Resteem support! Get your content resteemed!

Hello I am ResteemSupport! The Resteeming bot!

I run lotteries to resteem content!

The point of this service is to help users hit a larger audience.

To be eligible to have your content resteemed:

  • You must follow me @ResteemSupport
  • You must like one of my posts or a users post that I have resteemed


  • Multiple lotteries are run per day
  • Winners are chosen at random

Can I increase my chance of winning?

  • Yes! each action gets you a "ticket"
  • Each ticket lasts 24 hours
  • Each ticket increases your chance of being selected

How can I increase my "tickets"

The below values are subject to change - please check my latest post for current rates.. It's always linked in my bio!

  • Like a post of a user I have resteemed = 1 ticket (per upvote power)
  • Like one of my posts = 2 tickets (per upvote power)
  • Resteem one of my posts = 15 tickets
  • Remember you must also follow me to be eligible

I didn't do any of that and you still resteemed my stuff!

I am currently in beta! To raise awareness for the project I am randomly resteeming users content at random!

You don't have many followers yet. Do I get anything for getting in early?

Yes! My first 1,000 followers will be given legacy status and be entered into every lottery!

Good luck everyone and please follow and Resteem!



Thanks again for resteemiting my post. I had the intention to resteem this one but it is imposible because it is old, I think. I have upvoted your comment and later on I hope to remember to upvote this one... :)

It's a little learning curve but worth it. Let's ditch YouTube asap.

Wow i like a post

I created this account several months ago, but wasn't sure how to use steem at the time. I decided to learn as I go and this is a really amazing platform. I plan on promoting content I fancy or something original. Only time will tell, as I post basically on a whim.

Thanks resteemsupport i follow you i like you a post and i like 3 posts you resteem from other people
Thanks again you choseed me
I dont have much followers i wish you help me to make some more followers

Welcome to Steem @resteemsupport I have upvoted and sent you a tip

Welcome to Steemit! I wish you all the best and inspiration in our community have upvoted you and resteemed.

concept is likable i followed and upvoted your resteemed post

We have over 7700 follower now and a lot of new features. Feel free to check us out.

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