Sci-Fi Novel, Origin Andromeda - Part 1, The Cube

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Part 1, The cube!

It is an ordinary Friday evening and it has been a long week in the office for Henrik who is now finally relaxing in the sofa together with his beloved wife Joanna, at this moment he doesn’t know that their existence will drastically change tomorrow.
They enjoy a glass of red wine in their large living room, on the table they have fresh dates and some fine chocolate.
The room is filled with green plants, some small and some larger ones that have been allowed to spread out and take their place in the room,
Along with the walls you can see pictures with varying motivational texts and animals, together the frames forms geometrical shapes, Joanna has a sharp eye for indoor decoration, and their home would fit perfectly into any catalogue for furniture and decorations.
The windows facing the garden runs from one side of the room to the other, from floor to ceiling, and along the windows Henrik has lowered the floor and planted palm trees and smaller plants.
Joanna leans her head flirtingly against Henrik and smiles with her eyes to make him massage her tired feet, Henrik smiles back and takes off her white socks, puts his warm hands on her cool foot and slowly begins to massage one foot at a time while watching the opening scene of the movie she suggested that they should watch, it's an action movie, starring Jason Statham.

Monday morning, Henrik wakes up as usual at 05:15, the sun's warm rays slowly find its way in through the slots between the blinds and up against the wall, the air in the bedroom is cool and fresh since the window has been ajar during the night, outside he can hear the birds chirping their morning salute together in a sweet summer symphony.

Beside him he can hear Joanna’s calm and relaxed breath, it looks like she is dreaming about something nice, he softly whispers to himself. "perhaps you dream about waves hitting the beach, while we are flying in the sky together, who knows?"
Her feminine lips forms a weak smile. her slender body and dark hair, with an ever so familiar scent makes him want to stay in bed and keep dreaming on through the morning in pace with her calm heartbeat, thinking “only 10 more minutes”
He reluctantly decides that he should prepare for the day so he slowly gets out of the bed and gently closes the door when he is out of the bedroom, to allow Joanna to sleep in peace.

Back to work after a long weekend, he opens the door to his office which is decorated in beautiful natural colors and filled with big green plants, among them is a tall and old fig, the top is bent downwards, just like it once in had been outdoors and covered with heavy snow, it is a beautiful plant that always gives him peace when needed, built in a wall next to the fig is a relatively large aquarium where colorful Cichlid from Africa swims.

He sits on his leather chair, feeling the need for a refreshing cup of coffee, but he usally wants to start the computer first, allowing it to wake up during the time he finds a cup of coffee, on his large rectangular dark wooden table, he has two big screens, a black ergonomically designed keyboard with a smooth rounded shape, a mouse filled with buttons and a notebook.

Henrik never leaves his desk untidy, so he was a little confused when he saw a dark cube about the size of an orange and a note with the text, “From Rob” standing behind the right screen.
He picks up the cube, inspects it, rotates if, feeling the perfectly shaped sides against his fingers, suddenly, Henrik realizes that the cube is getting warm, and a slight vibration spreads through out his fingers, the absolutely smooth sides of the cube now pulsates in a pale blue tone, in the middle of the cube, an image begins to take shape.

Henrik is absolutely fascinated by its beauty and warmth and a few seconds later, he can see the contours of the image taking a clearer form.
"It looks a bit like a galaxy .. maybe .. what can it be?”

A few minutes later the image is now clear and Henrik can see the incredibly detailed image of a galaxy, he stares with wide opened eyes on the galaxy, feeling a little tingling sensation as he is swallowed up by the picture and suddenly everything is black; life is perceived as a feeling of endless space without boundaries, and an unpleasant feeling of weighing a lot while simultaneously weighing nothing at all, a sense of falling and complete stillness at the same time, he can see a dim light in his field of view.
Terrified and with a silent voice, he whispers, "am I dead?"
It is black everywhere except for the galaxy that is in the middle of his view, Henrik is floating in space, he can see all the individual stars shine clearly In the smallest detail, he can feel that there is an incredibly powerful force in the middle of the galaxy, a presence that fills up all existence, it makes him feeling really small.
He calms him self down and realizes that he must be inside the picture now, almost in the same way as when he puts his VR headset on, but with perfect picture quality.
"what is this?" Immediately after he thought it, a box appears to the right in his field of view, with the text.

"Messier 31,
Spiral galaxy in the Andromeda constellation, also called the Andromeda Galaxy.
2.9 million light years or .8 Megaparsec from your current position, end of information, shutting down "
A slight swirling occurs and the image fades out, the office slowly starts to be seen again.

End of part 1

Next part
Part 2, Run

Prevoius parts:

Going to release this novel on steemit, in parts with a few days between each part, been writing on it for a few years but never getting it out before, originally written in Swedish.

Dedicated to my lovely wife who gives me inspiration to write.

Hope that you like it, please vote, resteem and follow me


Good work, and very brave to share a work in progress
Giving away his work like that didn't do Andy Weir any harm though, did it?
I'm thinking about doing the same with my WIP, and actually inviting feedback and editing suggestions as it's a fairly complex structure for me to keep track of - never mind plot out
You've got a lot of - deserved - positive replies, and I notice you've not asked for any editing feedback
If you don't mind, can I make this minor observation?
everything is black, life is perceived as a feeling of endless space without boundaries
I think it should be ; after black, but that's a small detail
Good luck with the rest of it and I look forward to catching up with the story
I saw your part 16 post earlier today, and came here to start at the beginning

Thank you so much @ebookwriter Anthony :)
I found it to be more interesting to release my work this way, and more of a challenge and a way to push myself to actually get the story that I have in my mind out in writing.
Andy Weirs success story is inspiring indeed.

I hope that you too will do the same with your WIP and please let me know as soon as that happens, looking forward to it already.
Thank you for your kind words and thanks for the suggestion to ask for editing feedback, will add it to all the parts in the future, its as you say a good way to ad a new dimension to the writing, right now I have a secret editor in chief (my awesome wife) who gladly finds any misspellings or other weird parts in the text.
Thank you for your feedback, it was a small detail but a great thing to update the text with :)
Working on part 17, so it should soon be out as well, dont want to rush to much but also dont want it to go a month between one part to the other.

@emas got me here. thanks for sharing.

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Thank you sarez 😊

@kestusx thanks for resteeming
I'm hooked where is part Two???

Thanks 😊😊
Part 2 will soon be published, need to work on the translation a bit, originaly I wrote the story in Swedish, will try to do it as soon as possible 😊

I'll be watching for it.
All the best to you!

Thank you :)

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We all like Sci-fi stories...

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