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RE: How I discovered my neighbour was an alien from outer-space

in #aliens6 years ago (edited)

Wow , this is amazing. Did you ever find out what happened in your old village ? The house you sold . If not, can I make a humble request on behalf of me and the fellow readers . Can you visit your old village, if something had happened, they will be news around the town if you ask cause I don’t wanna imagine those things are still there in the underground advancing in their technology for 10 years. Look what we humans had done in 10years . What would they had done by now down there with a much more advanced technology. We’d really love to know the current situation there now . This could call for a national security .


A good request. I really wana get updates on this story. Gosh! This freaks me out.

Honestly, these are the kinds of villages where everybody minds their own business and you can never see in a neighbour’s house or garden. Everything is very private. I am sure nobody knows a thing about what is deep down underground.

Wow, so definitely those things are still down there?
So there are some aliens in this world right now. This is incredible but as long as they don’t plan to take over let them continue their research for the betterment of earth nation

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