How I discovered my neighbour was an alien from outer-space

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This true story contains my personal experience about meeting two aliens with my son, nearly 10 years ago.

Here is the start:

We lived in a small sleepy village in a little cul de sac with fairly large individual houses. People keep themselves to themselves. You don’t know your neighbours. You almost never even see them..........

Before I continue, let me explain why I am only writing this story now, nearly 10 years later?

@mctiller is running a writing competion called " A man suspects his neighbor is an alien, from outer space."(

I have my story which is TRUE.

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This competition title caught my eye because it REALLY happened to me about 10 years ago.

So here is my TRUE story.

How I discovered my neighbors were harboring aliens in the basement

We lived in a small sleepy village in a little cul de sac with fairly large individual houses. People keep themselves to themselves. You don’t know your neighbours. You almost never even see them.

One of our neighbours had sold his house. We came to learn that the buyer was a foreign ambassador, or maybe the embassy itself. There was nothing particularly surprising in that. In fact several people in our village were diplomats or ambassadors.

We came to learn that the buyer would be carrying out some renovations before moving in. We weren’t surprised to see all kinds of digging machines, lorries and skips move in. The workers seemed to be foreign. Again nothing surprising about that. Many building jobs are carried out by cheaper foreign workers. Most people here are highly educated and tend to get jobs behind desks, rather than become manual labourers.

Every day several skip loads of rubble were filled and removed. I guessed that they were digging downwards to make a second basement, or maybe a swimming pool under the house. It was impossible to say. You couldn’t see from the street, and it was well protected by fences.

What started to become surprising was that the digging went on for months, and every day the rubble was still being removed in skips. I joked with my wife “They must be 5 basements deep by now”. Still it didn’t stop. Every day the same workers (maybe 5 to 8 of them), would come in and the skips full or bubble kept being removed. It was impossible to believe that so much could come out of a new basement.

Finally after about a year-and-a half to two years the digging stopped. It was replaced by a strange noise, day and night. It didn't disturb us. It wasn’t loud, but you could hear it if you stood near the chained up fence. The best way to describe the noise, is a bit like Dr Who’s Tardis when it takes off. I joked with my wife that it must be aliens. She laughed, and said that I was imagining things. She said that the noise is maybe from a water-pump, as the hole under the house must be a mile deep by now, and it was bound to be filling with water.

The ambassador hadn't moved in yet. The workers continued to enter the house daily, chaining up the fence from the inside.

One evening, I noticed that the workers had forgotten to chain up the fence. I and my 17 year old son decided to investigate. We just had to know what was making that “Tardis-like” noise.

Trespassing is a serious crime round here. You just don't enter someone else's property un-invited. But we did it anyway.

We entered the house at the back. The door was not locked. Everything inside the ground floor of the house was like normal and finished and furnished- just like any house, except there were no personal items like books, paintings, or ornaments. It was very clinical, just tables, chairs, In the lounge, no TV. We wanted to visit the rest of the empty house, but all the doors were locked, and there were no keys. We couldn’t move around.

There was a lift. An elevator. My son pressed the button. After a nearly a minute the elevator door opened, and we entered, pressing the lowest button - there were many buttons all with weird characters in them. I thought it was probably asian script, I but teased my 17 year-old son, saying it must be written by Aliens. How little did I know what was about to happen next.....

After nearly a minute in the lift the doors opened. What we saw terrified the life out of us. The giant underground room looked like the inside of a space-ship. It was right out of a science fiction movie. There were lights, levers, buttons, large devices, control panels, displays everywhere. I would swear that we were inside some kind of deep-underground flying saucer. This was nearly 10 years ago, even before the iPhone had been invented. Even by today’s standards, the amount of technology in that room would blow your mind. The noise that you could only just hear in the street was loud. It was like being in the machine room of a giant boat. Very noisy.

That wasn’t the scary bit. Not the noise. Not the technology and flashing lights. What terrified the life out of us both were two aliens. I can’t describe them. They were almost humanoid, probably with two arms and two legs. It was hard to say. A bit like the space suits of the men walking on the moon. These aliens had giant heads encased in some kind of glass. I can’t describe it exactly. It was brief. It was terriying. We don’t know what these creatures are but for sure not humans.

