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Welcome to my blog! It's been a while.

I'm sorry for keeping you all waiting for so long for the next episode of Rising Hope.

As Great and Doris continued in their verbal confrontation, Alice walks in. She guessed this was the new roommate Great was expecting because of the bags on the ground.

"Hey, what is going on here?", Alice asked, directing the question at Great who she had come to pay a visit.

"Don't mind this girl o. Talking to me anyhow", Great replied Alice who now stands between them.

"Great, stop this now. You mustn't intimidate any newbie you come across, just chill", Alice told Great. Turning to Doris, "By the way, you are welcome. I'm Alice. Pardon my friend here for whatever she has done, okay", she pleaded on behalf of Great.

"You haven't even heard what happened and you are siding a stranger over me?", Great retorted.

"Okay, let's go to the nearby canteen and grab some things", Alice said.

"Okay", Great and Doris chorused. The trio left the room and went to the canteen.


Great and Doris walks into their room and drops the packs of take-away they had with them on the center table. They had spent the evening together and got to know themselves. Alice had gone to her hostel from the canteen.

"I never knew you were this sociable and we were here trying to knock off our teeth few hours ago", Doris exclaimed.

"I was just trying to pull your legs, you know", Great lied. She had the habit of stepping on people's toes to know who she can bully.

"Ah! I'm so tired and I haven't unpacked my bags yet", Doris murmured.

"Don't worry, let me give you a hand", Great said, standing up and moving towards the bags.

Doris looked up at her and was happy she was merged with such a nice person. She may have been rude to her mother but she could clearly see that Great was trying to make up for her wrong behaviour. They unpacked her belongings and placed them in their appropriate places and in no time they were done.

Great and Doris laid on their beds and chatted about many things and not too long, they drifted off to sleep.

Doris woke up to the sound of the alarm she had set before sleeping off. She quickly rose up and started preparing the things she would need in school. She had her bath, quickly warmed the food in the takeaway packs and served some for herself. She sat down and started eating as Great woke up.

"Hey, good morning", Doris said.

"Good morning", Great replied. "It seems you are prepared for school already"

"Yes, I have to start up my registration so as to join my mates in class as soon as possible", Doris replied.

"There is someone I know that can help you with your registration. Just wait for me, let me dress up", Great said.

Great got ready and ate a little food and they both dashed out. Fortunately for them, they met the young man who registered her with little stress. She collected her print out, paid her fees and left.

"Now, I can attend lectures", Doris said to Great, excited.

"I told you he would do it without stress", Great said, patting Doris at the back. "If you do things my way, this school will not be stressful for you at all"

"Really?", Doris asked.

"Yes. In fact, there are some other friends I would introduce you to", Great added.

Doris was too excited to even ask about the friends Great was talking about. She was more interested in the fact that things would be easier for her in school and she wouldn't need to bother her mother so much.

I hope you enjoyed it. Watch out for the next episode.

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Hi floxycool. I love your style of writing, how you make use of the simplest words to paint intricate pictures. I'm also a writer but new to Steemit, in fact I haven't made my first post yet. However I have followed you so as to continue to enjoy your writings and I hope you'd follow me too and share your thoughts on my writings when they start to drop. Cheers!


Thank you, @nuges11 for your comment. I have followed you as well and I look forward to seeing your posts! Welcome to Steemit.

Great to see more writing from you! I've missed seeing you around. Hopefully there will be lots more posts from you again.


Yes. I was offline for sometime due to busy schedules, but hopefully I'm back! I missed you guys too!

First of all this work is very catchy. The lines and are well detailed and inspring that make say to you that you are indeed a beauty with brains.

Thanks for sharing.

I am me @brightfame

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