Art-Venture Magazine No.144

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Hello my dear Steemians and Art Fans,









This is a project to support young artists of traditional Art on Steem.


Welcome to our Sunday issue, hope you are having a nice day and have a minute to take a look at the selection of work that we prepared.

It is always a pleasure to discover new interesting drawings or paintings, from this collection there is something that reminded me Leonardo da Vinci’s works when he was studying the human body and did drawings of human anatomy of different parts of body with the descriptions. The sketches by @roveana a study of hands and feet anatomy.

A new name who we did not have in our magazine is @drhoofman who just joined Steemit and presented few of his sketches, welcome to Steemit community and hope to see more of your works.

@kittykate presented the watercolor portrait of her daughter, beautifully done and very recognizable, nice watercolor technique.

As always we have so many other beautiful works, as Art is something to view and to make own impression, we just invite you to visit the works and show them your support :)




Today's selected Artists

Mein Skizzenbuch - by @drhoofman



White Lotus - Acrylic Painting - by



Hands and feet (Muscle practice) - by @roveana



Encanto de iluminación/Lighting charm (in graphite pencil). - by @billytercero



Today's Painting #74 - Wedding Gift 2 - by @hananan



Dibujo De Bruno Mars A Bolígrafo Negro - by @artesviloriam



Portrait - #16 Marilyn Monroe - by @arcg



toten del animed naruto - by @loistargarien



Saturday Morning Drawing - by @pegarissimo



Portrait of Maya - watercolor - by @kittykate







What meant by traditional Art:

  • Pencil drawing, watercolor, acrylic-oil painting , pastel
  • Always with a step-by-step process
  • Art works should be submitted under tag: “art-venture”
  • Sorry No digital-art !
  • Every second day curation of 10 posts with 100%
  • A day after curation for re-charging the power


our Supporters



Your contribution would greatly appreciated,Sincerely,
@stef1 and @myskye

Posted from my blog with SteemPress :


gracias una ves mas @art-venture por tomar mi trabajo en cuenta y por el apoyo estoy muy agradecido

extraordinary art. Steem is perfect for rewarding this outstanding artists. We all should upvote their content more... thanks for shareing

Amazing pieces of works here especially that of @billytercero and @pegarissimo.

Congratulations to those who made the and thank you @art-zone for being supportive to the art community.

Thank you for featuring my work!

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