We didn’t wait to find out more. I pressed the top button, the lift doors closed and after nearly a minute, we were back where we started. I don’t know if these aliens saw us. There was too much noise to hear the arrival of the lift. I don’t think they noticed us arrive and then leave very quickly, but we can’t be sure.

We fled the house, terrified. We couldn’t speak to anyone. We feared for our lives. You would too if you saw these frightening creatures. Only now do I dare to tell what happened on that day. To help you understand the fear, we sold our house that year and moved to another village. We did not want to live near aliens.

Looking back nearly 10 years later, I think the conclusion is that the foreign government have made contact with aliens from outer-space and given them sanctuary in our old village while they secretly plot to conquer mankind.


This is mind blowing. Your guess was just so accurate. I can only imagine how shocking that detail must have been. Knowing what goes on around one's house is very important you know? What if those aliens were the aggressive ones and the get lose off the cage or break out of the restriction, it must have been a bad sight. Taking a bold step to verify your assumption did the magic I believe @swissclive.
I can't stand having something scare the hell out of me one day, the best I would have done in your shoes was to leave that village too.
Did you ever find out what eventually happened after you left? I'm sure the other neighbours will just stay there in ignorance of what lies around them. The story got frightened when you gave the suspense of "something that happened next". Interestingly, you were exposed to what true aliens look like rather than some of us who have only seen them in movies. Thanks for bringing a story you have never shared to us right here @swissclive.

I can’t say what happened. At any rate I don’t want to meet those aliens. On the other hand, since 10 years have passed and the planet earth is still safe, I can conclude that maybe the aliens are so intelligent, they have no need or wish to destroy us star-wars style. Instead they are keeping us in peace as a social experiment to see how social networks like steemit conquer the powes of evil.

Lol... The latter part of this response is hilarious. I hope they don't get manipulated and their intent changes in latter times. I hope that they can walk on the streets some day and we don't all freak out.

The true test of their social networking tendencies will be that, they mix with humans. Maybe they are not as powerful as the movies paint them though. Just thinking....

I agree with you that they are intelligent and can be cultured maybe. I hope I see one in my dreams soon enough @swissclive. The real life experience won't be funny.

What if, the aliens you see 10 years ago is tracking you, and now he find you here, OMG!!!!

Wow , this is amazing. Did you ever find out what happened in your old village ? The house you sold . If not, can I make a humble request on behalf of me and the fellow readers . Can you visit your old village, if something had happened, they will be news around the town if you ask cause I don’t wanna imagine those things are still there in the underground advancing in their technology for 10 years. Look what we humans had done in 10years . What would they had done by now down there with a much more advanced technology. We’d really love to know the current situation there now . This could call for a national security .

A good request. I really wana get updates on this story. Gosh! This freaks me out.

Honestly, these are the kinds of villages where everybody minds their own business and you can never see in a neighbour’s house or garden. Everything is very private. I am sure nobody knows a thing about what is deep down underground.

Wow, so definitely those things are still down there?
So there are some aliens in this world right now. This is incredible but as long as they don’t plan to take over let them continue their research for the betterment of earth nation

Gosh. This story really terrifies me not because its just an alien story but because i have never believed any of the alien stories i have ever heard even in documentaries. It terrifies me because i am hearing this story from one of the most trusted and loved person j have come to know on the steem blockchain and even though my entier being begs to call this story a bluff, i just can't.

I have no choice but to believe this atory because i know you are too mature to tell a lie this huge and even upvote it for a larger audience to read. Gosh i am so terrified and i will resteem this post and also feature it in a poat i will make very soon about my thoughts concerning aliens and how this story has changed my perspective. Damn!


After reading the story, i also went ro the tags to know if you used the fiction tag but saw nothing and i was like OMG.

I am an alien from outer space and I use to eat my neighbours so be careful

Shoot! I feared some steemians might be aliens. There is another one who already made an alien-like comment. So wen already have a 20% alien penetration rate on steemit.

It really happened. These aliens looked like they were wearing space suits.

