Steemit Burnout: What to do When You've Got Steem-Powered Writer's Block

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Hey everyone! I've finally been getting in the working groove with our @sndbox project and want to get back to doing more casual and fun-oriented posts. A lot has been on my mind and I figured some ruminations like the one themed in this title would be of some good food for thought for fellow Steemians.

Today's post is an issue that I'm sure no blogger or any Steemian who has been on the platform longer than a few weeks is alien to: writer's block. We only have so many experiences a day or parcels of memory that we can digest into an effective blogpost. At least 50% or even 90% of the time, pressing that “Submit a Post” button is like squeezing the last nubs of toothpaste out of a flattened tube. This is obviously a point of stress for anyone looking to really use and engage Steemit for the long haul.

Many other Steemians have covered this issue and brought us a range of valuable advice – blog every day, plan out your posts, do something new each week to inspire, etc. and so forth – all of which is pretty similar to getting someone to exercise on a daily basis or maintain a healthy diet. As I'm closing in on exactly a year of Steemit, I can securely say that I've mostly only used Steemit as a means to achieve personal ends. Most of my posts whether on @hansikhouse or @hitheryon or @sndbox have been mostly agenda-driven and I accredit my dedication to this platform due to those agendas.

In this post I'll outline the types of strides I've taken as separate categories and in future posts of this series, I'll give more thorough examples of each.

Breaking Down the Block

The writer's block that is. I've tried to categorize as best I can some of my themed suggestions. Here we go...

Lay out Short-term and Long-term Projects

You don't have to make proposals a growth-based one for Steemit Inc. It may seem like projects such as Steem Park or Sndbox or The Hardfork Series demand an extraordinary amount of time and commitment, but in reality it's all about timing and making sure you can maintain a steady flow of production and engagement.

  • Steem-Powered public workshops for the Summer Streets Festival

The types of projects you could try to pursue and integrate into Steemit are limitless. Try scoring and producing your first album track. Try writing out the first chapters of your romance novel. Try fundraising for a local community group. Designating the end goals always helps determine the necessary steps to get there, making for fantastic posts.

Try a Joint Account

When fellow @sndbox co-founder @voronoi brought me on, we knew from the get go that we would be opening a joint account - @hitheryon. We partnered on posts, co-edited and co-brainstormed, and shared the ultimate responsibility of maintaining a vibrant account. There were times when one of us had other commitments and we passed the responsibility of commenting and posting back and forth. As winter came and Steemit experienced the lowest lulls of price and popularity, we stuck with it using collaborative energy. Eventually, that partnership became the endeavor of Steem Park. We now even how our 3rd of 4 members on Steemit with us - @erb!

  • Bringing collaborative work onto Steemit

If you've been on the platform for a while and have old/new friends, try making a joint account that has a project or theme-based purpose. It may seem counterintuitive to share a unique key, but teamwork can really play a productive role in supporting an account. This introduces so many new creative components of how to produce through teamwork. It also helps achieve the first point of project-based endeavors.

1 + 1 = 3

No, I'm not that bad at arithmetic, but this is a mentality that I try to maintain when posting on my personal account. Why create stand-alone posts when you can snowball into a larger series or narrative? If you can weave a number of perspective, angles and story phases, it'll keep your creative juices flowing into various directions. Try out “Part/Phase 1, 2, 3” in your titles and encourage yourself to keep running with the same topic rather than starting out with a completely new theme each time.

Go Off the Rails

No, don't “shit post,” but it isn't bad to try throwing something completely random against the wall from time to time. I try to maintain an account that focuses on contemporary Korean culture in both English and Korean but I often take mental breaks by veering into my passions of gaming or crypto's impact on art/design. Consistency is king but a little variance can also keep consistency rolling.

So what do you think? What are some actionable ways that you've been able to overcome the daily grind of blogging?


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Amazing tips on combating writer's block, thanks!

"Consistency is king but a little variance can also keep consistency rolling." I totally agree. I just have to work more on that 'variance' - LOL


Haha @gringalicious you're the hands-down Queen of consistency.

I've learned that just freely letting your thoughts go on paper/the screen, and then removing the bits that don't belong also works when you don't know what to write about :)


I like that strategy! Sometimes it's easier to clean up rather than precisely execute.

I'm not very good at planning, but I do keep some back-up ideas in case I don't find something interesting to write. I do love the idea of doing something completely different from time to time...I have a really dark story on my mind right now - I wonder how that will work out!?


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a very good post and I really like your posts

Steemit satisfies our personal's true..that is why we are addicted towards it.

What I personally learnt:

If you want to write interesting things, then GO OUT and do interesting things.

Always be curious.

And if you feel uninspired while writing, just write it anyway, but don't hit publish. Give it a few hours and come back with a refreshed mind.

