i wish i know steemit platform since 2 year ago :(( now look at me.. still -almost- 1 year in steemit #sad
opps.. i almost forgot... happy birthday steemit for 3 year anniversary...

Don't be sad. In 10 years, you will be able to consider yourself as one of the early adopters! ;)

Happy birthday my friend steemiboard.

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After 1 year of existence, the Steem blockchain had 140549 user (71001 actives)

Yup! I was one of those 71,001 actives lucky dogs with not so much luck whatsoever until these days. (51,069 ID since 2016-08-08 02:47:54 here)

So, yeah please! give me my nice badge to brag my way around claiming that I still am an Old Pauper Steem Veteran. LoL

¡Happy Birthday! :)

Congratulations for being among the early adopters!
However, you will have to wait stay active till 2019-08-08 02:47:54 to get you badge... and be able to brag about it ;)


Not only that but 1 million VESTS will become more expensive then 500 Steem. the Current exchange is at:

>Scripts/Steem_From_VEST.rb 1000000 10000000 100000000 1000000000
    1000000.000000 VESTS =         499.827 STEEM
   10000000.000000 VESTS =        4998.266 STEEM
  100000000.000000 VESTS =       49982.663 STEEM
 1000000000.000000 VESTS =      499826.627 STEEM

I don't known if that's a coincidence or if it was planned by @steem

Me uní en febrero de 2018, tengo solo año y casi dos meses. pero puedo decir, sin ningún atisbo de duda que Steem y Steemit me han cambiado la vida para mejor. A través de ella desarrollé y vi recompensado mi talento para escribir y también conocí personas que me dieron la oportunidad de conectar con otras para estudiar hoy algo que siempre quise que es locución y oratoria.


Congrats Steem blockchain, I remember when I joined with my @freedomcoin account we had no more than 10k total users. Now we have over 1.3 million, and over 30k active users.

Wishing the best to Steem, its witnesses and those who run dapps like @onelovedtube @dtube @vimm or other infrastructure like RPC nodes on the blockchain.

Great to hear about the 3 years birthday, didn't know about it. Nice bringing this to community attention and not let such an event fade away without any attention.

Muchas Felicidadeees!!! Que sean muchos mas!!!!!

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