An Awesome Steemit Meetup In Assam!! Nearly 30 People Attended!!

in steemit •  8 months ago

It gives me immense pleasure to inform you guys about the awesome meetup that took place last Sunday.

steem collage.jpg

First of all I would like to thank @firepower , @sjennon , @shenoy and @varunpinto for making this possible. You guys travelled all the way from Mangalore for this meetup. Thanks to everyone who attended the meetup as well.

A total of nearly 30 people attended to the meetup which was higher than both me and @firepower had expected, given that most were from around Jamugurihat which is a small town pretty much in the middle of nowhere. There were some people who didn't have steemit accounts yet and came to learn beforehand. Some had registered but their accounts were not approved yet.

The meetup consisted of an hour long presentation about the various aspects of blockchain and steemit by @firepower himself. It was very interactive and many steemians had their doubts cleared about the platform and crypto in general.

After the presentation was over, all of us got to talk with each other and take pictures. I met many new faces too.

The meetup was organised by me and my mother @maya7 (actually she did most of the job :p) and I am so glad that it went well. I was quite nervous at first but slowly eased up.

The guys who made it possible


A selfie with @firepower

@firepower seemed quite intimidating online but when I actually met him he was a very down to Earth and modest person. He was fun to talk to and we discussed various topics aside from steemit. We talked about Dragon Ball Super, Game of thrones and lots of other fun stuff.


From left: My mom @maya7, me, @sjennon and my brother @rvwolf

It was my first time talking with @sjennon who was also very fun to talk to. @shenoy turned out to be the funniest from the group. He is always cracking jokes, in fact he and @varunpinto had a blast pulling @sjennon's leg. @varunpinto is incredibly talented with the camera and for most of the time, he was busy clicking pictures.


From left: Me, @shenoy, @physics-o-mania, @iammanish

It was such a fun experience and now I am even more excited for the next steemfest. Hopefully I would be able to attend it and meet all of you guys there.

All in all, these guys were very friendly and wholesome people. They are they ones that made it possible.

Lastly I would like to request everyone to consider @firepower as a witness. He is doing a great job by bringing the Indian community together on steemit.

Here's the list of people that attended the meetup. Please checkout their posts too if you can.

@maya7, @rvwolf, @preity15, @saksham, @nima11, @physics-o-mania, @iamsgr, @iammanish, @rockonbhai, @lakhi, @ankitakaushik, @lachitsarmah, @bickydahal, @mnishh, @biswahazarika, @hrisheekrayb, @princepr, @amazingfects

The rest don't have accounts yet.

@firepower will be posting a video of the meetup as well. So stay tuned.

Steem on and have fun!


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Lovely meetup indeed
I. Wish to hold more meetups like you someday so I could get to keep the stemmit flag flying.
I'd love to attend a meet-up of yours someday
More achievements come your way 👍
Here's a meet_up of mine I conducted few days back, would appreciate you kindly check this out

Great moment to remember because steemit is just starting out, it will grow much bigger in the coming years :)


We're yet to reach the moon. Right now I'd say we're at the stratosphere lol

It was great to be there and meet everyone! Thank you for having us over. :)


The pleasure was all mine! It was great meeting you guys, we'll meet in the next steemfest hopefully.

A great day worth to be called the best day of 2018


Yes it indeed was.

Awesome day it was! Interview part was my personal favourite


It was fun! Can't wait for the video!

@rahul.stan I am amazed by the way you have made the impossible seemed possible, keep it up


Thank you

It was an awesome meet up.


It was nice meeting you!


Me too brother

Awesome moment..... We will Miss this always.


Same here bud. It was nice meeting you.

Great job you people done. It was a awesome meetup of steemians and newcomer. Thanks to you and maya7 for organizing such a friendly meetup.

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This is great! My honey and I are looking to travel to india this winter, and I think it would be great to be able to use meetups like these to interact with locals and make new friends in the area while we travel.

On that note, a fellow user and I just collaborated on a project to bring together the ideas of wwoofing, couchsurfing airbnb and workaway all together without the fees of those sites by creating a platform on steemit to connect people just like meetups.

Check it out! It's the most recent post on my profile :)

Great job on the attendance of the meetup!


That's great! Airbnb through blockchain sounds interesting. I'll check it out.


Yes! I really liked the idea of couchsurfing, but being a girl on there I would often get some pretty weird messages, and that was very offputting. I think the blockchain system would be a great step up because you can see all the interactions of that user on their steemit page, learning a lot more about them.
Definitely a safer, fee-free version!

This Is post and very useful...
I like it very much...

@rahul.stan it was indeed a great connect and appreciate the effort you took


Thank you!

It was an awesome day,cant be deleted from our brain.

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Wish I could attend , finally you and your mum has spread the roots deeper and wider.
It couldn't get any better , I am proud of you.

I am from Assam. You should have informed us. Next time invite us, ok.


Well, there was a public announce by Firepower and if you missed that, that's not my problem.

Well written post describing a meetup with @firepower and all beautiful known faces.I am also from jamugurihat and am waitting to see your next post.thankyou.

Nice to see you all!

that was a great and a awesome day for all of us.

Awesome meetup at Assam. The collage photo frame is very nicely made.

good job😍

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Looks like you guys had fun in Assam!


Thank you! It really was a lot of fun.

lol @sjennon's trolled everywhere. 😂
Nice to see how inclusive Steemit is. Hope one day we'll have an all India Steemit meetup and it becomes a huge success!


That would be fun!