Rising Hope || Episode Three

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This is the next episode of the short story "Rising Hope", you can read up the previous episodes here.
Episode One
Episode Two

Doris and his mother walked into the female hostel and met a young girl sitting in the hallway.

"Good day", Doris greeted as they walked up to her.

"Good day", she replied, looking up at them.

"Sorry to bother you but we are looking for Room 11", Doris asked her politely.

"That's my room. Let me take you", the girl said. "By the way, I'm Great", the young girl said.

"I'm Doris and this is my mother", Doris said.

They walked behind her as soon she stopped at one of the doors.

"Here we are", Great said, pointing at the door. She opened the door and they all walked inside.

The room was spacious with two student beds lying on either side of the room. A table was placed at the center of the room with a flower base and a rechargeable lamp on it. There was a door that led to the bathroom and another leading to the kitchen. Doris admired the room and wished they had something like this back home. That's one of her reason of being here: to study and get a better life for herself and her mother, she said to herself.

"Wow, this room is nice", Doris finally aired her thoughts.

"You mean you like this room?", Great asked, looking surprised.

"Yes, it's spacious and it even have its own kitchen and bathroom", Doris said, while her mother sat down on a chair beside the empty bed.

"Hmm, I'm only here for this session. By next session, my parents have said they would be taking me to stay off campus. I don't like this place. It doesn't suit me at all", Great said.

Doris and Rosemary exchanged glances and wondered who she was that she couldn't stay in this room.

"Ma, don't be too comfortable", Great said to Rosemary. "You can't spend the night here. Parents aren't supposed to spend their nights in the hostel", she stated emphatically.


Rosemary looked surprised at the sudden change in her, stood up and picked up her handbag.

"Dodoh, come and see me off", she said as she walked outside.

Doris looked at Great with disdain as she followed her mother outside.

"This girl looks like trouble. I wish I had money, I would have taken you out of this hostel. Great is obviously rude and I don't know what other bad characters she may possess", Rosemary said, looking worried.

"Mum, don't worry, I will handle it", Doris reassured her mother.

"I don't want anyone to corrupt you", Rosemary continued.

"Mum, I promise to behave well and study hard too", Doris said.

Rosemary embraced her daughter and waved at her as she left the hostel. Doris walked back to her room to find Great going through her stuffs.

"What do you think you are doing?", Doris confronted her.

"I'm just trying to check you out. Make sure you didn't come in here with bugs, is all", Great said.

"You are so rude and why did you talk to my mother like that?", Doris yelled.

"She wasn't supposed to spend the night here", Great said.

"She never told you she wanted to plus you could have been polite about it", Doris retorted.

"Just get out of my sight and arrange your things", Great said, pointing at the belongings scattered on the floor.

Doris was so mad she pushed Great who fell to the ground.

"What is the meaning of this?", Great said, trying to stand to her feet. "So, this is how you want it?", Great asked, advancing towards Doris while Doris stepped back.

Watch out for the next episode.

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Another great read!! You really have a talent for writing! :)


Youre most welcome!