3 years on Steem - The distribution of commemorative badges has begun!

in #steem4 years ago (edited)


Happy Belated Birthday to steem, we appreciate your efforts but as we all advance in years i hope we'll also adapt to new ideas to help build a strong community. To @steemitboard i should congratulate you people on the world contest and how things were delivered.
Hope leagues and others will be included

Yes I agree Happy belated Birthday and I hope the steemitboard can put up with me for another 3 year

I definitely did register more than three years ago...!
... wait, are we going by the Julian or Gregorian calendar?

I go by the procession of the equinox you old fart

Happy Steem Birthday!

Happy birthday for Steem, Thank you to all who have given great dedication in Steem, So that until now we have benefited from Steem, and thank you for @steemitboard for all the badges you gave to me. I hope Steem is even more advanced

Ya man you’re old as F now, good job u old geezer

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