India Steem Meetup #5—An AWESOME Meetup In Tezpur, Assam and 30+ Attended!

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Tezpur was simply fantastic! I was there to do a meetup, to bring people together and discuss ideas and brainstorm ways to bring new members on board. Steemians here were simply amazing. They were excited, enthusiastic and interested in learning more about the platform.


A big shout out to @maya7 and her son @rahul.stan for helping me organize this meetup and bringing Steemians together from their community. It is a community very different to most others. Usually in meetups I meet and engage with strangers but there most of them knew each other. They were friends and family and there was a great bond between all of them.

Youngsters such as Rahul have gone out to bring tons of people to the platform who are willing to invest their time and money into Steemit. That's quite awesome! Maya has been one of the most active user from their area and many of these users have established themselves as a worthy member of our platform.


I'm glad that @varunpinto, @shenoy and @sjennon joined me on this leg and we were overwhelmed with the love and affection shown towards us. The event was going to be slightly different than most others as I was presenting on Steemit, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in addition to the meet and greet as well as the interviews we were doing.

Suffice to say, we met our goals as it was a successful meetup with questions about the platform running late into the evening. There's so much potential for Steemit across the world and especially in India. I hope we get to realize all of it in the years to come!


With one and only @rahul.stan


With @maya7 who helped put this show together! You are awesome!

We were honoured at the start of the event as per the local Assamese traditions and it was nothing short of awesome. The meetup was about them but suddenly it felt like we were in the limelight. @maya7 also had a gift for my mother and luckily I managed to bring it back home safely given all our adventures post-meetup. Can it get more awesome? Yes it can!

My crew and I were invited over to Maya's relative's house for dinner and we had an awesome time there. I'm from a coastal city and seafood is everywhere here and yet I ate one of the best fish curries of my life at their house. We are very grateful for your hospitality @maya7 and family!

Took these young Steemians out for short drive in the SUV so that they could catch their bus home!

My team and I had so many positives to discuss during our late night event debrief. I can't wait to see Steemit launch the next slew of features such as communities and SMTs so that we can develop such far flung areas into a solid communities that grows into something that benefits the whole eco-system.

There's so much potential for growth on Steemit from far flung areas of India and other emerging markets. Internet has made the world a smaller place and Steemit is doing a great job of connected talented individuals with one another. It felt great to have a successful meetup where all aspects of Steemit and Steem blockchain were discussed and everyone familiarised themselves with the core concept.

We returned home on the 16th but some of have been under the weather and this post got pushed forward. The pictures from the meetup will is up next and the video will be out after the Malaysia meetup video. Stay tuned to my posts for the same.

Some of the things we discussed in the meetup are:

  1. Basics of Steemit, Steem blockchain and various apps on top of it.
  2. Why prices fluctuate and how BTC relates to the change in price.
  3. What blockchain technology means and why we are early adoptors to this technology.
  4. How Steemit is helping shape social media slowly but steadily.
  5. Various ways of utilizing the platform.
  6. How to build a following, increase engagement with posts amongs other things.
  7. Some issues related to the platform were also discussed.
  8. How to trade Steem for BTC and BTC for INR was done.
  9. I also informed users on managing their tax burden in this meetup.
  10. Benefits of hodling Steem as SP and active curation on the platform.

Overall it was a great event and I hope to meet some of the users here again on a trip towards Tawang and other nearby places in the future. I also had one of the best fish curries of my life at dinner with Maya and her family. People here may be new to cryptocurrencies but their enthusiasm to learn and grow is huge. I’m sure the next meetup here will see bigger numbers in the months to come. I hope some of them will make it to Steemfests in the future.


I want to thank all of you who made it to the meetup in Tezpur. It felt great to talk about the platform and cryptocurrencies in general with everyone present at the event. The location was ideal and it served some delicious Butter Chicken as well!

@rahul.stan, @maya7, @rvwolf, @preity15, @saksham, @nima11, @physics-o-mania, @iamsgr, @iammanish, @rockonbhai, @lakhi, @ankitakaushik, @lachitsarmah, @bickydahal, @mnishh, @biswahazarika, @hrisheekrayb, @princepr, @amazingfects, @sjennon, @shenoy, @varunpinto, Binod Pokhrel, Dr. Phanidhar Sarmah, Kiran Sharma, Hemanta Sarmah, Punam Upadhyay, Meena Sarta and Pushpak Adhikari.

I apologise if I’ve forgotten any usernames here. Let me know if I’ve missed anyone in the comments below and I will add them to my post.

I'm also running my witness, backup and seed nodes now to support our blockchain and they are running great. You can view my witness proposal here and vote for me here:

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Great meetup. Why do these women add a red dot between the eyebrow?

It's called a Bindi. It's a form of decoration/make-up very common in India.

Thank you.I Got the answer from the link. it is a religious tradition in India. in My country, we could see some bindi like thing at the Buddhism portrait.

Indian culture "Bindi" more you can search about it on google.

A bindi is a colored dot worn on the centre of the forehead, commonly by Hindu and Jain women. The word bindu dates back to the hymn of creation known as Nasadiya Sukta in the Rigveda.Bindu is considered the point at which creation begins and may become unity. It is also described as "the sacred symbol of the cosmos in its unmanifested state". A bindi is a bright dot of some colour applied in the centre of the forehead close to the eyebrows worn in the South Asia particularly in India.

Its refreshing to see so many people being interested in steem!

