ADSactly On ADSACTLY - The Community Blogger's Spotlight - @broncofan99

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The ADSactly Community Blogger's Spotlight - @broncofan99

In this series of articles we are reviewing individual blogs of our member's in order to further promote our blogger community to the general public. The ADSactly writers, alongside many other awesome writers, are the top shelf of the Steem blogging and are contributing a great deal to the Steemit community with their dedicated work.

Our weekly pick is @broncofan99 !


Here is his introduction post from a while back:

Apart from occasional writing for our main blog as a regular writer, Broncofan99 is very much involved in our Discord channel as a moderator who helps people find their way through the creative maze of the ADSactly Society.

The personal blog of this real-life teacher is full of interesting articles. Recently he is running a series of cooking, oriented toward grilling various foods in his backyard. he also lets you know how to properly clean the grill! :D

As we mentioned @broncofan99 also writes for the ADSactly Steem Publishing House as a part of the writer's team. He covers the sports, the many challenges which various sports are facing today, from a unique, thoughtful perspective.

Dear @broncofan99, we wish you many more prosperous articles and beautiful moments on your road. Have fun and enjoy!

Guys, please support @broncofan99 's personal blog and give him a big round of applause!


The ADSactly Steem Publishing House Team

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I'll tell you what. One of THE most pleasing things about Adsactly for me is my being able to know and work with Bronco. He is truly a special talent and just a joy to be around.

There just isn't anybody more deserving of this accolade than Bronco. WooooHoooo


Thank you so much for the kind words Tom!!! You are You make my involvement with ADSactly all that much more rewarding. It is a pleasure to both know and work with you.

he also lets you know how to properly clean the grill! :D

lol I think most of us “the grill cookers” should visit his blog and get some lesson “how to properly clean our grills”. It was great to read Daniel’s introduction post. His love for his teaching job. His love for his hobbies such as sport, phishing, grilling... and of course Steemit. I wish him, his partner and his sooo many kids the best and most importantly healthy life.
👏 👏👏👏👏 to @broncofan99!


Thanks for the wonderful sentiments and kind words. I am loving my time and engagement with Steemit and ADSactly.

What a fine job this young man about town does! Steemit is enriched by his wildly varying skillz! From painting, teaching to grilling. He's got it all!!


You should see me dance and carry a show tune... Bahahahahaha.


Lol, that would be a sight!

I just joined @adsactly and @broncofan99 is a nice person that we can always find in discord. His joviality, preparation and presence make him a key part of our team. Congratulations, Bronco. te mereces this public recognition


Thanks for the kind words. I truly enjoy meeting so many new people in our discord and watching the community grow.. Great to have you with us.

@adsactly, First of all i want to appreciate your work team and that is because this Shout Out is really effective because in that way it will prove as an Boosting aspect.

And no matter what, when one individual put efforts and provide value to an Community then for sure that particular Individual deserves the Shout Out.

@broncofan99, Good to know that you are a Moderator at Adsactly Discord Channel and your posts are reflecting the quality of your work and also foodie stuff is always an great aspect.

@broncofan99, So good luck for your future, in Adsactly Community, Steemit Platform and in life. And keep up your awesome work, and those grilling stuff are great to watch.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed team. 🙂

I read his @broncofon99 last article about Girls playing in boys team for @adsactly...and highly influnced by his thought process...suc a unique way to put up such idea .....really appreciated

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Thanks!! I am so glad you enjoy them, I have a lot of fun writing them.


Yes @broncofan99 so beautiful write up...good to read them

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Hello friend, even though it wasn't such a long post, that's what I needed at this moment.... let me tell you:

Woooooooooooooooow, hello friends, I've seen this and my day has lit up, damn it I thought I'd never find my way in.

Hello Professor @broncofan99, I hope this good, I would like to be part of the group of writers of @adsactly, but unfortunately I do not know how to enter.

Could you help me through the discord channel?

Greetings from Venezuela @broncofan99 and also to the whole community of @adsactly writers, I read to you continuously for your incredible content full of quality and good writing.


I'm always around so hit me up when you need a hand.

Nice and friendly job

@adsactly I would like to join the Discord channel. May I have a link?


See that big giant bit at the bottom that says

Click the coin to join our discuss chat...

You should try it, it might surprise you.


Oops.... Didn't saw that...

So delicious!!!


Great Post with Great Information


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