3 years on Steem - The distribution of commemorative badges has begun!

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Few hours ago, in our previous post, we reminded you about the third birthday of the Steem blockchain and about its history.

We also announced the distribution of a commemorative badge to all users having registered their account more than 3 years ago.

This process started few minutes ago and several accounts like @steemit, @dantheman, @admin, @bavak, @mr11acdee have already received their badge.

Yours should come soon if you registered your account more than 3 years ago and we hope you will enjoy it.

@steemitboard wish you an Happy Steem Birthday!

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Happy Belated Birthday to steem, we appreciate your efforts but as we all advance in years i hope we'll also adapt to new ideas to help build a strong community. To @steemitboard i should congratulate you people on the world contest and how things were delivered.
Hope leagues and others will be included

Yes I agree Happy belated Birthday and I hope the steemitboard can put up with me for another 3 year

I definitely did register more than three years ago...!
... wait, are we going by the Julian or Gregorian calendar?

  ·  6 months ago (edited)

We are using the blockchain calendar ;)

Sorry to say, but you didn't register more than 3 years ago...

You can check it here


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@arcange, it was a joke!
Julian vs. Gregorian calendar hopefully should have given away the tongue in cheek comment.

I go by the procession of the equinox you old fart

Happy Steem Birthday!

Happy birthday for Steem, Thank you to all who have given great dedication in Steem, So that until now we have benefited from Steem, and thank you for @steemitboard for all the badges you gave to me. I hope Steem is even more advanced



Happy Birthday Steem

Ya man you’re old as F now, good job u old geezer


I'm id #21,068 and will only have my 3rd steem birthday in 3 months :(

  ·  6 months ago (edited)

Only 111 times to sleep. You will have to be patient ;)

Sad to say I had to watch this twice to figure out why it went from 18 to 15...


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Happy Birthday, Steem
Happy birthday, Steemit
Keey up good job!
Move forward the Great!

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How can steemit be more than 3 years old when the first block was 24th March 3 years ago

I think yeah I have completed my 3 years , did I?
If yes then where I will get mine?

That’s many Moons bro, u old

Happy birthday Steem!

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Cool! Congrats!

Happy birthday Steem!

Great and thanks in advance. Am eagerly anticipating my badge to arrive.

47 days to go :)

Happy Steem Birthday.

¡Saludos, enhorabuena!

Happy birthday steem😃😃😃⭐⭐⭐

Congratulations steem

3 years...? Crazy... Times flying man

It’s messed up eh

Happiest Birthday Steemit ..

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Happy Birthday Steem

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Great but confusing though. You said Steem is 3 and you're giving the badges to users whose account is older than 3 year, that means Steem should be older than 3 or are there details I am missing?

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As days pass by, Steem is getting older than three with each day :)

Yes, the Steem blockchain is now in its 4th year of existence.

Happy steemit birthday

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Happy anniversary.

Happy Birthday Steemit

Happy birthday @steemitboard!

Wow amazing happy birthday @steemitboard..... This really great.

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Unfortunately, I'll have to wait for this badge until the end of August, but I'm already excited and looking forward to it. 👍😃

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Happy birthday Steemit :)

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Happy Birthday Steemit

Happy Birthday, Steemit! Keep it up!

Happy Birthday To @Blockchain Steem . Many many return the day .

Steemit is going to have many more awesome years :)

Happy Birthday Steem hope you price go up to ath soon :)

Happy Birfday! go ahead

Please how can I buy steem power?

You cannot buy Syeem Power (SP).
You can buy STEEM then convert it (power up) to SP

happy birthday steemit. grow up fast, that will make us happy🎈 Happy Birthday!
🔥 🔥 🔥
💟 💟 💟
💟 💟 💟

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Happy birthday steem! How long has steemit board been up for?

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Happy birthday!!hooray!!!!😍

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Happy birthday Steem! 😊

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happy birthday steem

have a great day :)

happy birthday !!

Thanks for your continued support.
To continue to do what you guys do (with the value of steem and all is a testament to your commitment to the blockchain). Keep up the great job, it means so much to so many of us!

Does anybody know how te reactivate the @steemitboard comments after disabling them with the STOP command?

Reply to any @steemitboard's comment wIth the word NOTIFY

Hey, thank you :-)

Happy belated birthday

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Happy Birthday Steem 🎂 🥳

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  ·  6 months ago (edited)

Happy birthday Steemit ^L^