DUDE you can be also alien by Photoshop @swissclive

I even thought he was going to write'alas it was a dream' at the end of the story. But wait, I still don't believe dis ... Aliens In real life and not movie... No No No, please, tell me it is a joke

And then I woke up.....

Seriously..... my son and I were scared shitless. Who knows what kind of creatures we saw. We only glimpsed these monstors for less than a second.

Wow, was scary towards the end when you talked about two aliens. I have watched movies with scary aliens but never believed they existed. Only thought it was just technology at work in making those movies but guess your experience proved me wrong anyway.

Also I learnt a lesson, don't always be too inquisitive to know about everything happening to you but that doesn't mean you should not be security conscious of your environment.

Thank you @swissclive for sharing but are you still within that environment?

It was maybe the most scary moment of my life. Imagine a scary movie, only worse. What worries me is that this is quite close to CERN where the scientists are trying to smash two atoms into each other. Some say this will create a black-hole big enough to swallow the whole solar system. Imagine what advanced aliens could do, if they burrowed into CERN.

That would be so deadly but what's the goal of smash two atoms into each other.?


You gave a home run with full bases. This story is amazing, very good indeed, you made me move to the place and I imagined the scene, I imagine that if you dedicate yourself to write a book, you would have a lot of success.
At the same time, you encourage me to write a fiction story about a romance I have with a mermaid. hehehehe

Thankfully, the aliens are friendly

Now romance with a mermaid would be hot! Did you know that 400 years ago, the mermaids or sirens would sit on the rocks, waving at the sailors. They tried to lure them onto the rocks.

There are many stories that have been made to believe that they are true. and even discovery channel, brought to light a documentary about sirens, hehehehe greetings my friend

Up till this point I can't still believe that this is true.
Reading through your story sent chill down my spine.
Its really terrifying to know that dangerous creatures like that are being haboured in our planet. I just hope all those terrible things we see in Sci-fi movies of planets being destroyed by aliens don't end up coming to pass in real life.
Your story is really amazing @swissclive. I read through every lines with rapt attention down till the end.

Hmmmm...your conspiracy theory at the end makes, lol. No wondering they're investing so much in nukes.
We all have that weird neighbor who does strange. I had one. He always left and came back home at odd hours, never spoke to anyone, his wife did the same. Maybe they didn't want anyone in their business, but why? What were they hiding?
Nice story, I enjoyed writing this. I would inform the aliens so they can visit your new village. 😏

Maybe it was Satoshi Nakamoto in a nuclear-free space suit building bitcoin mining rigs from broken Nintendo Gameboys?

Oh, now I'm the head is spinning. Google I need you!


Okay, now I've learned something new, thanks to you. There is still so much I have to learn about cryptocurrency.
And thanks for the upvote. My heart skipped a beat when I saw it...

I would prefer it if he were repairing the broken Nintendo game boy because i love game boy so so much.

I'm still wondering if this story is true but then, thinking of you @swissclive, and your solid reputation and personality on steemit I can only credit your experience. I think you should do more than just one article, this episode is one of the most relevant experiences of close encounters from Roosevelt onwards. From what you could see, do you think there could be a possibility that these were experiments by national or supranational organizations or would you exclude it? Even if you left me quite scared, thank you for sharing this rare experience.

I had to drink 15 beers before going in the house to try to make me more courageous. Obviously I was a little woozy when the aliens scared the shit out of me, so I didn’t get all the details. Most likely you are right. This is probably a cooperation between aliens and government that is being kept secret. Every government must want the knowledge aliens will bring them, so they are not going to share it.

It's strange that noone here quoted the "War of the Worlds" effect, when H.G. Wells radio program caused a mass panic attack. Mass behaviour is fascinating.

I read War of the Worlds 45 years ago. I also read about the Mass hysteria when the radio show ran it as if it were for real.

Same thing happened when Radio 1 invented a fictitious “free concert” “somewhere in London”. All roads clogged up as thousands headed in their cars to the suspected location of Hyde Park. That would have been the early 70’s. They were forced by the police to reveal it was a hoax.

Studying collective behavior is interesting because, under certain conditions, people start to behave like one single organism. It's almost like a physical phenomenon like the passage from a state of the matter to another. From now onward, you'll be our steemian Orson Welles @swissclive (and my respect for drinking 15 beer)!