Omg! It was one of the greatest moments of my life.Your pleasant present gave us immense inspiration to do such a wonderful event.Thank you so much for your every inspiration and supports, you are our super hero,whom we follow and respect every way.Thanks for the great mention,I feel honoured,you are always welcome to my house for more fish curry :p

It is good to see you guys have a gathering!

wow lucky dudes when the meetup will held at chandigarh or near

It was definitely an awesome meetup! Steemit is such a great platform but what makes it special is the people. And you're doing a great job bringing "the people" together.

Looking forward to you everyone again sometime. Can't wait for the pictures :p

P.s. Self voting just for visibility.

It reminded me of the "Jaipur Meetup". I could still remember the interaction we had with you. I am eagerly waiting for the next meetup in Jaipur.
This Assam Meetup seems quite interesting. It feels good to hear that youngsters are coming forward to take on the initiative. I could imagine all the fun and joy you had. Commendable Effort!
Good luck!

Good job @firepower, Every meet up is inspirational for us. I am waiting and also exited for this type of meet up in my own town.

It was an auspicious day for us. Just enjoyed the day and learnt a lot of things. It was our honour to have u all here.
Have a great day sir!

You presented it in such an awesome way sir.
Thanks for the photographs too.
Have a great day ahead.

An effort of catalysing thinking spirit of youth entrepreneurship towards cryptocurrency,bitcoin done by you was successful. Happy to find me standing nearby you in the photo.

Hey @ firepower, great post steemit! I enjoyed your content. Keep up the good work!
It's always nice to see good content here on Steemit! Cheers :)

Great meet up It was the most memorable day for all of us. We really miss this moment, in this meet up We learn many things about steemit. Thanks for your love and support .

Love that you're still out there grinding

Good work @firepower lot to learn from you

Well done to everybody. It is important to enhance the users to the steemit community!!!
I will upovote and resteem...

Rohtang Pass is about to open Meghan, hope you remember that high altitude meetup :)

It is so wonderful to see you invest so much of your time and energy into this platform. Your dedicated efforts surely inspires a lot of people, including me.

love to you!

Very inspiration to me and good posting

Wow! great initiative taken to bring the distance community together...I hope to visit once when it happens again in Delhi...

Yet another successful India meet-up! :D

Superrr...dupperr success👍. The power of steemit fire has reached so far successfully even in so far flung area. Great to see people are coming up enthusiastically to be part of a blossoming social platform.
Cheers to @firepower and team👍

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Once again you are succeed in arranging meetup in tezpur.

I find lot of people are showing enthusiasm in steemit and even working delicately on this platform.

Perfect, i like india, i intend to want to mumbai city

It's always nice to see Steemians meet up and learn from each other's experiences! And the best way to cap it off is through delicious local food! Just the way you can't get over that fish curry is enough to make me believe it's really good! 😊

a very good meeting in order to strengthen a group / team to achieve success together, compassion from me @esteemboard from indonesia

I love India. @firepower and @maya7 thumbs up for the great job among the Indian community.

What a great meeting you did guys! I see a lot of young people came there and that's amazing. Keep giving the bright future to the young generation😊😊😊.

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Glad to know that many are getting to know about steemit in my country !! Meetup's really boosts one to optimize their work .. Good work man @firepower

Hi @firepower

You are really doing a great job by preaching the gospel of steemit to people out there. Keep up with the good work. more grease to your elbow

that day was awesome sir.
and thanks for sharing the meetup photographs with us.

Hi @firepower,
When will you host event in Delhi or near by delhi area again ? I missed the last meetup event in Delhi.
Do you guys record full presentation video ? If yes then post it on here. So, that who could not attend can see you presentation and learn about steemit. It will help many people who could not attend event.

Did you shoot videos?

It's exciting seeing a mom and son coming together to do something big on steemit. They have lit steemit in Tezpur. India is rising so fast when it comes to steemit. Thankyou guys for increasing activity on the platform. With more communities joining in, steemit is going to become a force to reckon with.. something that will be a huge worry for facebook and other social networking sites that are not developing people in anyway.
@maya7 and @rahul.stan.... you guys rock.

Hello, I want to arrange a meet-up in Indore, MP.
How do we connect and discuss about it?

Happy to see people of my place.. Tezpur the historic place and the land of beautiful hearts

Great post & awesome startup By @firepower
Keep it up👍

This is an encouraging turn up

Wow you are going very fast best of luck for the future

I am from Tezpur itself, but because of some reason I missed the meetup. :-(

Looks like a great time and good fellowship among fellow Steemians :)

Why prices fluctuate and how BTC relates to the change in price.

Yeah, I'm a Minnow but saw where prices have been low. So last night I bought 485 Steem and Powered it all up. I was waiting for this Opportunity to buy Low so I could get more SP as Iam in it for the long term with this Platform. Wish I could have gotten it on Friday for $1.60

Anyway, glad to see you and the others at this Meetup are excited as Iam about Steemit :)

Yes it was an awesome meet up and also the most memorable day of 2k18 so far. Thanks for coming sir @firepower.

Amazing Meetup, full of inspiration. Good luck brother @firepower

Sir, @firepower, I too am from Assam. Residing in Guwahati. @rahul.stan was the guy because of whom I joined steemit too... it has been a good experience till now, though I have not made it to the top for lack of time investment...if I would have known, then I might have gone to Tezpur too...but no regrets, next time surely will be going for a steem meet up! Thanks for visiting Assam and thanks for loving our food😎.

@firepower sir thanks for the leave.
and how are you?

@firepower ..Great post on Meetup In Tezpur, Assam. Nice to see the enthusiastic steemians in Assam. Eager to meetup steemians in Mangalore :-)

Looks like a quality meetup - and massively inspirational ..... I've made reference to this post in my blog today. And will share the rewards from my post with you.

Good gather, please inform me when u conducting next meet up

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment