Replying to your accusations @equ1l1br1um

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Hello guys.

This post is to clarify that I am not a spammer running multiple accounts.

I had to make this post because I was being falsely accused to be a spammer by someone and I am fairly certain that that "someone" is @equ1l1br1um .

You'll find out later how I made that connection.

Three days ago I was just browsing various discord servers and I recieve a message from an unknown user. In that message, he had apparently researched about my account and found some "connections" and was trying to imply that I was running multiple spammy accounts when the only side account I have is @thedanklad and share memes through that account through dmania.

The accounts he accused me of running are given below and all of them are my family members.

@maya7 - My mother

@rvwolf - My younger brother

@physics-o-mania - My cousin

@rupamxanu - Also a cousin(Brother of @physics-o-mania)

@preity15 - Sister(cousin)

@saksham - Brothet-in-law(Husband of @preity15)

@nima11 - Aunt(Mother of @preity15)

If that is not believable, I have proof at the end.

His basis for these accusations were different for different accounts as you can see in the screenshot below.

Screenshot (17).png

Screenshot (18).png

Screenshot (19).png

Screenshot (20).png

Screenshot (21).png

I'll answer his accusations one by one.

First, he calls out the fact that there are a lot of transfers between my account and @maya7. That's because my mother is not very tech-savvy and I handle the withdrawals for her.

I just did one for her, my brother and another cousin(@amazingfects) a few hours ago.

He says the same thing for me and my brother(@rvwolf). My brother is 17 years old and doesn't even have a bank account yet so I 'have' to handle the withdrawals for him.

Next comes @physics-o-mania. He was actually the one who introduced me to dmania. There was one transaction between mine and his account where I loaned him 15 steem and if you go through my transfers you'll see that he has returned that to me again.

The accuser also says that right after @physics-o-mania was created, it follows me. Well ofcourse it does. I introduced him to this platform and he doesn't know anyone else and anything about steemit so its only natural for him to follow me. Same goes for @rupamxanu.

Moving on to @saksham, @preity15, and @nima11. I created @preity15 and @nima11 because even after a week of registering on steemit, their accounts were not approved yet. So I went over to anonsteem and created those accounts. One guy raised the question saying "why anonsteem?". Because I didn't know of any other account creating site and anonsteem had been there since a very long time.

@saksham recieved money from @preity15. I bought steem for him and took cash and withdrawn that steem in @preity15's account. They are husband and wife so there is no point in arguing why there are transfers between them. One I had shown him how its done, he started buying steem by himself.

Now let's come to the dmania delegations part.

After seeing that @physics-o-mania was getting 50$ for a single meme so I too got in because why not?

He told me I had to delegate some sp to dmania to be a "supporter" and influence the curation by dmania bot. So I delegated 200sp. My mother and brother weren't very late to join in either and they both delegated some sp to the bot. My brother also got some delegation from my mother as he delegated all the sp he had in his account.

Keep in mind that I was the one who helped with the delegation as they don't know how to do it.

He pointed out that I had delegated sp but wasn't posting. That's because I had a separate account(@thedanklad) about which I am fairly open about. Infact I created that account just for memes.

He also pointed out about resteems between the various accounts mentioned above. There is no harm in helping your family members to gain some visibility right?

He also said there were bidbot upvotes on my @maya7 and it may seem weird that she can use bid bots but can't do transactions. Actually I do that for her from her account because I live with my mother and brother. It is perfectly normal for someone from India to live with their parents, infact it is encoureged to do so.

All that I have mentioned is true but someone might not believe it. So here's some proof.

We had a meetup in Assam and all of the above(except @rupamxanu) were present in it. @firepower who is a witness and an established member of steemit since a very long time was also present there. Here's the post about the meetup.

Screenshot (25).png

You can clearly see that he has mentioned all of the above in his post as the people who have attended the meetup, especially me and my mother as we had organised it.

Moreover, most of those who had attended the meetup had made separate posts as you can see below.

  1. By @physics-o-mania
  2. By @rvwolf
  3. By me
  4. By @maya7
  5. By @saksham
  6. By @preity15
  7. By @nima11

If you go through each link above, you can see the differences in writing of each post and individual pictures with @firepower.

I would like to mention @firepower and ask him to testify that all this is legitimate information and that he has met us personally. I think that would be proof enough.

It doesn't end here.

@equ1l1br1um has raised some valid points in this post here and I wasn't gonna write this post cause there was no mention about me in there but I saw he had indirectly talked about me as "someguy" in a comment so I thought it was necessary.

There is one thing that bothered me the most and its not the fact that he accused me of something. That shows that he cares for the betterment of the community as I thought he is trying to make the community better by getting rid of spammers. Or so I thought. But his last message to me shows his true colours.