It's strange that noone here quoted the "War of the Worlds" effect, when H.G. Wells radio program caused a mass panic attack. Mass behaviour is fascinating.


From my personal experience I donot know that aliens ever exist or not . But yes I believe in ghost that they exist and we have that in our holy book as well that ghost exist . But not sure about alien's exist in this world or not. But thanks for sharing your experience to the steemians.appreciated.

Mankind got to this planet thanks to aliens. They shoved some DNA in a monkey’s brain, and poof! We lost our body hair, stood upright, and started to value possessions.

If you have any doubt, check out the Drake equation.

Ok i will.give a detail study to what you have said i wish i get to a good result i the end..

What a great day to start, this is amazing. Yeah maybe alliens went deep in that house and started their activities. Well it must be very terrifying while seeing alliens in front of you. Or they could be robots in alliens shape. Well thats very very interesting story....

It could have been some kind of joke or maybe just plastic model aliens. We didn’t feel like waiting to find out.

Yeah you did good that you get out from there quickly.

Started my day with this awesome post, I wanted to read just few lines but ended up reading it all,

Interesting story

I suspect, might be a true story, but does aliens exist It is my all time confusion.

I have seen aliens in movies and read about them in stories...
If you are the witness then I must say aliens does exist

This was the first post which I read from you.....

Thanx for such a nice post

Check out the Drake equation, and then you will have all the evidence you need that they are already here.

That was an incredible story! Thank you for the post.Lucky you got out of there in one piece.i had a lucid dream once where some aliens came to my bedroom window.saw me then ran lol.
because they probably knew if I ever got abuducted I wouldn’t want to leave.i would try to takeover there ship lol.never be afraid of aliens.

Great thinking. If the aliens come in your room, surrender immediately and follow their every instruction. Then when they are not looking you can over-power them with talcum powder and fly their spaceship back to earth.

There seems to be too many references to aliens in documentaries and movies for them not to
Or maybe there are just some kinds of demons
.Give us the exact address of the ambassador's house,one can do a little monitoring with google maps.

That moment when you are not sure if they are north koreans or aliens...

Sorry, I thought about this, I did not wanted to say it because I would look like a horrible person, but I couldn't resist :)))

It is possible that it was a hidden research center, but who knows for sure? It is really strange to read this story, but how did you had the courage to go inside that house? I would have been terrified, especially to go inside the elevator and press a random button. Or maybe north koreans are aliens for real :))

assuming North Koreans have a more advanced technology than the west, is just poor thinking...

I just hope they are not monitoring me on steemit. Otherwise they may send a billion volts down the blockchain right into my fingers to kill me for revealing their secret location. I don’t care. aliens secret hiding places must be outed. so here goes.....

The secret hiding location of these aliens is AAAAAAAAaaaaaarrrggghhhhhh....
AAAAAAAAaaaaaaarrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhh





You are funny, and your post generated so much traffic that it should not mater if the story is true or you just thought about it. But just for the record, is it real?

I assure this really happened, at least up to the point where I got in the lift. After that it all goes a bit hazy. Must have been the 15 beers I drank to build up the courage to go in there.

Okay, this explains how you got the courage to go inside the creepy house :))

Maybe they are just a secret agents from the North tried to creep in your land, lol

Whoa!! TrippY!!!

Truth is stranger than fiction! UPVOTED~

True or not, it was an interesting read :)

I was joking but before I didn't use to believe in those things but...check the video below(it's from former minister of Defense of Canada)

I wonder how you tell this to your wife: "baby, we have to move, we have just seen aliens with our neighbors." My wife would probably think I secretly started smoking joints.

And how does a child process such an event? There must have been countless nightmares.

And to the aliens who are reading this: do.not. worry. You do not have to attack us. We are slowly destroying our planet ourselves.

LOL. That’s a good message to the aliens. Yup the wife had some trouble believing what happened as I was drunk at the time. But when I sobered up she believed me 100%. I know, because when I asked her to break into the neighbours house herself and take the elevator down, she refused. She was too scared. So we moved house anyway.

