure someone somewhere will find them useful :)

Here is a fact about him that not everyone knows about - @voltranrex can sing and play guitar very well. He sings in our church's worship team. Here's a couple of pictures of him singing on stage.



And of course, he is a devoted and loving family man! There is no need for me to write about that because I wrote quite a bit about our family in some of my previous posts.

Here is a portrait of him and our son that I painted a couple of years ago. I proudly hang it on my living room wall, along with the above watercolor painting.


And here's us...


Thank you for checking out my post!

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Thank you!


My avatar was illustrated by @pinstory

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Happy Birthday to your husband!!!! So nice family you are! ^_^


Thank you dear @silviabeneforti :)

Happy Birthday @voltranrex~!!

Such a lovely post, happy birthday to your husband, @voltranrex!


Thank you @happycrazycon :)

Happy Birthday to your husband and blessed family that you have. I shall go over his post and check it out. ;) You are so loving to write this tribute post for your hubby.


Aww thank you @iamjadeline. It's the least I can do. This man deserves to have so many good things in life.

Happy Birthday @voltranrex! may God bless you with everything good!

I love your drawing, this is great I also draw you I invite you to my block


Thank you so much @darita84. Will check out your art.