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value-investor, pragmatic, intressted in practical philosophy. - Anyway lately just posting memes.. so that's that

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  • I require Porifera

  • Like your games (pause it)

  • Future fathers beware

  • SteemAce wanna play a game ^^?

  • Ghost!

  • For me, fable the lost chapters it is

  • The trees from Pokemon look like angry men flexing.

  • Calm down, Japan

  • Most valuable lesson

  • Don't get it? Do linux, it's good I assure you

  • Monopoly IRL

  • Please stahp

  • Scamcare

  • This is so true. For weddings at least

  • Shoulda dumped that trash ass Pikachu

  • Just leave it like that

  • Only thee Times ?

  • Carmageddon

  • Remember, people, if you want to succeed in life, you have to work hard, and your appearance does not matter.

  • Same applies for farts as well