It better be fiction or I'd be screaming with you. There's a lot of conspiracy that this your story scared the living nightmare out of me.

I love the realism in the story though. Nice one. I am using the technique in my present fiction series and it is quite cool. Nice one @swissclive

We need to be frightened. They are amongst us. There are even two aliens who replied to this blog if you look at the comments closely.

Looking back nearly 10 years later, I think the conclusion is that the North Koreans have made contact with aliens from outer-space and given them sanctuary in our old village while they secretly plot to conquer mankind.

What a bold conclusion man. I must have also been hella terrified. Like ‘what’!!!
I really can’t imagine what my reaction would be.

I am quite an inquisitive guy... I would have loved to stay to check out things a little longer and even take pictures. But with such scare I don’t if you’ld have been able to use any device.

To help you understand the fear, we sold our house that year and moved to another village. We did not want to live near aliens.

I totally get. Maybe I wouldn’t even sleep in the house that very night. 😀

Thank you for sharing this experience @swissclive

so is this fiction or real? lol. I wanna believe in aliens so bad haha. Humans are getting boring

Good story, but I think it's totally made up. Guys please don't forget the author said there was a writing competition so this is just a made up story for that writing competition. Up for imagination!

I knew I shouldn’t have written this. When I told what happened in the past people laughed at me and said I had too much imagination. That’s why I stopped telling the story. I guess I just lost all my credibility. I wish I had a photo. Even then people would say it’s hacked.

By the way I informed @mctiller that I am disqualified from the competition due to my failure to resteem his post. See my comment about this in his blog. So it isn’t written for winning the competition.

I think we should all visit that village and check your neighbor's house.. =D

Good idea, I'm in. Only it's an "ambassadors home". No doubt this continuity error is the reason for the post edit - North Korea become foreign government because NK don't have a foreign embassy there!

Seriously Clive, the game is up, it's pointless insisting that this fiction is true.

So sad you spotted the obvious screwup...., I mean seriously, is the absence of aliens really that important? Have you read one of my earliest stories about Zombies? Completely true apart from the bit about Zombies.

You are a funny one aren't you! Okay, I see how your brain works. I think I'll have to pop around here more often to see what you're up to next! You've got yourself a new follower - even if only out of morbid interest!

P.S. Seriously? The zombies aren't real either? Damn. 😢

I would love to do that. In fact, I think I will. Obviously we can’t get in. High security. It’s An Ambassador’s home. It’s guarded day and night.

Aliens can also be in animal like and shapeless form. The most funniest part is that most people think this article is just so fictional and imaginative.

I really impressed to read your true story as your neighbour was an alien from outer-space. I also believe in alien as next generation should know abour more about it. Really we human make the world closer and we have a good achievement in outer space but I think it's not enough as we should find the more and aliens original home. I'm also a big fan of Mr @mctillar as he always share alien related topics and star wars movies.

wow. you guys must have been so afraid. good thing you moved out of the village. but could it really be possible? yes. i think really is possible.

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Congratulation swissclive! Your post has appeared on the hot page after 26min with 17 votes.
Thanks to @souldelas.

Well, if we go back in time, when people hardly travelled, then for a white man to run into a chinese man or a black man woud hae been a very shcoking exprience an it probably was for the first indiviuals that experienced it.

Taking that line of thought, it seems more than logical to assume that there must be other beings out there that are probably far superior to us. And if they are anything like us, then some of them are probably friedly and some are not.

The story is interesting but you succumbed to "fear" and it could have clouded your judgement sligthly.

If they were going to do sometthing terribe I would think they would have been more secrective bout it and the fact that you are still around speaks volumes about their inten.

Dude you should consider writing a screenplay and producing it privately. You could get SmartCash to organize funding and you could realise a mini series on DTube. This is an amazing experience you've recorded here. Where was the village @swissclive?

After reading the title I thought your neighbor truly is an alien, hahahaha.
Great story anyways.

OMG that really scarry!

Wow! Still trying to process your story. Wondering if this really is true or just a fiction. Still surprised even though I enjoyed the story.

This is a crazy story. you are brave, I wouldn't dare to tell anyone for the rest of my life, because you never know what the aliens and goverment may know.

