Sci-Fi Novel, Origin Andromeda - Part 5 - Kionidoo

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Part 5

The information box fades out of Henrik’s vision, from the hill he sees a large city that at first glance resembles Manhattan or Dubai with its giant skyscrapers and dazzling lights. the city lies on an arch shaped peninsula next to a wide river filled with turquoise water, in the middle of the city there is a massive harbor.
Most of the skyscrapers are interconnected with several glazed passageways along the entire structure, resembling an ant nest with about twenty floors between the passages, it’s a giant network of passageways.
“What is this city called?” Henrik quickly asks, trying to learn as much as possible about this new world.

Bjorn clears his throat before he can answer, he’s thirsty, before they entered the cube simulation he had prepared a glass and put it on a table in front of him, so he takes the glass of water out of the air and drinks half of it before taking it out of sight once more, placing it on the table.
Henrik laughs and says.
“That was a nice little trick you did Bjorn”
Bjorn answers with a voice that is filled with warmth.
"Thank you, she is a beauty, isn’t she? Kionidoo is the capital of Zuood, the name is a combination of three words in an old, almost extinct Zuoodi language ... Ki means The, Oni means Turquoise and Doo is the word for Lake, The Turquoise Lake or Kio for short"
Henrik enjoys the scene played before him, he sees giant boats slowly cruising the river, there seems to be no waves after the boats, at least no visible.

Suddenly Bjorn starts to hover in the air in front of Henrik, he slowly starts moving towards the city, turning his torso towards Henrik and says.
“Come now, just follow me…its easy, just imagine that your body can fly” he chuckles.
At first Henrik is unable to lift from the ground, but after a few attempts he manages to lift a bit up in the air, laughing and thinking ”It’s more or less VR, of course I can fly…”
"Good, you learn quickly Henrik"
Both now fly rapidly towards the city and soon they hover over the turquoise water in the middle of the city.

Bjorn points his finger towards one of the buildings.
"You see the tall building shaped like an arrow over there to the left, it is the city center"
"Uhm…yeah what about it?" Henrik asks.
"You were born there, you grow up in there, we spent a lot of our youth in there, we're not just close friends Henrik, we're cousins"
Henrik smiles and answers.
"I'm glad you're my cousin Bjorn, but why do not I have any memories of this? I got a short flashback after I used the cube the first time, I saw a beautiful woman standing on a hill and waving to me, was that my mother? "
They are approaching a balcony on the arrow shaped building.
"Your memories are suppressed, you will most likely regain more memories in time, the woman you saw was probably your mother, in a way, she also raised me when we were kids, I spent almost all my time with your family”
"The balcony we approach, was it my home?" Asks Henrik
"For a while, it was during some very happy years, you will meet your mother when we arrive at Zuood in a month, we must first repair the ship and then we can return to our dear home plan"
Henrik gets really excited and happy the he will meet his mother, but he also wonders where his father is.
"My father?" Henrik carefully asks.
"Unfortunately, Henrik, he's not with us anymore, he was a very important person for this city and for the whole planet, he's dearly missed by almost everyone"
Henrik had hoped that his father was alive, he has a weak memory of a man with a slim muscular body with the biggest heart, hair combed airy backwards a, man who radiates calm, with a relaxed and cool energy.
"In what way was he important to Kionidoo and Zuood?" Henrik curiously asks.

"A long time ago, after a more than fifty years long and drawn out war between the planets near Zuood, a war of resources, a war of power, at that time your grandfather's father founded a power center that consisted of several nearby planets, the Andromeda Alliance, together they strived for a brighter future, your father founded Kionidoo and was the president of the Andromeda Alliance until his death, he was a role model for many, an inspiration for generations of Zuoodes and the reason you had to flee from it all as a young boy”
Henrik nods and listens very carefully on every word that Bjorn says.

“Your fathers political opponent Kloon, the leader over the Zuood Opposition or ZOP for short, only desire was to take over the power as ruler of the galaxy, to achieve this goal ZOP had allied themselves with an alien force, a race called Yuoll, from the nearby galaxy Triangulum "
Bjorn takes a deep breath and gather the power to be able to continue.
"The sole aim of the Yuollians was to ensure their own survival, share of power and resources, their own galaxy was in the midst of being destroyed by an unbalanced blackhole that would rip Triangulum apart any day, behind the scenes they made their plans to overthrow the Alliance and your father”
Bjorn pauses briefly again.
“On a day that forever will be remembered with darkness, they ruthlessly and without mercy took over the power together with ZOP, they managed to overthrow your father and wipe out the Andromeda Alliance leaders, your dad didn’t make it out alive…I’m so sorry Henrik"

Henrik stays silent for a while, processing the information he just received, before opening his mouth again to say.
"It’s not your fault Bjorn, don’t feel sorry, let’s get out of this simulation now”
"Of course Henrik, all you have to do is think of turning off the cube, it will take care of everything in a safe and secure way"
Both return to consciousness aboard the ship.

"Welcome to the Eclipse Space Shuttle, the ship is just over two hundred and fifty meters long and designed to take us into orbit at any time, but now I will give you a tour through the ship and we will meet the crew on board, we are currently thirty agents in service, as well as a lot of robots, ranging from simple service models to our advanced androids, we are one of the surviving crews from the Andromeda Alliance, and we are vowed to protect you, the heir of Andromeda”
Henrik gasps.
“Heir of Andromeda?”
“Correct Henrik, together we will take back what is ours, restore peace and prosperity in Andromeda” Bjorn answers with great confidence.

End of part 5

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Thank you for reading this, hope that you find my story interesting and exciting.
Going to release this novel on Steemit, in parts with a few days between each part, need to work on translating the next part before I post it. I have been writing on it for a few years but never getting it out before, originally written in Swedish.

Dedicated to my lovely wife who gives me inspiration to write.

Hope that you like it, please vote, resteem and follow me


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