Rising Hope || Episode Two

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It's great to see you! Top of the day to you, steemians.

This is the second episode of my short story, Rising hope. You can read up the first episode here in order to follow the story.

At the crack of dawn, Doris woke up and started packing her things. She could not sleep all through the night as she tossed about, waiting for the break of dawn. She swept and arranged the house, prepared breakfast and woke her mother up.

"Mum, it's day break", she said as she tapped her mother's legs gently.

"Oh! I overslept, what time is it?", Rosemary asked her daughter, wiping her eyes with the back of her palm.

"It's past seven already", Doris said.

Rosemary got up and looked round.

"You have already prepared breakfast. Ha! That's why I love you so much. I will really miss you, Dodoh", the mother said, her words conveying so much love.

"Don't worry you will be fine. I will attend school, get a good job and take good care of you, mum", Doris said to her mother.


Rosemary stood up and took some toiletries to the bathroom outside. The house consisted of 20 rooms facing each other, a corridor in between them. The toilet and bathroom was situated at a reasonable distance.

She hastily cleaned up and went back inside. Doris served some food for her and she ate hers also.

"Mum, very soon we will move from this place", Doris said, beaming with smiles.

"I really pray so, my daughter. I am tired of this way of life, feeding from hand to mouth. I tried contacting your father that you gained admission into the university but..... but... he said it's none of his business", Rosemary said, crying.

Doris rose up and sat beside her mother, comforting her.

"I have told you to stop disturbing yourself over that man. Even in school, I will find things to do that will fetch me money, oh?", she said, peering into her mother's face who could not help but laugh.

"I've heard you", Rosemary said.

They finished eating and carry the items to the park where they boarded a vehicle to the school.

Doris was excited. She watched the other students moving around, soon, she will be like them; attending classes and making friends, she thought to herself.

Rosemary looked around but was seeing everything in different light. Some of the students were skimpily dressed, some looking like gangsters, they may corrupt her daughter. If only she could stay here with Doris, at least to keep her eyes on her.

She continued in this line of thought as they both walked into the female hostel.

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I really enjoy your writing! Great job! :)

Sounds like Rosemary is naturally a protective, maternal type, no?

Thanks for this installment of the story.

Namaste, Jaichai


Yes, she is. Thanks for commenting, @Jaichai.

I like this story about a mother's love :) Looking forward to the next episode.

I also want to let you know that I have featured you in today's Minnow Fridays post which is part of the #newbieresteemday project.


A mother's love is amazing as she always has her child(ren) at heart. Thank you for featuring me in the Minnow Friday of #newbieresteemday project.


You're welcome. This is a timely story for Mother's day on Sunday :)

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I saw this from Wanderlass and want to support you all........BTW i like to read lol