I hope you will be alright and everything will be fine for you.

I myself am super excited and i want to know what will happen next after this.

I wonder where the aliens lived before hitting earth ?

😂 These comments!

Did you know: if you say the word "Gullible" slowly it sounds like "Oranges".

I think you are pretty smart. Well spotted!

Did you know that before people go mad they usually start to have little hairs growing on the palm of their hand?

Oh those! I've had those for years!

Lol!If your claim is right about the reality of the story then That was creepy and terrifying! Who the hell were they! And is that place still there? If they were true alien.. they could have invaded us by now? O_o

Lovely right up

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damn this is soooo amazing !


oooooo!!!!! Mr. Jim, you know what???? you are actually scaring the life out of body. that hurt, what a story, i need to take a nap after 3 cups of coffee and a whole jug of milk. i think its somewhat real though, but i wonder the world in combination with the aliens.... no no no, i'm not gonna be a part of that, hahaha, off i go. good deeds asair and more is expected .

Yes alien is true! I also do some research about it before like one spacecraft crashed somewhere in US and the government kept the 2 aliens that being wounded, they studied the two they kept and examine them, they have some pictures in the deep web

dear @swissclive i was checkin google for the village Cul de Sac in Switzerland. I couldn`t find it. The translation from french to english is one way street, and i found several movies and comics with the same name. I live in Zurich and would really like to know where exactly this event happend. Maybe i could go there and find out, since it cannot be far away.. sure the other readers would like to know as well. And if its a scam, i guess you will not tell me the exact location. So if you bring this story up please answer my question. Greetings

I never said the country. I dare not say the name of the place, but these coordinates may help.

45°42'10.5"N 21°18'03.6"E

hi, sorry i was misunderstanding...farewell

There is so much stories about aliens, still many "hints" on government declassified documents, but still it remains proofless, a hearsay.
But, I will not doubt the sincerity of the author. Thanks for sharing.

Madness buddy.
Sounds a bit like Phil Schneider and the Dulce Base aliens.
He is dead now.... He got taken out for revealing.

I believe ya dude.
Awesome story.
Cheers for the tingles.
Peace love and aliens :)

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This is really breathtaking. I couldn't help but believe every single word in detail. I for one do believe that aliens walk among us daily because there are so many things that happens around us and we'd just know it's weird but can't explain it. Beautiful story.

Interesting story about aliens! But true? I'm not sure. Why didn't you report it to the police? And if you were so frightened, why didn't you move right away? What happened in that timeframe after your discovery and before your move out? ...I can imagine that there are non-violent aliens already among us, and they might even look like us, blending in, so we don't get frightened. :)

wowww its amazing... can you please update me .........

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I cant believe we are here discussing this even more than I can't believe this story. lol.

Ahhhh skeptics everywhere. At least I wasn’t abducted and probed with pointy things.

hi @swissclive..., how are you ...? do you read my comment ..?
thank you

Nice piece 😂😂😂

That does sound very scary, though I believe your neighbor may have been Elon Musk.

"Late last night and the night before,
Tommyknockers, Tommyknockers,
knocking at the door.
I want to go out, don't know if I can,
'cause i'm so afraid
of the Tommyknocker man.

While reading this post I got reminded of this certain book written by Stephen King. How it's subtly about aliens with the theme of them being underground and it being a secret from everyone else. I would have done the same as you, escaped that village before things got wrong.

Really great read! And if it's real... I hope the Tommyknocker man doesn't knock on my door ever.

my goodness. is it true? @swissclive

Hahaha why do you suppose they're plotting to conquer mankind? At any rate, I have no opinion on your experience, but that sounds terrifying.

Nice to meet you. I am a friend from today. I wish you all the best and healthy. Your friend lucky7777

a terrible real story it was and its look like a movie scene. first time to hear about aliens that they can also live on earth like humans. fearful moment of lift when you saw the aliens, did you go back to notice that place where that aliens are lived ?

Amazing story . thanks for telling. In the middle when i was reading your story , my internet went off and I was like pulling out my hairs as for 5 mins internet did not work. Very few times , I get to read or hear such amazing stories . God saved your lives as Alien did not see you but may be they knew by now who you are... what was the disturbance they felt that day .....beware.. !!!!

