Portrait - #16 Marilyn Monroe

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  Hello @arcg here, today I bring you my drawing of one of the biggest stars of Hollywood. 

She was an actress and model of the 20th century and considered one of the greatest icons of pop culture.

 Drawn in pencil 2B, trying to capture the smoothness of his face and avoiding using darker tones and so achieve that smooth and pure effect in the drawing.

 Step by step: 

First I proceeded to draw guide lines, and then I focused on drawing the eyes, trying to preserve the smoothness of the drawing.

 Another important part of the drawing was the mouth; I made an effort to make the mouth transmit the sensuality that Marilyn transmitted then I drew the outline of the face and finally the hair to finish my drawing.

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It is so unique experience to me to see Monroe by the pencil drawing. Reminiscent! Beautiful! Gorgeous! So good to see this kind of drawing ~ Show us more ~

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