Screenshot (22).png

As you can see in the screenshot above, he is trying to extort money from me. He is just another scammer trying to profit from someone else's scam.

Its either him or his "friend" he was talking about in his post. How I found that out is the screenshot on his post and the person who messaged me is the same as you can see below.
Screenshot (24).png

I hope I made it clear who the real scammer is.

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As you see my name isn't bonjour. And you don't make so much money to make it worth it for me to try to scam a scammer, by taking his money and posting him anyways. I liked what he tried tough. Scammers should be scammed, to know how it feels when they are doing the same thing to others in different ways.

But I have screenshots of your conversation from the discord channel sent to me. The user who talked to you was only throwing bait to see what they would do after the information provided, he didn't only send info about you, but also clear info about an user who was using 4 accounts to post on dMania even if that wasn't allowed. Of course , nothing happened to you or him as always.

As for your explanation, I will never buy that in a million years. All accounts are sending money to you. 2 accounts are made through anonsteem, at least 2-3 of them would have had an exchange account and your mother posting in dMania with bidbots :))) Come on man. You basically said here that you where doing all the stuff in her place (transfers,posting,sending money to bidbots). What makes it "her" account then? Just the name? If you do all the operations on "her" account, then it makes it your account.

I love it when abusers try to be slick, but I will never understand your logic. I even think you have the same patterns :

  1. Get caught, first play the victim role --- Which doesn't make sense
  2. If that doesn't work , blame other people

Your explanation :



Good luck, won't waste my time replying to you anymore


I never said I am posting from her account.
If you still think I am posting from my mother's account then go through and read some of her posts and some of my posts. The difference in writing style is vastly distinguishable.
Did you even read all of it? Because if you had, it is very clear that all those accounts are not mine.
Also the last screenshot I posted here is taken from your post, and it is the same bonjour guy you are calling your "friend". So there is definitely some connection between you and him.

I'm not playing the victim here because I don't need to. There is concrete evidence that all your or your "friend's" accusations are false. Anyone with a sane mind could see that.
Edit: And by the way, it is not that tough to make a fake account on discord. So that bonjour guy could very easily be you.


Dude! @eyu1l1br1um I really don't know why I am posting it here. Maybe because @rahul.stan is a friend of mine. Ok I'm not much into steemit. Nor do I make money from it.

But the fact is that @maya7 IS @rahul.stan 's mother. So are all his kins mentioned above. He introduced me to this platform and I followed him first too. In fact I try to follow him in all other aspects as I don't know much about this!
Also it's way practical for people living in India to live with their parents. Also managing their various important documents and accounts. Something which you will never understand in a million years. I don't know what conversations you had. Or @rahul.stan . But hey dude! The fact that after you aren't believing after putting up all the facts clearly shows you need to see a doctor. With all due respect, you have a very big ego problem (maybe I'm just accusing you to prove my point correct, which is by the way!). Thank you very much 😊. Have a stunning day ahead!


P.S- saw this post just now. So commented. Sayonara!

Just skimmed through the thread. It was good to meet everyone at Tezpur and do presentation on the Steem blockchain and host the meetup. Just ignore the witch hunt and focus on blogging dude. What's the deal with the SBD demand pic at the end of the post? I Wouldn't be surprised if someone was trying to blackmail...


He was indeed blackmailing me. He was asking for 100sbd worth of eth and 20% of weekly profits or he would make this information public lol.
I have nothing to hide though. All those are my family and you know it. Hell, we even had dinner together lol.

It is clear from the message Bonjour sent you on discord that he is just trying to make some easy money.
Does that mean he would've been silent about the possible scam if he were given the said bribe?

I can vouch for @rahul.stan, that the mentioned accounts are his family members and not his.


Some users seek thrill from witch hunts hiding behind their anonymity. Just how the internet works. As the platform grows more users will be plagued by these issues.


Thank you!
If I had sent him the money he probably would have kept quiet I guess.


Shows a lot about him.

This guy doesn't deserve your 'kimti' time bro let him rub his shit.If he had the balls he would directly say it on your face.


Still. I couldn't stay mum right?


Yeah!bro I can vouch for your loyalty.

You are absolutely right. 'ulta chhor kotwalko daate'.


Haha. You're absolutely right uncle.

Steemit family :D lol

I will also vouch for @rahul.stan from what I read right from equilibrium's post and all here....
I see it like Rahul does not own all the accounts... Even if he does have the posting keys I don't see nothing wrong with that.... Because I also opened account for my friend and brother I'll and I have their posting keys.... And they follow me....
I teach them all I know and I help them post once in a while.....

There is nothing wrong with that.....
I don't think Rahul should be blamed of any guilt @equ1l1br1um...

@bonjour m chod dunga bask bhai ko kuch bola to jake gand mara
pubg me aa jaiyo kabhi gand me dum ho to