This post is very good for you in your post about the training. You said that you were discovered out of the slip in the alien sixty one. Your question is always very good, which helps us get much more help in my eyes because it is my problem that happened before saint You have said that your story is simple, instead of destroying the country We have encouraged many things to help us. We want to give you more posts like this so that we can understand and use what works properly. You can get ideas that are beautifully presented in your post.
Thanks for your post


The above comment may have been posted by an alien.

At any rate grabbing random sentences from other comments and stringing them together to make a paragraph does not make me think you are human. God help us all when you can start to say something intelligent.

That's shocking

Having some of my own paranormal/extraterrestrial experiences, it brings me comfort knowing I'm not the only one. I've been called crazy, embarrassed, humiliated and defamed in just about every way possible. But I know what is real and what is not. And no one is going to change that. Thank you for sharing your experience.

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I think there was a film with such a plot

That was one of thoes Haarp things for the bloody weather !

Well, that's a nice experience! Some people are often in search of seeing UFO's and aliens to know for sure that they are real, but I guess when you really get close to something out of this world you want to get away from them as far as you can, because it's scary!

Try watching “In the night garden” from the BBC. I am pretty sure Maclepacker is an alien.

OMG you must be right!

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Wow! It's amazing and somewhat chilling your story.

That’s a really helpful comment @domestictiger. If only others could comment as well as you do, this blockchain would be the new FB.

What? This isn't FB? Ah schucks... I thought the layout was weird... figured they must have just changed their algorithms again.

That’s right. We’re not FB here. The idea is to advance your reputation by writing well, and making intelligent and valuable comments that contribute to a discussion about the article in question.

The other trick is to avoid flags which can make your reputation go south. If you want to see what damage a flag can do, just try writing “Nice post bro” on half a dozen blogs, and you will surely get flagged.

Good luck in your future blogging!

it means really alians exists.

Wow amazing story

Well I hope aliens are real 😅

Look up the Drake equation. We are at 100% certainty they are for real.

Wow, didn't knew about this one!

Life is full of strenge things, at times people around you, are not what you think they are, am happy to read this great story

Wow... This story seems interesting but I'm still building my believe on it because you kept mentioning 'my wife' but you're female already.
was it written by your husband or your dad?
I would love to be cleared on this. thanks

And also the location where all these happened has been properly withheld. Well, I believe you do not intend to jeopardize the Korean man's project and that's good.

It's strange hearing such a thing because I actually thought all these alien experiences were just in the movies. We need to hope that it doesn't escalate into a huge threat in the society.

I better start watching people around me because in my town we have alot of houses with very huge fences and strict security. who knows if they harbour a life threatening animal or alien that could hurt us anyday they escape?

Thanks for sharing this. 😘

The pic is not me. It’s my wife. Lol

You really don’t want to look at my pic!

Hahahahahhahaha Now I see. She's very beautiful. Thanks for clearing my doubts.

I noticed you tagged this as fiction. Was that a mistake?

It really happened the way I described it. However, for the benefit of the story competition, I needed to use the “fiction” tag, and also, I understand that many won’t believe me - as l had drunk 15 beers, before taking the elevator down to the underground space-ship, so for the benefit of the non-believers who think this is the imagination of a drunk man, I felt “fiction” would avoid too much argument anout what I really saw and what they imagine I saw.

Thank you for the reply. We are definitely not alone in this vast universe. I've herd a lot of different accounts over the years. I never dismiss any of them.

This story is excellent for a best seller!!!
This beautiful "Alien" says hello to all. ;-}

Why would they plot? I.m sure if they wanted to kill us by now they would have..probably they have some agreement to help the governments control the people and the aliens do their research.

You are right. The world is safe - for now.

Today I remembered about your post and how accurate the reaction of some people reading it is for the Plato's Cave

How's your life going?

Dear @swissclive

Thx for sharing link to your post lately (in comment under @jadams2k18 publication). This is indeed excellent story :)

I and my 17 year old son decided to investigate.

hahaha ... busybodies :)


Horrifying reality;;

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