My First STEEM Meet Up: A Day With The Whale, The @firepower and His Crew

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I couldn't wait too long to post about my first STEEM meet up that too with the great @firepower, the inspiration for all Indian Steemians. It was two months ago my aunt, @maya7 and brother, @rahul.stan informed me that @firepower was willing to visit Assam. Since then I was so excited that I got myself prepared mentally for the day at that moment itself. I was counting days for the final nod from @firepower. And finally, it was the day for the meetup, 11th March, 2018.

The Meet Up

The meetup was held in Tezpur, a beautiful city on the bank of the river Brahmaputra in Assam. Most of the steemians and the willing-to-be-steemians had gathered there just to see their inspiration, the @firepower, whom we all knew only through the computer screen. The meetup was so special that my sister @preity and brother in law @saksham had arrived from Bangalore for the meetup. Even I was eagerly waiting for a meet up with the Steemians of this region. And finally it was the day.

A Snap From the Meet Up With @firepower. Please Don't Laugh On The Camera Angle😆

He started with the basics of blockchain technology: How it is more secure than the traditional transactions and how it is going to change the world in the near future. Then he presented Steemit to the people and made people understand the idea behind the community and answered various queries of the people present in the meetup.He tried to make people understand Steemit in laymen's terms. Even I asked a few questions to him. He was so friendly that he could mingle with the gathering and could befriend every single person present there. Right from the introductory session to the lunch session, it felt like a family gathering.


Me With @firepower

His Crew Members

The other members of his crew @sjennon, @shenoy and @varunpinto were new to me. @sjennon was the first non-Indian steemian that I met. I wish her to visit Assam again in future. To my surprise @shenoy and @varunpinto were YouTubers who worked in association with the @firepower. @shenoy, the guy whom I was more curious about. His way of talking with a sense of humor I liked the most. @varunpinto was a dominating personality. The way he cracked jokes in the middle of a conversation was really funny. The thing I am jealous about @sjennon, @shenoy and @varunpinto is that they have got some coolest usernames. Why these usernames didn't hit my mind before!!


With @sjennon


With @shenoy


With @varunpinto

The Dinner

In the evening we invited the team to our home for dinner where we shared some memorable moments that we will miss always. The meetup had a so friendly and cheerful environment that the after-dinner gossips lasted till midnight. @firepower shared some crucial points which are very much necessary to grow in Steemit. Based on his advice we are working on some future plans.

Through his works, @firepower is really working hard to bring Steemit to every corner of India and other countries as well. I request all my Indian Steemians to help him by casting your witness votes to him at I wish to see him in the top list, someone to represent India.

At last the team left with the best compliment we could ever get that it was their best meet up in India. They made it the best day for us in 2018. We wish them to do more meetups in Assam in future. They are always welcome to Assam.

I want to thank my brother @rahul.stan and aunt @maya7 for introducing me to this amazing community that thrives on quality and wisdom. And it was for them the meetup was such a success.

Cheers to @saksham, @preity, @rvwolf, @amazingfects, @nima11, @mnnish, @meghnasarmah for being there and making the meetup a successful one. Together we learn together we grow.

Enjoy Life, Keep Steeming!!!

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We shared great experiences with u all @sjennon
And all.


Yeah.. it was indeed a memorable day

Amazingly you have described each and everything brother . It was indeed a great time for all of us 😆


waiting for such a meet up again in future

Such a sweet article! I think I can speak for all of us when I say we had a blast. The hospitality of your family was amazing and the food was glorious aswell.

Thanks for having us!


Thanks for the compliment. Thank you for visiting us. We look forward to more such meet ups from you guys. And next time you visit Assam make sure you get used to chilli 😆


Haha, you can organise them yourself too if you want! You don't need specifically us for that :D

I am okay with the chili in the dish, just not if I eat the thing itself, haha!


Haha...sure. We will work on that.

@physiccs-0-mania It was indeed a great experience, lets keep contributing and bump up the fun factor ! :)


Thank you for being there. The meet up won't be complete without you all.

Nice to see that you had a wonderful time. I'm still waiting for the day to come when we will have a meetup in Chennai. Interesting to see that you took them to your house for dinner. So, it would have been more like a family meetup. :-)


Believe me, you'l feel that it is one of the best day of your life. I'm sure he'l be organising a meetup there too very soon. India is a big country. It may take some time. Till then, enjoy life, keep steeming.

Your posts are elegant given the fact that you describe things uniquely and this one was no different.
If only it weren't my boards I would have not missed the chance of meeting you guys.
Can we be friends and help each other grow?


Thank you for the great compliment. And why not, Steemit is built on wisdom and mutual interest.

do join @indiaunited on discord too. Thanks for steem meet report