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RE: How I discovered my neighbour was an alien from outer-space

in #aliens6 years ago (edited)

Gosh. This story really terrifies me not because its just an alien story but because i have never believed any of the alien stories i have ever heard even in documentaries. It terrifies me because i am hearing this story from one of the most trusted and loved person j have come to know on the steem blockchain and even though my entier being begs to call this story a bluff, i just can't.

I have no choice but to believe this atory because i know you are too mature to tell a lie this huge and even upvote it for a larger audience to read. Gosh i am so terrified and i will resteem this post and also feature it in a poat i will make very soon about my thoughts concerning aliens and how this story has changed my perspective. Damn!


After reading the story, i also went ro the tags to know if you used the fiction tag but saw nothing and i was like OMG.


I am an alien from outer space and I use to eat my neighbours so be careful

Shoot! I feared some steemians might be aliens. There is another one who already made an alien-like comment. So wen already have a 20% alien penetration rate on steemit.

It really happened. These aliens looked like they were wearing space suits.

DUDE you can be also alien by Photoshop @swissclive

I even thought he was going to write'alas it was a dream' at the end of the story. But wait, I still don't believe dis ... Aliens In real life and not movie... No No No, please, tell me it is a joke

And then I woke up.....

Seriously..... my son and I were scared shitless. Who knows what kind of creatures we saw. We only glimpsed these monstors for less than a second.

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