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RE: How I discovered my neighbour was an alien from outer-space

in #aliens6 years ago (edited)

This is mind blowing. Your guess was just so accurate. I can only imagine how shocking that detail must have been. Knowing what goes on around one's house is very important you know? What if those aliens were the aggressive ones and the get lose off the cage or break out of the restriction, it must have been a bad sight. Taking a bold step to verify your assumption did the magic I believe @swissclive.
I can't stand having something scare the hell out of me one day, the best I would have done in your shoes was to leave that village too.
Did you ever find out what eventually happened after you left? I'm sure the other neighbours will just stay there in ignorance of what lies around them. The story got frightened when you gave the suspense of "something that happened next". Interestingly, you were exposed to what true aliens look like rather than some of us who have only seen them in movies. Thanks for bringing a story you have never shared to us right here @swissclive.


I can’t say what happened. At any rate I don’t want to meet those aliens. On the other hand, since 10 years have passed and the planet earth is still safe, I can conclude that maybe the aliens are so intelligent, they have no need or wish to destroy us star-wars style. Instead they are keeping us in peace as a social experiment to see how social networks like steemit conquer the powes of evil.

Lol... The latter part of this response is hilarious. I hope they don't get manipulated and their intent changes in latter times. I hope that they can walk on the streets some day and we don't all freak out.

The true test of their social networking tendencies will be that, they mix with humans. Maybe they are not as powerful as the movies paint them though. Just thinking....

I agree with you that they are intelligent and can be cultured maybe. I hope I see one in my dreams soon enough @swissclive. The real life experience won't be funny.

What if, the aliens you see 10 years ago is tracking you, and now he find you here, OMG!!!!

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