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Life is a mystery and nobody knows what will come next. We all know Birth, Death is not in our hand it is on the hand of mother nature. Your death can be anytime maybe with in days or weeks or months or it could be year, you never guess. Unless you have a terrible life ending disease, that has its timeline.

In usa, we had some life death experience on travel. On 2013 winter season our journey to Colorado from southern usa due to some conference . When we were coming back there were severe gusty wind with snow and we were on the highway of north Albuquerque open space. Snow coming with wind decreasing the visibility near o time to time. In spite of low speed limit sudden slit of car tire made our car move like a circle on the road, not the updown. Time was slowing down. I was screaming like a hell and at that moment I thought this is the end, either this car will hit by any vehicle on this highway road or it will hit any roadside large stone or will move the opposite side of the road. Lucky us (me and my hubby) nothing happened to us,not any injury only just the memory of bitter fear of death.

Car was stopped on roadside and temperature was so cold that we were freezing. We called the 911 but before any police or ambulance come, a truck with some kind hearted person came to help us, they gave us some heating pad to keep our body temperature warm and helped us to push the car to road. On that day there were several accident occur on roadside due to same windy snow and slippery road , we count around six or seven accident. Some car was side position up . We were lucky enough that we were safe and no injury or harm occurred.

On that day I have learned a lesson that our life is mortal and nothing in life is certain. You can be dead any time.
So when you get time love, give, get optimistic.

Stay blessed ....................
Have a beautiful holiday, fellows…..

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