Hands and feet (Muscle practice)

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For this occasion I did a study of the ligaments and few muscles that have the hands and feet, this exercise I did a few weeks ago and had not uploaded other posts, simply because I don’t feel motivated enough to write, tell my experience and everything what it takes to make a post but here we are, I challenge myself to do this post and self motivate me again.

The drawings that we see here of the muscles and ligaments of the hands on the inside and the outside part, were more than "exercises", my professor took it more as an investigation, because if it was, I put a whole day with a book that weighed about 3 kilos on the legs, draw what was represented in the book, which incidentally is an anatomy book. It was quite entertaining but I was a little frustrated at the drawing and getting involved with the names and their exact location.

I repeat the same thing I had said many posts ago and it is necessary to study the anatomy of the human body if you want to draw it, inside and out, to know where the bones, tendons, muscles and so on are located, what I checked again when I made these hands that I see, I started making the structure with the bones and making a few muscles to know where more bulks are made and where the tensions or bones are noticed.

Apart from investigating the structure of the hands one also had to investigate the structure of the feet, also on the part of the palm or plant and the dorsal part, surprisingly on the part of the sole of the feet there are many more muscles than on the part dorsal, has various muscles, tendons and bones that integrate it, I consider that to represent it in its anatomical form is much simpler than doing it with the skin and also with some movement that disfigures its normal position.

To finish it was necessary to practice the figure of the feet in some positions, it was more difficult for me to do the feet since I did not know how to configure it, how to give it an appropriate size, it was quite stressful for me in several points. I still have a lot to do and practice for the moment but I am encouraged by the fact that at least I'm taking some steps to achieve the level of drawing I want to have.

I hope you liked the post, that you enjoyed it and that you are encouraged to comment on this post, as it seemed, if you have any suggestions, I assure you that I will read them with all the attention and affection.

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Goodbye, guys!


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wow impressiv. very well done

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