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Storytelling - For this contest, we're teaming up with @celfmagazine as we look for undervalued posts focused on the art of short stories. The blockchain is a fascinating and diverse forum for storytelling. There's so many different writers, authors, and poets from as many unique backgrounds. It's Sunday, and a perfect time for a nice read - please share your stories with us. Stories can be in English or Español!

Stories must have been published within the last 6 days. You should also include a short 2-3 sentence description of your entry with your comment, below. Not just the link ;)

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Today, our curation team will browse the comment section of this post looking for inspiring and thoughtful favorites. This contest will last 24 hours. Your entry cannot be more than 6 days old. Share a short story post entry in the comment section, below.

  • First Place = 75% @sndbox post upvote
  • Second Place = 50%
  • Third Place = 25%

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Hi! The writing "Ghostly Agony" is inspired by a nightmare that I had last week. In the end, you'll be able to listen to a song of the Dutch group Epica which reached my memory after I wrote the text. The text is in Spanish.


Congratulations @fanisk, you have won the first place. We appreciate your participation in the contest, make sure to visit the @sndbox discord: https://discord.gg/Nf8QCWj



WoW!!! Thanks!!! I feel very happy for this!!! <3 A kiss!!

Por acá les dejo el resultado de un ejercicio de escritura libre partiendo de la frase "por el libro", el resultado un micro relato de suspenso. Espero sea del agrado de ustedes su lectura. ¡Éxitos y suerte para todos! https://steemit.com/freewritehouse/@oscarina/notas-del-caso-suicidio-en-la-biblioteca


Congratulations @oscarina, you have won the third place. We appreciate your participation in the contest, make sure to visit the @sndbox discord: https://discord.gg/Nf8QCWj



Gracias @celfmagazine @sndbox por el apoyo...

Hola me gustaría participar, he realizado un relato para ello, espero les guste:

Un campesino se enamora de una bella mujer que tambien es campesina, él de esmera por ganarse su amor, sin embargo ella es interesada y aspira riquezas, conoce alguien rico y se marcha dejando destrozado al pobre campesino, él deprimido pensó que ya nada tenia sentido hasta que alguien apareció en su vida, haciendo un revés en la historia, ya que esta chica es una citadina y venía por amor al campo, en busca de paz, haciendo que mi historia tenga una segunda parte que presentaré más adelante.

Las imágenes presentadas son de mi autoría, así como el texto.

Con amor...


Te invito a visitar este enlace:


Here is my story of reborn after a near death experience ....

Life is a mystery and nobody knows what will come next. We all know Birth, Death is not in our hand it is on the hand of mother nature. Your death can be anytime maybe with in days or weeks or months or it could be year, you never guess. Unless you have a terrible life ending.....
continue reading on my post here is that link:


Goodnight. Today I bring you a story in Spanish for you. It is inspired a little in the tense situation of my country and the possible violent situations that may arise and the fear of citizens in such situations. I hope you like it.

This is a story I wrote from a writing prompt. It is a story about the circle of life and the chances we have to make things right.


Congratulations @giantbear, you have won the second place. We appreciate your participation in the contest, make sure to visit the @sndbox discord: https://discord.gg/Nf8QCWj


Me gustaría participar. Aqui dejo mi relato.


Gracias, buen día,

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Es genial que se mantenga este concurso. Esta vez traigo un relato algo diferente a lo que normalmente presento. Es un cuento corto que habla sobre la solidaridad, de corte infantil. Con una narrativa sencilla, es algo que escribí a partir de unos dibujos que de mí hizo la genial y buena compañera @marpa, quien los cedió para mi historia. Espero llegar a tiempo, saludos!

It's great to keep this contest going. This time I bring a different story to what I normally present. It's a short story about solidarity. With a simple and childish narrative, it is something I wrote from some drawings that made the great and good friend @marpa, who gave them for my story. I hope to arrive on time, greetings!




Here is a story that I encourage myself to start, like the previous sketch of a book that I wrote, called "foreigner in my own country", now I will continue it with "A Venezuelan in Venezuela", with a lot of my personality, I added a piano music track to delight the reading with greater smoothness, I hope you enjoy it, I did it a lot of love and dedication. ♥, I am open to suggestions.

¡Enjoy your meal!