Saturday Morning Drawing

in #art5 years ago

A big difference between weekdays and the weekend is time. So this morning I could actually take more time to draw while watching cartoons and the kids (or should I say the cartoon with the kids...). I only had a pencil and a smudgy within reach so it gave me an idea, besides I have to practice . So here are some if the steps I did :

The basic sketch
Slowly adding some details and shadows to be smudge
A little more...
...a little more...

Une petite touche de romance. Hope you guys enjoyed, thanks for the view


Wonderful drawing! I love the shading and how well you convey the emotions between them. It is always neat to see the progression of the art work as well! :)

😀 Thanks, I do try to show the steps/evolution of all my posts

This piece is breath taking. I think it has to do with the connection of heart and feelings so I would call it "Passion Of Mind"

You do master the art of the pen with drawings and words

Umm I would say am still learning that pattern. Not quite long I started it though.

I am also practicing the use of poetry to interpret my art.

Thanks, I guess it turned out better than expected

If you want you can check out some of my work on youtube... it might give you some ideas :)

😀 Thank you, I appreciate

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First time i ever got featured on a digital 'magazine', 😎 cool!

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Well that is super nice, thank you @nmalove

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