dropahead Curation Report - Best posts from 2018-03-08

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dropahead Curation Report - 2018-03-08

Our best picks from 2018-03-08, upvoted and brought to you thanks to our curation team:

Curación en vivo (convenio con @nnnarvaez)

Mi enemiga la noche, los recuerdos de ella y yo
by @alexander88
curated by @dailyfuenmayor, QA by @cessarespinozaa
Clase de electrónica 1 - ¿Qué es la electricidad? ¿Cómo funciona?
by @clavismil
curated by @dailyfuenmayor, QA by @cessarespinozaa


by @voronenka
curated by @mandolincarls, QA by @cessarespinozaa
Children Need Rhythm And Routine
by @sweetpea
curated by @mandolincarls, QA by @cessarespinozaa
Come on a Date With Me! 🌏 'The Temple Where The Monkeys Take Your Stuff!' 🐒🙈🙊
by @heart-to-heart
curated by @mandolincarls, QA by @cessarespinozaa

Castellano y tag #castellano

[Reporte Económico Venezuela] "Economía y Finanzas con seriedad" ¿En serio? ¿Por el Cranky Gandalf?
by @por500bolos
curated by @dailyfuenmayor, QA by @cessarespinozaa
El fin del Mundo.
by @leveuf
curated by @dailyfuenmayor, QA by @cessarespinozaa

Português e tag #pt

Paella Valenciana . entre amigos
by @tmarisco
curated by @lpessin, QA by @develCuy
Psicologizando... - A Crise dos Três Anos e as suas Disfunções Psicológicas - Leitura Bibliográfica
by @helgapn
curated by @lpessin, QA by @develCuy


Disco b..us
by @ipumba
curated by @ana-maria, QA by @develCuy
The End of the Twentieth Century [Day 1]
by @carmalain7
curated by @ana-maria, QA by @develCuy


Drake. Which bird will be next?
by @amalinavia
curated by @ana-maria, QA by @develCuy


HK Snapshot (76) – Shek Tong Tsui, we call it “Erotic Romance of the West Quarry” 香港隨拍 (76) 石塘咀 - 塘西風月:牡丹下死了無痕,塘西不見花影恨
by @aaronli
curated by @joyita, QA by @develCuy
Meet the WOMEN empowering the BlockChain
by @ramsteem
curated by @joyita, QA by @develCuy


Beautiful in the night - ENG ITA
by @giocondo83
curated by @marilia, QA by @develCuy

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Excelente. Promover y reconocer el trabajode los demás es el mejor incentivo de esta plataforma. Saludos.

Thank you so much for the feature @dropahead <3 I really appreciate it! This is a wonderful project, showcasing great content! Congrats to everyone on here =D

Awesome project you guys! Thanks for the help and support your bringing to the cominity. Keep the good work! :)

thank you @dropahead . you guys are awesome :-)

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