Minnowshare Conversions Level 12

in #steemit4 years ago

Getting multiple Minnowshares Sponsorships over time gives an option to get a Free Share (Paid for by the program) from the @upvoteshares account that will give daily upvotes for as long as the program runs. These posts will keep track of minnowshare -> upvoteshare conversions each time a new level is reached. 35+ Free shares have been given out so far and are spreading daily upvotes to accounts that got sponsored by now!

LevelAccountSponsorshipsUpvote Share
Level 12@mango-juice8Share 037
Level 12@jlordc8Share 036
Level 12@theonlyway8Share 035
Level 12@blessed-girl8Share 034
Level 12@gamercrypto8Share 033
Level 12@puravidaville8Share 032
Level 11@minnowbuilder8Share 031
Level 11@pifc8Share 030
Level 11@insight-out8Share 029
Level 11@bengy8Share 028
Level 11@byebyehamburgers8Share 027
Level 10@minnowbuilder28Share 026
Level 10@incubot7Share 025
Level 10@janton7Share 024
Level 10@team-ccc7Share 023
Level 09@fullcoverbetting7Share 022
Level 09@marya777Share 021
Level 09@jlordc7Share 020
Level 09@buckaroo7Share 019
Level 09@erikklok7Share 018
Level 09@thedarkhorse7Share 017
Level 09@celinavisaez7Share 016
Level 08@pifc7Share 015
Level 08@minnowbuilder7Share 014
Level 08@insight-out7Share 013
Level 08@el-nailul7Share 012
Level 08@plantstoplanks7Share 011
Level 07@fullcoverbetting6Share 010
Level 06@cicisaja6Share 009
Level 06@macoolette6Share 008
Level 06@trincowski6Share 007
Level 06@crypto-econom1st6Share 006
Level 06@viking-ventures6Share 005
Level 05@adelair6Share 004
Level 05@beat-the-bookies6Share 003
Level 04@tryskele6Share 002
Level 04@lynncoyle16Share 001

The people that earned a free share will get it added to the upvote list immediately the day after a new level is 100% complete instead of at the time that level comes to an end just to avoid confusion.

The full list of Minnowshare sponsorships after these conversions when level 13 becomes available...

All sponsorships are inside the Level spreadsheets and posted each time a new level is complete. They do contain all the official information and mistakes here are merely counting errors that can be corrected so please let me know if I made any.


Gracias por mantenernos informado, un abrazo @minnowshares.

How many sponsorships again are needed for 1 upvoteshare?

Right now it's 8

It goes up as more have been converted but will stay at 8 until at least 45 are out. At the moment 37 free shares (that were paid for by the program) have been given out and are spreading upvotes and increasing the overall returns of some existing shareholders.

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