Just my ideas! Thanks @hansikhouse. Sick post.


Thanks for the great comments @aldentan! I especially love that last tip. Writing is the most important exercise, not publishing.


Yep! It always works for me!


@aldentan nice comment. I agree with you.
Write also if you feel uninspired. High echo in my ears.


Glad it helps!


Of course, it did.


Exactly! I found a lull in my posting ability because I wasn't engaging in any new things that excited me and that I felt like sharing.

That and my focus had shifted to a more self-deprecating perspective, which is very defeating and limiting.

I've gotten great results with rewards recently because I actually feel excited about what I'm posting about. It's not a chore when you want to tell others about it!


When I was always angry and pissed off, I shifted into a more whiny perspective, proclaiming how I was proud to be a starving artist when really, I was just a broke ass bitch with a diary online.

Sometimes the most real feedback is needed huh?

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The biggest tip I have is to train your brain to associate posting with reward, and it will naturally start pushing for reward.

Maybe grab a tasty treat when you write a particularly good post, are do something else to generate that positive reinforcement.

Haha thanks I've just posted for the past 4 days in a row and seem to be hitting a bit of a block and I'm only on my 5th day, but with some exciting things coming over the next few days maybe I'll take today to throw something against the wall to see if it sticks.


Right on!

Great post! I like that talk


@hansikhouse Amazing job! Followed.

This is a great post!
I think collaboration is key to anything that we do as individuals as we live in a collaboration society. As a new starter into this platform, I think it's the personal motivation that drives to continue to publish good and original contents. So where does the personal motivation come from? At the end of the day, that's the main question we need to ask ourselves while we are writing.
For me, it's just sharing a part of my travels with the rest of the community and hopefully someone will someday benefit from the information!

great post! For me, I get inspiration everywhere... someone could be talking to me and something they say will trigger me to think of a cool idea. What I do is, immediately write it down, so I can save the idea. :) Helps prevent writers block, but I do on occasion run out of ideas, and then well, I just need to go outside and explore to get re-inspired!

BTW... I saw you are a speaker at Steemfest! WOW how awesome. @acromott and I are trying to make it to Steemfest and we want to teach acroyoga. hehe Would be so cool to meet you in real life :)


I need to refuel with whatever you're taking @karensuestudios. I've actually agreed to start attending yoga (maybe once a month) with my wife to shave off start-up stress.

Definitely try to make it out to Lisbon! I'll probably need some stretching after the flight.


hahahha acroyoga helps with that! You and your wife should take a class together, it's good fun! NY has a lot of good acroyoga people... excellent community out there. :)

that would be so fun! :)

I feel like I'm doing the opposite oh maintaining healthy diet every day ,😀

Good, Thanks for sharing it all with us

@hansikhouse Thanks for publishing this Charming instant in time for yourself..

@hansikhouse upvoted and follow..kindly follow me back, thanks for your humble heart on your beloved support..

i love your post..keep it up and steem on..

anyway i have my poem to share, just to be creative person like you @hansikhouse, hoping you give me a chance to know me through my poems,
its about my personality and feelings on every words i wrote, i give it all..
thanks and more power to you by mrblu..

Is morning the best time to write?

I think the time to write and give the best comments or write an article is in the early hours of the morning.Let say from 2 am to 5 am.I have noticed that I get inspiration to write all sorts when everywhere is quiet and the weather is breezy.

No time can give one the calmness and concentration one needs for effective writing than the quiet and calm hours of the morning.I have taken advantage of this time to always string my words together and it has always been the best.

When do you give your best writing?

This is helpful tanks

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@hansikhouse Thanks for sharing your activities with finding up and jogging. The 1st yrs tend to be the hardest. We are at our for six yrs non-halt.Carry on Performing at it. Perseverance and exertions tend to be the keys to results.

Like your idea of using 'Part 1, Part 2, Part 3' in Titles ... in order to be inspired to continue blogging/writing or painting/doing photography.

Thanks for this idea.

Hmmm.... this article is good for writer like me, who actually just write because I love to write. But in Steemit, we need more than just posting a good writing... thank you.

Good advice, peace... found you thru the Steemfest 2 promotion (-:

여러가지 상상력이 결합되어 발전을 도모하는 모습이 멋집니다. 앞으로 스팀잇의 발전에 동참하고 싶습니다. ㅎ 언제나 좋은글과 도전 감사합니다.

If you get blocked and can't think of anything to write or talk about, maybe you are out of interesting ideas. So you can be quiet for awhile and meditate and think, or you can follow the Hollywood wing nuts and keep babbling even when you are just spouting nonsense.

Probably better to shut up and just think quietly. Preserve a modicum of decency.

My solution was to take on a large personal project, now leading us to Steemfest and then Nepal - that's got the fingers to the keyboard at present.