Rising Hope || Episode Five

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It's a great day and I'm glad to have you here. This is the fifth episode of my short story 'Rising Hope'.

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Doris woke up the next day and started preparing for classes.

"Where are you up to this early?", Great asked from her bed.

"I am preparing for lectures", Doris replied. "Are you not going to class today?"

"Nah. I would be going to see a movie with my friends. I don't want to miss the movie", Great said.


"What about your lectures?", Doris asked, looking surprised. "How do you intend to pass your exams if you don't attend lectures?"

"Don't worry about that. You saw how I was able to get you registered in record time, well, the same 'magic' applies here"

"Is that really true?", Doris asked.

"Yes, it is. If you don't mind, you can join us. Peter is the one paying for the movie and he wouldn't mind paying for you", Great said, sounding convincing.

Doris gave it a little thought before replying. If one can have loads of fun and still get to pass exams, that would be awesome. At least I have seen Great at 'work' before, she said to herself. What happens to actually have the knowledge of what is being taught in school? How will she excel in her career if she doesn't have what the required knowledge to back up her certificate at the end?

"Wow! When are you leaving?", Doris asked instead.

"I will be leaving by 11am to Peter's place. The show is by 12 noon. Peter will be driving us all there", Great said.

Doris dropped her bag and sat on her bed with her legs crossed before her. She discussed many things with Great and found that Great is an adventurous girl. Soon they were all set and ready to head to Peter's place. Doris picked up her purse from her bed and walked out of the room without a second thought!

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Your writing style really flows


Thanks @davidwardlow for your kind words. You are a great writer too, following you already!

Gotta read the rest of the stories sounds interesting


Sounds great! Be expecting it real soon.

You're really good; It's a thumbs up from me


I appreciate your compliments, @joyart. And thanks for stopping by.


You're welcome

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Great job on your story! -smylie2005