The dark angel

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Joe Smith sat at his desk feeling exhausted. He poured himself a stiff whisky and leaned back in his chair. He was nearly sixty years old and it was time to hand over the reigns to someone else. These last few weeks he had not been feeling well. The doctor gave him a clean bill of health, but he was overweight, drank too much and he had a lot on his plate. 

He often just sat in his office thinking about his life, and everything he had done. He had all the money in the world, he had two lovely wives that adored him, and he had his two beautiful successful children, but he hasn't spoken to any of them in a few years. 

They would be well taken care off if something happened to him, but he would have loved to get to know his children better. On more than one occasion he had tried to build a relationship with Julian and Joshua, but there was always something more important that came up and eventually they all just gave up on him. 

He was so young when all this started. He grew up in a poor family, and when someone offered him a job as a runner, he threw all his personal values aside and grabbed the opportunity with open arms. It was an easy job and soon he became a supplier for the organization, and they even gave him a scholarship to go to university. Blood money he called it, but it was all worth it.  He became an accountant.   

The organization had changed his life, and suddenly he was the most popular student on the campus. After he finished his studies, the head of the organization contacted him and told him that it was payback time. 

After all they had done for him, he had no other choice but to go and work for them. He had a good life, and he was well protected. He was the best damn accountant in the business and they made sure that he stayed in the game and keep his mouth shut, but the world of cocaine is not as glamorous as movies make it out to be. It consumed his soul. He didn't recognize himself in the mirror anymore and he loathed himself.  

The things he had seen and done made his skin crawl and he took a big sip of his whisky. He was just about to pour another one when he caught something in the glimpse of his eye. 

He knew what was coming. He took a deep breath and turned his head to the side. She was beautiful. Majestic. The most beautiful creature he had ever seen in his life.  She had a pair of magnificent black wings, and she looked at him with those dark eyes and drew him closer. He knew why she was there, but he didn't know how it will happen.   

He could smell the sulfur and he knew it was too late now to do anything. He took the last sip of his whisky, and put the glass down. 

He never felt anything, but when he looked down he could see the blood soaking his shirt. 

Suddenly she was right next to him and folded her wings around him. He felt nauseous and terrified but his chances had run out. He could hear the weeping and gnashing of teeth, and he started weeping when she dropped him in the furnace of fire.  

Julian put away her gun and dialed her brother's number. 

"He's gone Josh, it's time for you to take your rightful place." 


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Uninteresting comment that you self-voted. Don't spam Steem please. Be interesting, not annoying


Really I admired with this pic, suddenly i posted, what's wrong with this ? how can you say that this is uninteresting. Each and everyone one mood may be different . If you see one lady suddenly what would you think in your mind. If you are a photographer something comes to your mind, if one person belong to pornography industry something will come to his mind . Everytone has freedome here to post. Don't restrict everyone to show that you are the only posting in a correct way. all others are fools


Well if you had read the post you would have seen that it is a stock picture used to illustrate a story, which I presume you did not read. Secondly, you have left numerous two or three word comments that look a lot like spam. If you actually give a real opinion you are likely to get better responses. Thirdly, you are self-voting all your comments and 50% of your votes go to yourself. With your minimal SP that won't actually earn you anything. Your vote is more effective if added to others as anything needs at least 2c to pay out. Support smaller people rather than whales who won't even notice you.

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I could have flagged you, but I don't want to put you off. I want you to participate, but I just think you could be doing it better. Go for quality rather than quantity.

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