June 30 Days Writing Challenge - Life Hack - Day Thirteen: Get Rid Of TV. For Good.

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Hello and welcome to the thirteenth day of the June 30 days writing challenge. If you want to know all the details about this specific challenge, have a look at the introductory post. In short, I will be posting every day a short tip, or technique, or opinion, something that you can call a "life hack". Feel free to join the challenge and post your own life hacks. I will do my best to upvote each day at full strength (about $3 at the current STEEM price) 3 posts tagged #challenge30days (leaving a link to your posts in the comments will also help).

Just Stop Watching TV, Just Stop It

When people ask me if I still watch TV, I answer: "Of course I watch TV, I do it for hours, I just never turn it on.". (Keeping your focus on a still object is called "meditation", by the way, and it's very good for your mental health - but won't talk about meditation today, we'll save it for another post. Today we'll talk about reducing your exposure to TV.)

There was a time when TV was the most trusted source of information in the world. Alas, those times are gone. These days, TV broadcasting is just an incessant race for attention, for engagement, as this is the merchandise that gets sold to advertisers and generates money. In this race for attention, basic sanity principles are forgotten and everything that generates attention is considered "good", no matter how moral or immoral is.

When TV is not this incessant race, it's just a numbing mechanism, trying to tame your brains with soap operas, and all sort of adult bedtime stories.

All in all, it's a trap.

Giving in to this so called source of entertainment will create, in the long run, much more problems than the immediate emotional relief it may generate, So, from my own experience, getting rid of TV is one of the best life hacks for mental health.

Of course you still need to be an informed citizen, but you can choose other sources for news, like trusted online services. Here too, attention must be exerted, as fake news is, unfortunately, the biggest illness generated by free access to media.

I'm really curious to read about your life hack today. Leave a comment with a link to your post, if possible.

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I probably watch about an hour or two of TV a month. I think I might watch the Super Bowl this year. I think a couple hours a week isn't bad but an hour or two every day does seem like a big waste.

I stopped watching TV a few years ago. I just didn't see any value in it.
It was a natural organic process as I was losing more and more interest in what was being broadcasted.
I have gained time and just look for the info on the internet sources I choose to.
Now, I look back and realize It just did not bring me any good at all.


I hear you :)

yes i'm 100 percent agree with you, nowadays channels are just fighting for ratings, no one care for authentication of news, there is some channel who make fake incidents to increase their rakings.

Buna ziua @dragosroua
Ma bucur sa va intalnesc aici via steemit
Sper sa ramanem in contact via steemit
Pagina mea va avea mai mult inclinatie spre a posta arta/muzica ce eu o creez. Sper sa placa. Numai bine si poate ne vom intalni prin Bucuresti cand am sa ajung si pe acolo cu vreun concert.

PS: in viata unui artist nu stiu neaparat daca isi are sensul un tv :-))




Toate cele bune, ma bucur si eu de cunostinta :)


Multumesc la fel, am dat follow :-) Pastram legatura @dragosroua

Easily the best lesson on steemit today by far. TV is the worst time waster. Bfore you know what hit you, your whole life is gone.

I hate the world cup is here 🤔

Almost 15 years since I've quit TV, but I haven't quit your challenge30days so here's my post:
Have a great evening!

I do not watch Tv because I really want personal engagements and besides these days the news is very toxic like every time I watch the news I hate my country more and it is the last thing I want for my country. So I get to know stuff from my workmates people think it is not amazing but it is what I chose to do.

At one time TV was the lonely source of entertainment. Every one loved to spend time by watching TV with his family. Tradition has been changed. TV programs are no more attractive as TV's programm are mostly running behind the rating it spoil the party. Moreover most of the news channel are enough to give you headache. after joining steemit I hardly see TV program.

Nice post , you are right .

I agree with you .

Thanks for sharing @dragoaroua

And upvote you .

I agree. We should get rid of the TV's for good.
Almost all the news channels give biased information. They don't care about the authentication of the information and it's a huge waste of time.

In our country the TV is representing the admiration of government. If any government person do wrong they just cover it with their musical show :D There was a time when we got news that was not fake , was real one. but now a days if any reporter revealed the truth and publish it on TV then their life get into danger. So they left the honesty and do work with present flow.

Note: i am new on your 30 days contest. i made some entries before that did not get your attention. or i am confused my link on comment did not seen by you. May be i am making mistake by doing wrong post or i am not eligible for the contest. if you see this comment please let me know @dragosroua

I have been without a TV for 10 of the last 15 years. Loving every minute of it and people don't believe me that we don't watch tv. We really don't have time with kids and I don't want them watching it anyways. TV equals the the easiest to use and one of the most destructive drugs on the planet. Keeping informed is the challenge as sources of good info aren't always apparent.

You are right. Sometimes, I wonder what the benefits of some TV programmes are.

Wow...amazing. i would love to join in on this challenge. Can i still join.
And truth is, knock down that tv. Not only is it addictive, it feeds you garbage. Most of the news are just there to brainwash you.
But these days, we carry our tvs everywhere we go, our phones, our laptops. Because all the details and information Tv offers aee also available on our gadgets. So in a way, taking out the tv is awesome, but i am still wondering how to get the right information. The web is a bigger tv. So many stations, some true, other brain washing.

I dont watch tv though.

yes the use of T.V now a days become more in past it's fun to watch TV with your family members but in that time we didn't watch soo much now we are seeing TV atleast 7 hours or more then that it also cause affects to eyes and backbone by sitting all the time in front of TV and other problem and your experience is Perfect that : getting rid of TV is one of the best life hacks for mental health.

You're right. But ... Sometimes on the TV show very useful programs about health, about food, about deceptions of shops ... On the Internet it is very difficult to find reliable and useful information if you do not know the site you need.

Yes.. at some stage television were the purest and reliable way of information. As on that days television channels holders were not too much greedy for the attention and t.r.ps. but now a days t.v channels are just a way of earn money and get attention wether to provide false or irrelevant news. The purity is mixed with the dirtiest intention of getting higher t.r.ps.

Thanks for this tips about TV. Actually i also think watching TV is nothing else just a waste of time. It is clearly noticeable because of their quality less content and pity advertising. Everyone is sick of this ads.And it's time to move on.

Like the Facebook TV has also become a time waster, It is one aspect and the aspect you are talking about is also right,

TV isn't even good for you when you're watching a great program. You're still passively consuming it. Just like fine dining won't make you lose weight. Unlike TV news, TV drama has improved in this decade. But you're still letting storytellers manipulate your emotions.

Like smoking, I forget when I stopped watching TV. I'll watch a World Cup game on my PC when I feel like it, even if it means missing the best games. I never want to live on someone else's timetable again.

On the other hand, I do want to keep in touch with popular culture. I didn't like the people who were too cool to watch TV before the Web existed. At university, most of my fellow students wanted to become publishers, so our very intellectual professors who never had time to watch TV themselves reminded us that we couldn't afford to live in an ivory tower.